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Hey, guys. Good morning, Alberto. This is Monday, July 1st, first of the month. Did you meet your goals for last month? If not, time to rewrite them, reset them for the end of the month. July 1st, Monday. Hopefully you’re not like most agents that absolutely hate Mondays.

Today, I am taking a think week. Think week is something that I borrowed from Bill Gates. You probably heard of him, and he used to take a week… Actually, he still takes a week every year to disconnect, and that’s where his best ideas came from. Windows came from that. That’s where he first realized that the internet… He’s like “The internet, I think it’s going to be kind of a big thing,” and he decided to create Internet Explorer, all products that we’ve all probably used, right?

So what I did is I came to this little colonial town called San [Cristobal 00:00:00:48]. You can see the buildings. Pretty cool, huh? Up in the mountains, I’m about 7,200 feet up. Sun’s about to come out, but it’s kind of nice. It’s nice and cloudy. It’s been raining and cold, which is the opposite of what I’m used to living right on the beach. So I’m going share with you ways that… Well, you should take a think week.

Now, if I’m telling that to you and you’re an average agent, you’re probably thinking, “Think week? What are you talking about? You know, I can barely get my stuff done by the end of the day.” Maybe you’re a P&C guy. We talk to P&C guys all the time. We have them all, State Farm, Farmers, a bunch of independents. They say most of their day is service work. Most of my day is service work, I can’t get away from it. Maybe you’re a life insurance guy chasing referrals around, chasing maybe references or circles of influence, trying to get them to actually give you… I hope I won’t get run over here… trying to give you some good leads. Maybe you’re a guy working with an IMO or FMO getting a bunch of those B leads and C leads, and you know what I’m talking about, right? You have to call them hundreds of times. You’re spending hour after hour every day to book an appointment. I’m going to show you how to create time.

Now, in the old days, in the ’90s, people were all about time management, time management. Maybe you’re still doing that. Now, that means you’re about 25 years behind. In the early 2000s… I just finished working out and I’m out of breath. Look at this plaza right here, huh? Look at behind me. Look at this, like 250 years old. Pretty cool stuff. Can you see the mountains in the background? Look at that.

Anyway, in the early 2000s was about prioritizing your schedule. Now we have figured out ways to create time. How do we create time, and one of the ways we do that is by becoming more efficient. Now, there’s a bunch of different ways that I teach my clients how to do that. Look at this, man. But I’m just going to focus on a simple one that you can implement right now, and with it, it’s just becoming more efficient with what you do, compressing time.

I’ll give you an example. The average agent, it takes them an hour to book an appointment on the phone, an hour because he’s chasing people, people that say call me next week, people that don’t answer the phone. Most people are not never going to answer the phone, by the way, followups, only 7% convert, but an hour. Now what if you could set eight appointments in that one hour? So while the average guy’s taking eight hours to set eight appointments, you can do it in one. You just created seven hours.

Now let’s look at bigger picture. The average agent, it takes them two weeks to do eight appointments. Average agent, two weeks to do eight appointments. What if you could become more efficient, do what I used to do? I used to do eight appointments in one day. Eight appointments in one day. Now you just gave yourself 13 extra days of time. You just created 13 extra days. What would you do with those 13 days? I mean, you could take a think week out of that, maybe spend a week with family somewhere. That’s another thing about this great trip, guys, no wife, no three kids, no dog. I love them. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I wake up in the morning, but it’s just me, just by myself, disconnected, no distractions.

So while most agents spend 80% of their time prospecting, only 20% selling, what if you could flip that around? We have created a process to be able to do just that. What if you could get the smartest, most intelligent machine on the planet working for you? We actually have that happening right now where our agents are able to compress that time, become more efficient with their time, create more time, and we also help them with conversion, even conversion. So if you can get rid of 80% of what you’re doing now, prospecting, service work, and what if you could create time while you convert too? You know, the average agent takes 2.3 appointments to get a sale, 2.3 appointments. You sit down 2.3 times to get a sale. Our guys are doing it in one appointment, so that’s more than doubling time right there. You’re cutting your work time in half. Now you’re doubling time again.

I’m keeping it very, very simple. This is stuff that you can start doing right now, but becoming more efficient and actually having people waiting for your phone call that want to talk to you about the products that you offer. Then you sit with them. They’re expecting you. They show up so you get rid of the no-shows, and in 45 minutes you have a new client, a new sale. Pretty cool, right?

So we put this into a simple step-by-step system and process called Predictable Premium. Over the last three years now, I’m doing a new presentation today, we’ve helped over 800 agents do just that, from P&C guys to the Mass Mutual’s, Northwestern Mutual’s of the world, New York Life guys, they’re all in our program. They’re all getting awesome results. We’re taking just a few more people now as we try out this new version that we are releasing today, releasing it today, July 1st.

So click on the button right now and let’s see if you qualify to work with us. If you do, then we guarantee the results. We don’t guarantee appointments, anybody can do that, or leads, everybody’s got shitty leads. We guarantee more sales. We guarantee it. So we can’t help everybody. We’ve all been in a place where like, “Ooh, that guy’s not going to be in business for a long time,” but if you click on the button now, it will take you to a brief little application. We want to know a little bit more about you. You can book a time with us, with my team, and during there, you’ll have a time, you can ask some questions. Write your questions down and we’ll be happy to give you a little bit more info so you can learn more about us, we can learn more about you, see if we’re a good fit.

Do it right now, guys. We launched today, July 1st, and we’ll see you on the next video. Click on the button right now.


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