The Difference Between An Agent That Kills It, And All The Rest.

Hey, guys. Alberto Riehl here, Riehl’s Rants and, excuse me. Just finished eating a bunch of … Oh, got stuff in my tooth. I didn’t plan this. Just finished eating a bunch of great street food. I’m in Mexico, Playa Carmen. Ate some corn. They have corn over here. Some tacos, quesadillas. I’m stuffed, and I’m … Is very spicy. Very spicy. Put a lot of sauce on it, but I got inspired to shoot this video. Don’t eat this stuff if you’re gonna go run a bunch of appointments. I can already tell my whole system is slowing down. For me, it’s siesta time. Kids are gone right now. They’re with Sarah, and so I get to go and have a little nap, which is what this is good for.

But as I was sitting here, I was looking at these places. Look, let’s walk to them. Every single one of these places offers the same exact thing. Look. Okay. See, you can see the menu. Tacos, what they call tortes, burritos. Tacos, tortes, burritos. Same exact thing. They’re right next to each other. Look at this menu here. Tortes, burritos, quesadillas. All have quesadillas, I had a quesadilla also. Not at any of these places. Look at this. Cross. And you can go on and on and on. They’re all offering the same thing. Tacos, burritos, all … this is pastor they call it, they all have that same meat. Look at this, another one. How many is that now?

Now here’s the one I ate at. Look at the difference. Same menu. Same thing. Look burritos, tortas, quesadillas, right? But this place is jam packed. There’s … see a few people right here. Let me give you a behind the scenes look where everybody is. There’s a bunch of people sitting back here. Everybody’s eating. You can see a couple back there to the right. This place is packed. Look, there’s more people over here. Everybody sitting here … Look behind me … is eating from this place. Everybody. See kids back there, families, these guys here, these people over here. Packed. What’s the difference? What does this have to do with insurance?

Well I mean if you’re honest with yourself you know that everybody’s selling the same thing. Right? Everybody’s selling the same thing. You’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands of brokers, all selling the same thing. All selling the same companies. Why is it that that one stand next to a bunch of other stands … I don’t know how many there was, seven, eight … selling the exact same thing is packed full of business while the other ones were kinda empty. Most of them were empty. Maybe one or two customers. And of course I always think about insurance.

We have a P&C guy, one of our clients and they … it’s actually in Georgia that one of the companies that you’ve heard of and he is killing it with our program. Killing it. Absolutely killing it. This guy makes trips every year. Got himself an exotic car. I mean he’s spending time with family. And we had an agent for the same exact company that is 10 minutes away, said less than 10 minutes away … Hopefully I don’t get hit here … less than 10 minutes away and he’s struggling. Completely struggling. Same company. Same P&C company. Same products, everything. So you know it’s not the products, right? Service? No. Guess what? It’s not the service.

What else are people trying to improve on their? What’s the most important thing in business? And unfortunately in today’s world, the best marketer wins. The best marketer is gonna get the business. That’s why that P&C guy is killing it. I mean he was already doing very well before he came to us. Now he has our system and he’s completely knocking it out of the park. But it’s the same with those guys. All those stands had what we call barkers, right? People out there saying, “Come on in! Have some tacos. Have some quesadillas.” But there’s the one guy, that I started talking to.

This guy had an amazing personality. He was laughing, joking around with people. All the other people were just, you could tell they hated to be there. They did not want to be there. You know? ‘Cause just kind of saying “Tacos, quesadillas …” while this guy was having a great time and it looked like he absolutely loved his job. He is the marketing arm for that little taco stand and he was bringing them in by the droves. You saw that. Absolutely packed.

So guys, the insurance world is just as saturated as that little taco area there and I think that’s great news! It means that there’s a lot of money in the insurance business and you all know an insurance agent that’s absolutely killing it, right? Makes the trips every year. Making five, six, seven hundred thousand a year. I know a couple guys making over a million dollars a year and they have the same exact products you do. What’s the difference? They’re better marketers. They’re better at sales. Make sure that when you’re investing in something for your business … Knowledge is not the answer, you know if more information was the actual … if information was the answer … more information was the answer, we’ve had a lot of people talking about, we’d all be millionaires with six packs. Right?

Information is not the answer. I see people all the time, agents like, “Oh, if I just get my CFP then I’ll be successful.” “Oh, if I get my CFHC then I’ll be successful.” This P&C guy doesn’t have any of those. Our top producers don’t have any of those. A couple of them do. I never had any letters by my name. That really doesn’t matter. That knowledge is not gonna take your business to another level. But if you study marketing, study technology, study the internet, study Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, that will take your business to a whole other level and you can be like our little friends there at the taco stand, just packed with clients coming your way. So hopefully you guys are having a wonderful day. Made it to my hotel here and we’ll see you on the next one.

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