Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone: Yeah. So, what’d your dad die of?
Alberto Riehl: Plane crash.
Grant Cardone: Oh, wow.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah. Total surprise, and …
Grant Cardone: Every time I leave the house, I die. I saw my kids this morning. I’m like … Okay, Papa, see you in a couple of days! You know?
I’m like, I always think about … Something bad. You know?
Alberto Riehl: Yeah, I think about that too. When I don’t travel with them, it kind of scares me a little bit.
Grant Cardone: Yeah, yeah.
Alberto Riehl: And so, today, I help life insurance agents basically 10X their business. There’s a couple of reasons for it.
Number one, I was really … I was affected by it. My dad had a lot of life insurance, but because he died on a plane crash and he wasn’t advised properly, nothing paid.
Grant Cardone: Oh, wow.
Alberto Riehl: You know? So then, lost the business that his dad had started. Lost the home. Moved to … You know where we moved to? Because, you said in your book so many times, El Paso, Texas. You talk about El Paso all the time.
Grant Cardone: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Alberto Riehl: So that’s where I went at nine years old, but …
Grant Cardone: I’m going to tell you, man, how honored I am that you would want to spend time with me.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah.
Grant Cardone: … And that the two of together can … I know when two people come together, things change.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah.
Grant Cardone: So, I’m here to help you in any way I can. I don’t know if I can or not, but …
Alberto Riehl: I really appreciate that.
Grant Cardone: I want to thank you also, because you make what I want to do possible.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome.
Grant Cardone: A lot of people don’t want to change their conditions.
Grant Cardone: The thing I’d be curious about is … Look, your business has grown. That’s a million dollars. Then, you doubled it.
Alberto Riehl: One million.
Grant Cardone: One million.
Alberto Riehl: One million last year.
Grant Cardone: One million.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah.
Grant Cardone: Now you’re doing two million.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah, yeah.
Grant Cardone: That’s a double.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah, I thought you said ten. But, that’s the next goal. I’ll be there.
Grant Cardone: Oh, yeah. So, well, you’re at ten, too. So, what I would do is I’d be like, hey, let’s focus on building a twenty million dollar business. 10X the two. Not that you’ll get their right away. You’re not going to get to ten right away, but …
Right? But, what you’re doing right now, man. Building a business and growing a business, you’re helping people.
Alberto Riehl: Yep.
Grant Cardone: Like, that’s inspiration, too. I’m inspired by people that do well. I’m more interested, personally, in, hey, I went from making … Like, not knowing what I was doing, to starting a business, to making a million dollars in a year.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah.
Grant Cardone: You know? And, the fact that, this stuff you’re doing with Facebook Ads and stuff. That’s what I’m interested in. I’m interested in the lighthouse.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah.