Successful Decision Making vs Unsuccessful

Hey guys, Alberto here. I wanted to shoot this quick video to go over something that we learned over the last week, and actually it wasn’t anything we learned, we were just reminded of. We reconfirmed. In our Predictable Premium program we’re at a point now, where we get to be pretty picky with the agents and advisors that we work with. Even the ones that we’ll even talk to. About 30% of you, if you’re watching this, 30% of you, after going through our entire process and filling out an application, will get an email saying that we’re not a good fit. We reject about 30% of applicants today.

Now last week, we put a hold on those rejections, meaning I thought let’s talk to some of these people that we feel are … maybe don’t have the habits yet, maybe don’t have the disciplines yet to be successful, and so we actually ended up booking strategy sessions and then counsel ’em, and it was amazing what we were reminded of.

Let’s talk about Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill talks about one of the traits that separates the successful, he studied five hundred of the most successful people, and guys, success doesn’t just mean money. It means just getting whatever it is that you desire, maybe it’s charity, maybe it’s giving back to your church, maybe it’s donating a library, maybe it’s just spending time with your family.

So he studied, gosh, from Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, who was the wealthiest man in the world at the time, and the Wrigleys, and the Wright brothers and the list goes on and on. Now one thing he also did, that maybe isn’t as publicized, is that he studied during that 20 year period, 25,000 failures. So he compares the different traits between the failures … I don’t know if you can see me, the sun just came out behind me.

He studies the traits, the habits, the difference. He said one of the biggest differences he noticed, was that the successful people, the people that were making it happen, they jump into things. They make decisions very, very quickly, very confidently, and then they never second-guess themselves. They go forward, they never look back, they never second-guess themselves.

The unsuccessful people, that 25,000 people that he studied for 20 years, they do the opposite. They would take forever to decide on something, “Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t,” and even when they made the decision, “Yes, I’m gonna do it,” they would keep doubting themselves. They would keep revisiting the decision. “Well maybe I should have done it, maybe I’ll back out.” Do you know anybody like that?

It’s amazing, I’ve read that book a bunch of times, if you haven’t read it, get it. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, you can get it for free online now. During the presentations, and we record, every presentation is recorded as you know. We study everything, we analyze, we have call log, and the people that normally we would have disqualified, these are agents, these are advisors, that for whatever reason, said … They had answers that really weren’t very good answers, it was pretty obvious that they were not in a very good financial position.

We had people that said they were desperate, that they were gonna go out of business, and we got ’em on the phone and guess what the number one … I don’t want to call it objection, I guess the number one answer they would give us when presented with an opportunity that has been proven, time and time again, by now, years and years into this. I mean we’ve been featured on Forbes twice in the last year and a half, Microsoft just wrote an article about us, even Yale, Columbia, I mean USA TODAY Entrepreneur magazine saying, “Man, Predictable Premium works.”

So 100% certainty it works, but guess what these agents said, well “I don’t like to make quick decisions. I don’t think it’s wise to jump into anything. I’m gonna go ahead and put it on the back burner. I’m gonna go ahead and think about it.” “It’s not a good idea to go into something headfirst,” is what somebody said. And so basically all those sayings are the opposite of what successful people do. Anybody that is anybody does the opposite, they jump into things, they’re intense, they’re passionate. The move fast, they move quickly, all the leaders of the world, all the successful people of the world.

Again we’re reminded when the people, the failures … We’ll call them the failures of the world, that’s what they are, the 30% of agents that we usually don’t even talk to, we said, “Let’s give ’em a chance. It’s almost the holidays, let’s give ’em a chance. Let’s talk to ’em.” Man, we were reminded, it was reconfirmed, why it is that they’re so unsuccessful. If you find yourself in that place, on the fence … The fence is a horrible place to be. Don’t ever be on the fence. Say yes or no, but do it quickly. We respect anybody that say, “Hey, this is not a good fit. It’s not for me.” Great! But a maybe, we have no respect for.

A, “I’m gonna dwell on it, I’m gonna think about it,” there’s no respect in that. If you know somebody, or yourself does, catch yourself and don’t let yourself off the hook so easily, and just start acting like the successful people out there. We have a couple guys in our program that came to us recently, already earning over a million dollars a year. Already earning over a million dollars a year. One thing that they had in common, guess what? About 20 minutes into the phone call, they were like, “Yup, this is it. How much is it? I’m in. I’m in.”

Again, successful people make quick decisions, they know what we want, so all we have to do guys, is copy those successful people, copy ’em, do what they do, and then we have a chance to get the results that they get. So do it afraid, it makes us uncomfortable, I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, it is hard. Many times we have to reach down and get that courage, but do it afraid anyway.

So, next time you have that opportunity that looks good and maybe makes you scared, there’s fear involved, know that, that fear is a sign that you’re headed in the right direction, it’s not a warning to go back, it’s letting you know, it’s confirmation you’re doing the right thing. And do it afraid guys, okay? Do it afraid. Hope everybody had a safe Halloween, and we’ll talk to you guys on the next video.

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