The #1 Reason You’re Failing Online

Hey guys. Alberto here. I wanted to shoot this quick, little video. I didn’t really plan it. One thing that keeps coming up recently… looking for my sunglasses. Agents that have no idea… There they are. Ooh, going outside. Agents that have no idea what their niche is. Agents that have no idea who their customer is. There’s a lot of guys out there that are really clueless that when you ask them, “Hey, who do you sell to? Anybody? They’re very proud. They put on their applications. I represent 60 different companies and 400 different products.”

Never done this before. Let me see, make sure I don’t fall and get the phone in the pool. It is absolutely impossible to be an expert at 400 different products. Let me repeat that. It is absolutely impossible to become an expert at 400 different products. The very best agents and advisors out there, guys, are the very best at one. I mean, even Michael Jordan, right? Michael Jordan, the greatest of all time, the GOAT.

Baseball didn’t work out so good for him. That’s only two things. How can you think you’re good at 400 things? Most of these guys are at best mediocre, mediocre at a couple hundred, and mediocre people get mediocre results. So, the top guys, let me give you a little secret, which is pretty cool. We talked to about 40 agents a day now, and we have agents joining us already earning over a million a year. Over a million a year, they come to us, and we studied them, and guess what? They are the very best at one thing. That’s it.

They’re the very best at one thing, one product. They know it inside and out, and there’s probably a lot of you. Average agent’s going, “But hey, you’re a client of this service. I do a discovery process, and depending on what they need, I fit them with the product.” No, no, no, no, no. That means that you’re trying to be everything to everybody. These one guys that are number one in their field making over a million a year. They’re good at one product, and guess what?

They are very specific with their niche. The client that they want to help. They all have the same problem. They all have the desired solution. It’s the same. So therefore, one product, fix them. It’s like comparing a cardiologist with a general practitioner, right? Cardiologist is one thing, like no sore throat, earache. Nope, sorry. Not going to see you. Heart issue, I got you. Compared to a general practitioner that’s getting all of the crappy five-year-olds with earaches and all that kind of stuff, making $60 here from an insurance company or whatever it is, or the cardiologist is making 20 grand in an hour operation. Which one do you want to be?

So here’s the biggest mistakes that we find is that even the good, the pretty good… Ooh, I think we’re going to get a storm here. Look at that. Even the pretty good agents know five things about their clients. That’s it. That’s nothing by the way. My ideal client, I want them to make 250,000 a year. They’re business owners. They have 3.2 kids and 1.2 million to invest, and they’re 45 years old. Guys, that’s a start, but if that’s what you know about your client, it will not make you money online.

22% of our clients today come to us after failing miserably online, after hiring so-called gurus and experts, and which by the way, none of these guys that they hire have ever sold a policy before. They picked a niche the wrong way like most agents do. You have a internet marketer, a Facebook marketer going, “Who has money? Insurance guys, financial advisors. They have money. I’m going to market to them. I’m going to say I’m a financial advisor, expert guy. I’ve never sold a life insurance policy. I’ve never helped anybody with their financial plan, but that’s what I’m going to do.”

I mean, how can you teach somebody to do something you have never done before? You can’t. That’s the answer. You can’t. So, be careful with that. A lot of people are teaching people how to do things they have never done before. So, anyway, your decent advisor knows five things about their niche, but that’s nothing guys. With our program, we have a scientific process. It brings out 10 times more than that. Over 40 different things. Psychologically, how do they behave? Why did they buy what they buy?

Where do they spend their money? Because you have to know two main things about who you’re selling to. Number one is their main problem. What keeps them awake at night? Who are they angry at? What are they worrying about? I mean, very specific to their niche, very specific. Number two, what is their desired situation? Their ideal situation. Again, depending on their niche, specific to their niche. Very few people do this. We have financial advisors all the time.

I talked to somebody yesterday. Mike joined us, tried a different program, does radio advertising. “Hey, Mike.” Spends about 4,000 a month on radio advertising. Last seven grand he spent, he said he got 23 leads. He said probably half of those are competitors trying to figure out what the hell he’s doing. He’s doing okay, but obviously, he wants something better, and he was on the same boat. He really didn’t know his niche, the emotional reasons of why they lie.

You have to know their desired situation. Just in the last week, I can think of two of our agents who launched their Facebook campaign. Luke is one of them. Grew up, family business, electricians. Guess what his niche is? That’s all he grew up with as since a little kid. Luke started getting appointments hours after launching, like four hours after launching, got his first appointment, been booking appointments every day, 100% automated, while he gets to hang out with his kids.

In two weeks, he sold four policies out of those. A 100% virtual, guys. $20,000 he made in the last two weeks. Then we have Brian also just launched four days ago. Brian was a chiropractor for 35 years. Well, guess what Brian’s niche is? Chiropractors. He knows his niche. He started narrating leads. He generated five leads in his first 24 hours. He’ll never have to buy another lead again. He’ll never have to bug friends and family members again.

Booked two appointments three days into it. On the fourth day, his second appointment, he admits, wasn’t perfect. Second one, of course, we’re going to be crappy. $12,000. He made 12 grand. Not bad for one phone call, 45 minutes over the phone. Luke’s phone call, his first sale that was six grand, he said it was 28 minutes. That’s another thing that most agents are talking way too much.

So, guys, what these two have in common. They know their niche. They really know their pain points, right? Brian being a chiropractor, working with nurses in different locations and employees and dealing with insurance companies and claims. He knows all the pain points of chiropractors. Chiropractors trust him instantly because they know he’s one of them.

So, before you decide to go online, before you decide to launch your Facebook campaigns, ask yourself, “Do I know my niche? Is this speaking to my niche on an emotional level?” So, anyways guys, you got to know your niche. That’s the number one reason why people fail online. It’s just a general vanilla message where your client goes, “So what? I don’t care. So what?” So make sure you learn, you study the people you’re selling to, and a great way to do that, by the way, is to market online for free.

I have two ways that you can market online for free. Won’t cost you a penny. You can practice your presentation. You can practice your offer. You can see if your niche cares about what you’re saying, so you can click on the link below, get yourself those two strategies for free, and figure out what the market says. The market is never wrong before you spend a bunch of money on it. Hope everything’s going well. You can see, I think we have a storm coming here. Have a wonderful rest of the day. We’ll see you on the next video.


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