Are You Living Life To The Fullest?


And the line across it but the middle. The line is zero. We’re going to five, 10. -5, -10. Very simple. So when I first did this, again, it’s all about awareness, right? We can be aware or you can be at the right place at the wrong time. Or you could be at the right place at the right time, but if you’re not aware of it, it doesn’t really matter.

I shared this I think one time. So these are going to be life events. We’re going to rate them +10, -10. The worst life events are -10. The best are +10. So I know at two years old I was kind of quick on a bicycle. I started riding without training wheels at two years old and that’s probably about a seven. At nine, my dad died. That’s definitely a -10. Can’t get any worse than that.

And do that throughout your life. Graduating high school, probably thought it was a +8 at the time. Meeting Sarah, +10. I believe our connection happened when we met, not wedding later, not anything. +10 meeting the love of my life, my partner.

First child, another +10. And so do that all the way up to now. Think about tough things you’ve had in your life; events, experiences, maybe it’s colleges. Maybe it’s kids graduating college. Maybe it’s a … there’s a lot of stuff here. Let’s take just a couple minutes. Several times lost my butt, right? That’s more -10s around here. Got kicked out of school, actually probably plus. And do that all the way up until now.

Take couple minutes. Then we’re going to connect the dots.

Now if I spent a little bit more time on this really thinking about some of the failed ventures in the past or businesses, maybe the inch where some of us were talking about insurance companies that maybe didn’t treat us right. You know, didn’t do what they said were going to do. I shared with you my Joe Borino story.

Here’s what this exercise does for most people; we learn that early on, you know, riding a bike and all that, graduation and all that, our life is going like this. And that’s what the experts say is really living. It’s like your heart beat. Like bah, bah. What happens is we get older. Anybody’s line get flatter? Yeah. Yeah.

For most people, when we think about our events, everything, even the plus and minuses, they start getting, you know, smaller. For some of us, yeah, they just flat line.

And so we really want to be living life no matter what our age is. Age is just … we use it as an excuse, right? We hear that all the time. You guys hear it all the time, “Oh, I’m too young I don’t need life insurance.” “Oh, I’m too old now.” I mean it’s amazing. It doesn’t matter, guys, the timing is never right. Right? I learned. Starting off too young, going to get married, need money for the wedding. Want to buy our first house, we need money for the house. We’re going to have our first kid, need money for the first kid. Having a second kid, we need money for that. Now we need a little bit bigger house. We need money for that.

Oh shit. College is right around the corner. Now we need college money. Don’t have that yet. Someday, someday. Have the second one in college now, oh my gosh, we’re behind on our retirement. Got to save money, don’t have money now.

My grandfather promised my grandmother we’d go traveling when he retired. My grandfather had an aneurism at 62 years old as he was driving right in front of her house. He never got to take my grandma on all those promised trips.

Most people, that’s what they do. That’s why doing business the way that it’s going to be done in the future, right now it’s a little bit of a luxury right now. But tomorrow and tomorrow’s very close, it’s going to be an absolute necessity. That’s the way it’s going. That’s the way it’s going. We have more and more people talking to us saying, “I can’t get my client back in the office. They want me to email him stuff. They want me to send him stuff.” Do you guys ever get that? Right?

So take a look at your charts and spend some more time on it tonight. Get more detailed and you should be up and down. That means you’re really living. Getting bruised up, getting scratched up and having some really big wins. But for most of us, unfortunately that’s not the case.

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