What Is Your Dream?

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants coming to you from Mexico, a little rainy Mexico. I’ll show you where we’re at today. We have this little, kind of cool. Look at the roof. Executive player, little huts on the water. Now we’re in the Caribbean. Usually this water, you know, the sand is … see if we can get some good light here. The sand is white and the water is like turquoise, turquoise blue. Beautiful. But it’s not really looking like that today is it? Effects have been here for a couple of days. It’s been storming to the point that we had to put like, towels at the bottom there of our suite. There’s the other bedroom.

We have a couple of bedrooms here. We had to put towels down because of the wind and the rain was like, sideways coming into our little cabana. It’s kinda cool. We’re so close to the ocean that look, we are actually closer to the water then the lifeguard.

Pretty cool. Right? So we have a little … Let me see which way I can show you that. Got People walking around here and we got a little pool, see our little pool right here. Pretty cool. But man, it’s windy, it’s rainy and we’re having breakfast and stuff here at the resort, at the restaurant. You can imagine people are not, they’re not the happiest right?

They’re on vacation and just to show up. And it was funny, we were looking at the weather for the next few days and it’s all thunderstorms. Literally, all thunderstorms. Look. There’s nobody at the beach like in the water. You got all this seaweed and it looks brown. It looks like, you know, reminds me of like Monterrey, California. Now Monterey California is kind of cool for different reasons but, but the beach kinda looks like this.

Right? And so people are pretty disappointed, but at the same time, man, I’m just, I’m like, super stoked. I’m happy to be here. And why is that? Well, my dream for a long time was to be able to work from a laptop, right? Be able to work mobile-y. I used to write down my goals on my goal card and I used to write down all the time that I’m so happy and grateful now that I can work from anywhere in the world just with wifi and my laptop and today, that’s a dream come true.

I mean it took years and years and years and years of me running around. You’re watching this, you’re an insurance guy. Probably a dinosaur, right? Like I was. I was a dinosaur for like 17 years. Literally. In traffic, in a car, getting dressed up in the morning, putting on shoes and socks and getting dry cleaning done and right? Making sure the shirts are pressed.

Man, at times I was in Texas and it’s like 100 degrees, 110 degrees in the summer and I’m having to wear long sleeve shirts and ties and that just didn’t seem natural. Right? The back of my shirt is all sweaty as I’m going to appointments and then stuck in traffic, rush hour traffic in the morning, rush hour traffic in the afternoon and maybe that kind of rings a bell.

That’s the way that most dinosaurs, most insurance agents run their business. Now today, it’s not like that at all. Now it’s something that I had to work on it very, very hard. I bought a lot of courses. I invested in a lot of programs and courses and workshops to learn how to advertise and market myself online, how to do business online, how to do business over the phone, and today I’m able to work from anywhere in the world.

I’ll show you my little desk. Have my little desk right here. I put my laptop away. I had to put a tee shirt over it because literally there’s like a little bit of rain coming in, but I was sitting right here.

You can see my view of the brown sand and it’s now Friday afternoon. I just finished for the day, so I was able to be completely productive. We got a few new clients coming in. We have a couple of consultants that had a few clients coming in as well and it’s been a productive day. It was funny, because I was kinda laughing as I was putting my stuff away and there’s rain coming in and I’m closing the door and moving the towels and I was kind of cracking up because this is what I asked for.

This is what I wanted to do for years and years and years. I got to tell you, a day on the beach in Mexico, rainy, stormy with an ocean full of algae that you can’t even walk into beats the perfect day in rush hour traffic stuck, having to get all dressed up, face to face, driving around. Any day. The worst day on the beach is definitely better than any day stuck in traffic. Right?

So if you are an insurance agent and you find yourself being a dinosaur and you’re at a point where you know that you’re ready to be a robot. You know that you’re ready to use today’s technology to do the heavy lifting for you, do the qualifying of clients, do the educating of the clients and be able to schedule appointments for you.

We wake up to qualified appointments, ready for us to call them and give us a credit card number. And so if you’re at a point in your career where you know there is a better way, check us out. Dream Source Consulting LLC, go to our Facebook page search for us. We have over 10,000 agents following us and you can check out our YouTube channel. It’s under my name, Alberto, last name R-I-E-H-L. We’ve had over a million views over the last 30 days and check out our testimonials. We now have over 60 video testimonials just from the last 90 days that we’ve posted on there. So hope you’re having a great day. Have a wonderful weekend and let’s see if we can see a little bit better and we will talk to you on the next video.

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