A Year From Now, You Would Of Wished You Started Today

Hey guys, Alberto here. Can’t really see me. Let’s see, where’s the … get some good sun. Wanted you guys to see beautiful beach, crystal clear water. Today is January 12, 2012. We did a little weekend getaway today, Sara and I, and we brought the baby. The older ones, the seven and the six year old actually had friends that they spent the night with, that they’d rather do. I guess they’re at that age now.

Didn’t really have a plan for this. I was feeling a little sentimental as we walked in here. We were talking and we got to visit … we got to go to 37 different beaches in 2018. 37 different beaches. For us, we love the beach, but what it really represents is freedom. Freedom to do what we want when we want. Maybe you’ve been following us for awhile.

In the last week or so, the first week of the year, we had tons of agents, financial advisors, that joined us that said, “Man, I’ve been following you for six months.” “I’ve been following you for a year.” “I’ve been following you for two years.” I’ve got to tell you, a year from now, you would’ve wished you started today. Done something whether it’s art program, whether it’s something else. We’re at this beautiful hotel, Ritz Carlton, it’s considered to be a higher than average hotel.

We’re in a beautiful suite. I mean look, this is just the balcony. But the reason why I got a little sentimental is that it wasn’t always like this. Like many of you, I was working way too hard for way too little, even though people think 150,000 or 250,000 a year is okay. That’s nothing in today’s world after you pay taxes, after you pay for a decent education for your kids, after you pay your mortgage, and insurance and everything. You got nothing left at the end of the year.

If you’re there, you know what I’m talking about. I kept hearing people telling me to be grateful for what I had. People kept telling me to just wait til I had kids, I wasn’t going to be able to travel like before. Just wait til you’re older. We run into these 65 year old couples. For me, I mean they’re pretty happy that they’re retired now and they’re traveling, but I think it sucks. Why wait til you’re 65, 70 years old to actually do what you want to do?

That’s horrible. The good news is you can have it all. You can have it all. You can travel all you want if that’s what you like to do. Maybe you like to give back to your church, or maybe you have a nonprofit that is important to you, maybe you have a different mission that’s important to you. But the point is, you need time and you need money to help them out. You can have it all, you don’t have to wait til you’re 65 or 70 years old.

You can do these things no matter what you have. We have three kids and a dog. A seven year old, a six year old, a 15 month old, and a dog and we’re traveling more than ever before. I’m sharing this with you not to impress, but to impress upon you. We got told all our lives, “Oh, just wait til you have kids, you’re not going to be able to travel. That’s going to stop.” That’s not true. Most people make an excuse out of what should be their motivation.

We could very easily make an excuse of, “Oh, we got kids, we don’t travel anymore.” We hear that all the time. But really that should be the main reason why we travel, to show our kids … The best way we can give our kids permission to go after their dreams is for us to live that dream life that they can see as an example. A lot of people say, “Oh, anything’s possible,” to their kids. “Oh, you can do anything. What’s your dream? Go after your dream.”

But they’ve settled, they’ve given up, they’ve quit. The good news is you can have it all. You can, whether it’s with our program, with a different program, there’s amazing information out there and you can have it all. Meaning you can have your three kids. You can be in your 20s, 30s, 40s traveling around the world, spending more time with your kids than you really want to. Giving back to the things that are important to you.

You can have all that and at the same time be running a business that is adding value to the marketplace that’s helping people. This last year, I was just telling Sara, we had two people in our group that proposed to their girlfriends because they finally had enough money to do it. That’s what money does, it gives you the freedom of choice. We had several people, like four people, that said their business more than doubled in the last year.

We had three people that said their business was about to … they were about to fold, three of our members. Today they’re thriving, they’re on track, they’ll make multiple six figures this year. But what’s more important than that is the ripple effect. They’re happier dads, they’re happier husbands, they’re able to give more real time to their kids, more quality time to their kids because they’re there with their kids, enjoying their kids.

Not wondering how they’re going to pull out that next mortgage payment. Not wondering how they’re pull out that next insurance bill. So guys, quit settling. It’s the beginning of 2019, we live in the information age, there is more opportunity now than there ever has been in the world. Things are better now than they ever have been. Stop reading the news. I just saw something today that talked about all this anxiety and all this stuff.

No, we create our own environment. We create our own economy also. Right now, with what’s going on with the internet and Facebook and social media, for life insurance, there has never been a better marketing tool than Facebook. We have guys working out of the comfort of their homes closing $20,000 deals in one phone call and helping their clients protect their families.

So first off, get clear on what it is that you want to do, get clear on what your mission is, what’s important to you, your purpose and then go out and do it, but know that you don’t have to settle. You can have that dream life now before you’re old and crusty and at the same time have a thriving business that’s helping hundreds and hundreds of people a year like we in six different countries.

Folks, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Alberto here and we’ll see you on the next video. Can you see my face here?

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