Accidental Valentine

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl’s Rants. Today I’m hanging out with Sarah, who is right behind me. We’re actually spending a little bit of quality time together. It’s very important to. Keep doing your test. She’s actually taking a personality test right now. It’s Wednesday. It’s about 3:30 in the afternoon. Left the kids at home. We usually … It’s a little day date. I think it’s very important to do this. We’ve been together now for almost a decade. We’re just here at a very casual place to give us a chance to connect. It’s a pretty cool place. I’m going to show you. You can see the background. It’s in Akumal, one of our favorite places in Akumal. We’re right on the ocean here. We can see the ocean. There’s the water. Look at the color of that water.


All right, so we’re right on the water here. It’s a casual place to come, have some fresh seafood, have a little fun. Sarah’s taking the Myers-Briggs personality test, which I definitely recommend it. You can actually take it online. Just thought it would be kind of fun. I just got my results, and we’re going to find out if we’re compatible.



Sarah: I’m going to take it with a margarita.


Okay. Hopefully it’s, we still have some, it’s not too late right. Anyway, kind of distracted me a little bit. As we’re taking this time to connect, I was thinking about every day we talk to agents who unfortunately they share with us that they want to start our program but their wife or their husband just doesn’t support them in it. You really can’t have success in life or in business without the support of your wife or husband, your domestic partner. What is great is at the same time we have many members in our group who as we go over their targets and their goals for doing the program, at the top of the list, especially lately, we’ve had a lot who say, “Hey, I want to bring my wife home so she doesn’t have to work anymore, so she doesn’t have to commute. I want to bring my husband home. He really is working too hard. He’s stressed out all the time. We want more freedom. We want to work the business together.”


: What’s great is that together we can really accomplish those big things. There’s nothing of great consequence that we can accomplish on our own. With today’s divorce rates, really the odds are against us. I think it’s really important to take the time and connect. For a lot of guys, the first goal is one date a month. Of course, we want to do it as often as possible. Today is actually February 13th. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so we’re having a little pre-Valentine’s Day. Didn’t even think about that. It’s just something that we do about once a week, if not more. Just spend a little bit of time together. Gives us a chance to connect and catch up with each other. Anyways, it’s usually just something casual like this. Pretty cool little place here.


I’m going to show you our favorite thing about it. Make sure I don’t fall off the cliff here into the ocean. Look at that water. Pretty cool, but there’s this little bar here, they have these little bar tables where you can actually climb. We have somebody climbing now. See if you can see this guy. They have the buckets here. This is where you put the, the waiters put the beer. Then you actually climb up here and there’s a bar up there. Trying to do the right angle here. Actually when you hang out up there you have a beautiful ocean view and have your beers. This is a place in Akumal called La Buena Vida. Anyways, Riehl’s Rants. Just wanted to share a quick little video as I’m sitting here with Sarah. Hoping your taking some time out of your schedule to accent, focus on the important things, connect with your loved one. Hope you’re doing that. Talk to you soon.

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