Happy Thanksgiving! Who else feels like crap?

Hey. Good morning, everyone. Alberto Riehl here. Just leaving the gym for the first time … Gotta catch my breath here. Today’s Monday, November 26th, Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, and I want to shoot this little video to share a couple things that I found out over the last few days.

As you know, one of the things that I do and I help my clients do is really optimize their health, which is going to, in turn, help focus, stamina, help them with work. We have a vegan chef that comes over and cooks these amazing meals. Sometimes, when you reach a certain level, that becomes your new norm and you don’t realize how different things can be. Right?

So being Thanksgiving weekend, I gotta tell you, I told the chef, “Hey, stay home. Have a few days off.” We started a weekend … I started a weekend of just … gosh, just eating like I used to, in the good old days. I started Thursday, went to one of our favorite restaurants, had lunch, had homemade … It was an Argentinian steakhouse. Had homemade chorizo, which is pork, and we had Alaskan King crab legs. Then dessert, this flaming crepe thing where I just saw the guy pour just sugar, tons of sugar, on it.

The next day … Well, actually, that evening we did Thanksgiving dinner, traditional, turkey, all that good stuff. Of course for dessert, I think we had like three different desserts: pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin cake or pumpkin pie. Oh, carrot cake was the other one, like four different ones. Sugar again, tons of sugar. I wanna talk about this because it was amazing how differently I felt. I woke up the next day and actually did it again. We went on a cruise, Sarah and I. They had lobster on there. Again, desserts and more sugar. I woke up in the morning. Usually I wake up … I take this back. Usually I wake up and you see I shoot videos with the sun coming up or before the sun comes up. Usually I shoot those videos after I’ve meditated, after I’ve written down my goals, a whole page. It takes about 10, 15 minutes. I’m just ready to go. Get up ready to go in the morning, ready to hit the challenges of the day, the challenges of running a multi million dollar business. I’m just motivated man and just ready, can’t wait to get started.

I gotta tell you, if you keep up with me at all, you’ve seen that there has not been an early morning sunrise video since Wednesday or Thursday. One of the things that I noticed is I was sleeping in until about 7:00 AM. Not only that, I didn’t feel like getting up. The food that I was eating takes about 10 times more energy. Guys, this is pretty logical stuff. I’ve studied the hell out of this stuff. Basically it takes about 10 times more energy for your digestive system to break down that kinda food compared to vegan food. That energy that I usually have and I apply towards work, towards working out, towards training my clients, it was all used up just digesting, processing the food. In the morning it was hard to get up.

There’s millions and millions of people, most people in the world, live this way. Every morning it’s hard for them to get up. They hate getting up in the morning. They use an alarm clock, absolutely hate it. I’m sure you can relate. A lot of people can relate to that. I gotta tell you, it doesn’t have to be that hard every morning. Another thing I noticed is that sugar is super, super addictive. Studies put it up there with heroin, yes, heroin. By the morning, after having all these desserts, all this sugar, man, I was having sugar withdrawals. I would wake up and again, usually I feel confident, ready to conquer the world, ready to go, and I gotta tell you, I couldn’t get up. Not only was I lazy, not motivated in any way, I had anxiety, a little anxiety. I felt anxious. Felt a little nervous. That’s all sugar withdrawals. That’s what it is. It’s sugar withdrawals.

I think everybody needs to know that because most people, when they feel anxious or anxiety, they don’t look at their diet. They don’t look at the fact that they ate a bunch of sugar the night before, they’re drinking Coca-Cola. That’s another thing that I did. I starting craving sugar throughout the day. All of a sudden I’m drinking Coca-Colas throughout the day. Guys, I never do that. We never drink Coca-Cola. We don’t even have them at home. They’re not allowed at home. Instead of popping some pills to make that anxiety go away, investigate it. Look into it. Why is that you’re feeling like that? For me, it was very obvious. It’s ’cause I’m putting shit in my body. I’m putting Coca-Cola, I’m putting sugar, desserts, I’m putting crappy food. If I put shit in my body, I’m gonna feel like shit. It’s that simple. If you put shit in your body, you will feel like shit. That’s how it works.

Now today’s Monday. Had my healthy shake this morning, smoothie. It’s all vegan, organic, almond milk, organic almonds, plants … plant-based protein. I’m already feeling … I’m feeling a whole lot better. I just finished working out for the first time in a few days. I gotta tell you, man, I’m already feeling … I’m so happy that I’m off that spiral. Now, unfortunately, a lot of people, most people, live their life that way their entire life. They’re putting crappy food, they’re putting a bunch of sugar in their body. Next day they wake up feeling shitty. They pop some pills, drink some coffee, goes away temporarily, but then they have to keep eating that shitty food and they call it comfort food.

Guys, hopefully if any of you are in that death spiral you can identify it and just change your lifestyle. That’s all it is. Change your eating habits. That’s something that can be done very easily. Start putting some good food. It’s very basic stuff. You know vegetables are good. Salads are good. Get rid of the cheese. Get rid of the dairy. Guys, I’m telling you it makes a world of difference. Guys, I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. We’re getting ready for our Mexico trip. We leave tomorrow. We’ll be doing another update here in a second and I hope everybody has a wonderful week. We’ll see you on the next video.

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