Change or Die

Hey guys. Alberto Riehl. Riehl’s rants. Saturday here with my family. I want to introduce you to Skyler, my daughter. Six years old. Where is she? There she is. Right here, say hi. Sarah is the baby. She’s our little newest one. Rylee, four months old. And we’re just having a Saturday afternoon. Come on, sky. Where you at? Let’s go find Ryder. Come here. Where’s Ryder go? We’re at our favorite place in Tulum. You can see the restaurant, we’re at the edge. Here’s our actual view. You can’t tell, that’s ocean over there. Let’s get Ryder. Where’s Ryder? There’s Ryder. Ryder? What’s up bud? Five years old. Ryder, he’s going to be a surfer when he grows up.


We’re just hanging out here on a Saturday guys, and I just thought I might do a little video shoot. We’re in Tulum, which is pretty cool. Here comes Skyler. You know, these are the reasons why I get up in the morning. Push the envelope, right? Come here, let’s go do a little tour of our place where we’re at. Okay?

So we got Skyler with me, she’s going to help me show you guys around.

Skyler: Who are you telling that to?

Alberto Riehl: I’m talking to all my friends, and your friends. And so, one of the cool things about here is that everybody here is pretty health conscious. There’s a lot of, you know, organic food, raw food. We’re going to be going by a restaurant right now. There’s Skyler. Make sure I catch her. And this is all raw, vegan food here. And I’m sharing this with you as I just started talking, I wanted to introduce you to my family. But, you know, I used to be 40 pounds heavier than I am now. 40 pounds. Had high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Doctor wanted to put me on pills for the rest of my life. He said, now this was at 27 year old, he said that if I didn’t make a big change I would not get to see my kids. He actually sat me down and told me that. He had me in his office, and he told me to relax. I said I can’t relax, I’ve got stuff to do, right?


I was a dinosaur. I was running around grinding it out, like maybe a lot of you are doing now and, that hit me though. He said you’ll never get to see your kids. I’m 27 years old. I’m 43 now. I’ll be 44 in just a couple months and I couldn’t imagine not having these little things, right? Maybe you’re a family guy as well. And so, today we just have a whole different life style. Our habits are completely different I had to change that while I was still out there grinding it out. If you know a little bit about my story I was doing about 100,000, a little bit over 100,000 in just two day. But I would work my ass off those two days. Do about ten appointments, nine appointments a day. I’d start at 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4. I had my appointment setter set me those. And a lot of times she set me an 8 o’clock, and a 5 and a 6. And you cannot be running around on McDonald’s and be able to focus on those appointments and sustain that. That’s what I used to try to do.


You know, I was so busy that it would be two in the afternoon and all of a sudden I was like oh my gosh, I better eat. And I would just shove some McDonald’s down my throat and that’s why I was 40 pounds heavier. And just needed caffeine just to make it through the day. But, you know, living with the long term in mind. It’s one of the things that I do now, right? With the kids. And I definitely want to be here for the grand kids. And so, today life is quite different. We really watch what we put in our bodies, the way that we take care of ourselves and nutrition is very important. It’s a total game changer. You can really focus on what you have to do. Your memory, your performance, effectiveness, everything goes up. So, I don’t know how I got on that subject but this is Albert Riehl, Riehl’s Rants. We just came here for the day. Hanging out with the family. Got the grand parent here also. Where’s … oh there’s one. There’s Daddy. Tulum, beautiful beach. Hopefully you’re doing the same thing with your family. And we’ll see you next time. Riehl’s rants.

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