We have taken a sales cycle in one of the most competitive industries in the world from 10 days down to 22 minutes! All while increasing retention!

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We have taken a 5 day work week and compressed it into  a 2 day week, all while increasing the production by 22%!

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What happened when the President of a MultiBillion Dollar company bet one of our very own Senior Partners by saying ” We have a 27 year old sales record that will never be broken?”  We took the challenge and ended up not only beating it….We more than doubled it, beat it by 112% to be exact!

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We created a sales team from scratch for a client.  We recruited, did the hiring  and training. The result? Our team outperformed our clients top teams in 6 months!

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We took a 2 1/2 hour sales presentation down to 45 minutes and increased the closing % by 58%!

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Our formula was even used to take a struggling tiny district office in a rural Kansas town, straight to the top of one of the world’s largest companies beating out markets like New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago!

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We used our simple yet extremely powerful formula to become the top producer for one of the world’s largest hotel chains. This hotel had won “Best Sales Team” honors from Success Magazine 3 years in a row and we still were able to come out on top!

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We took our formula and used it in yet another super competitive industry and increased the average closing percentage by 307% and increased total closed business by 154%!

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We have even taken a new business from 0 sales to having the President of the company ask us to “Please slow down the sales ” because they were not able to properly handle the volume we sent them!

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