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How to Create Time

  TRANSCRIPT Alberto: Hey, guys. Good morning, Alberto. This is Monday, July 1st, first of the month. Did you meet your goals for last month? If not, time to rewrite them, reset them for the end of the month. July 1st, Monday. Hopefully you’re not like most agents that absolutely hate Mondays. Today, I am […]

Go Automated in 2 Days!

  TRANSCRIPT If you’ve ever dreamed about having a predictable system where clients are chasing you with their wallets in hand ready to do business. They been educated by technology. They been qualified already, health wise, financially. Guys, this is for you right now. Schedule a strategy session with one of my team members right […]

What I learned from a $10,000 Physical

  TRANSCRIPT Hey guys, Alberto Riehl here. Just getting back from the gym this morning, my little golf cart here. Monster Tires, I love this thing. That’s my car. People always ask, what do I drive? I drive, there’s my, that’s what I drive right there. I’ve been getting asked a lot about a $10,000 […]

The #1 Reason You’re Failing Online

Hey guys. Alberto here. I wanted to shoot this quick, little video. I didn’t really plan it. One thing that keeps coming up recently… looking for my sunglasses. Agents that have no idea… There they are. Ooh, going outside. Agents that have no idea what their niche is. Agents that have no idea who their […]

3 Common Mistakes Costing You Thousands

Hey guys. Hi. Hi. All right, I’ll see you guys. So guys, good morning. It’s Alberto Riehl’s Thursday 10:05 am. You know, it’s pretty cool. Today I get to spend more time with my kids in a day than I used to in an entire week. So if you don’t have your life insurance business […]

Are You Taking the Hill?

Wooh. Good morning, guys. Alberto. It’s Tuesday today, and on Tuesday’s, man, I’m completely exhausted. I do this workout that is called group interval training, right? It’s getting pretty popular. I think maybe crossfit started it, and I do it on Tuesdays, and it’s something that I really don’t like to do. I don’t like […]

Only sell this type of Life Insurance

Hey guys, good morning. Alberto Riehl here. Just finished my little workout here at our local hotel. Get my breath. So, I want to shoot this video … just finished working out, to talk about something I’ve been getting asked about, about what kind of life insurance should I sell? And it’s funny how things […]