Stop Spraying and Praying

Hey, guys, Alberto Riehl here. Losing my balance. Saturday, February, what’s today, February 17th. Hanging out with the family today. We took a little spontaneous trip, literally two hours ago we were in our living room wondering what we should do on a Saturday.


So we decided to get this boat for a few hours. And look at this water, huh? Pretty nice. As we’re trolling out here there’s a snorkeling spot that we came to I noticed, you know, you can see the four column fishing poles, right? And I think we had a total of six out and I thought how, you know, obviously, when we’re fishing it gives you better odds, right? Of catching something. I thought man, you know what’s funny is that when you’re fishing, and it definitely works, having more lines out there, right? There’s a bigger chance of catching that big fish.


But one of the things I started thinking about was that most life insurance agents, that’s the way they treat their business, right? We talk to agents all the time that when we ask them, how are you getting your appointments now? How are you getting your business now? They’re talking about, “Oh, I do networking events and I do seminars and my circle of influence and I get referrals.” And they talk about all these things and then we get to the results, which is really all we should care about, right? How many people are you helping today? How many clients are you serving? And man, they’re struggling. Their income is struggling.


So they get to be okay at just a few things, right? At just a few things and they’re barely surviving. That’s where most people are. Now, one of the things that we do very differently is we fish like if we had a speargun, like one speargun, right? While everybody else is storing a bunch of feelers out there hoping and preying, hoping, right? That they get something, we have a speargun, we’re a hundred percent focused. We’re focused 100% on exactly the ideal client that we want.


We don’t just throw something out there and talk to anybody that’s willing to talk to us the way most people do, right? They hope and pray for a healthy person that maybe has a little bit of money, that wants what they have to offer. No, we do things completely differently. We’re out there with a speargun targeting. Targeting is so important. So we only aim and we only target specifically on the things that we … excuse me, we only aim and target specifically on the ideal client that we want. And we’re able to do that with today’s technology.


Which, of course, is very easy. They’re interests, where they’re hanging out, where they’re spending their time. We can know if they’ve been spending money on similar type products. We know how much income they have, we know how many assets they have. We know what percentage they are saving every year. Do you think this stuff might be helpful? Do they have a 401K, do they have a IRA, do they have a financial advisor, do they have a insurance person that they’re working with? These are all behaviors that our ideal clients have that with today’s technology we can actually hone in on.


: So while everybody else is hoping and praying we can get super specific on the client that we want to attract coming to us. We don’t chase anybody, they come to us. And we can tell when they’re actually ready to buy. So when everybody else is out there, just kind of spraying and praying, we know it’s all about timing. And we know what these prospects have been doing and we know when they’re ready to buy. And they have the resources and, of course, they’re healthy to do that.


As I was watching  you know, we pulled out this boat here just for my family. My family’s downstairs now, we have a couple people on staff. Right now they’re trying to anchor, we just got it here, we’re going to do a little snorkeling. We didn’t catch any fish, unfortunately, so our bunch of hooks that we had out, you know, didn’t work. But as we started looking, look at what everybody else is doing. If you have a bunch of hooks out there, just hoping and praying, then you’re with the masses, right? That’s how most people do things, they’re crowded and most things are crowded at the bottom. And so there’s a lot of wasted effort happening, a lot of energy and time that should not be, you know, really wasting on spinning wheels. And that’s what most people do, they’re kind of just swimming on top of each other, a bunch of people.


: Or, you can get very focused on what you do, very focused. And then be able to just spend it, spend more time with your loved ones. Where are they? There’s Sarah, who’s that, got my father-in-law here, let me see, let’s go down here. dangerous here.


: Here we go.  spell it, pelicans. There’s Sarah, we got the baby here. Where are the kids? So anyway, just one of the things that I was thinking about today as we came out here. Hopefully, it inspires you to really start focusing, get very clear on what your ideal client looks like. Most people don’t even know that. Where does he hang out? Where does she hang out? What’s the age? Where are they putting their attention? What do they do with their free time? You know, what are the emotional drivers that they have for taking action? And once you have those things, then you can become very effective with your marketing.


So guys, I’m going to jump in. You guys, hope you have a wonderful Saturday with your family. Talk to you soon.

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