The difference Between Cuba & A Life Insurance Agent

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl, and I am in Havana, Cuba. You know one of the coolest things about Havana is that it’s stuck in time. Right? Look at these cars behind me. It’s been stuck in time since the 1950’s and so that’s part of its charm, right? That’s what makes it very unique, it’s what attracts people here and makes people from all over the world want to spend a bunch of money. Right? It makes it very cool, it makes it trendy, makes it unique. Look at this car, very, very cool.


Now, if you’re a life insurance agent, stuck in time, which the average agent is, stuck in the 1950’s please understand that it does not make you cool. It does not make you charming, it does not make you unique in any way because every average life insurance agent is stuck in time and unlike Cuba where that uniqueness and that charm makes people from all over the world come here and want to spend their money, when it comes to life insurance guys, it makes it harder and harder to earn a living. Being stuck in the ways of the 1950’s.


Alberto Riehl: Relying on word of mouth, relying on referrals, you know it’s already happening to you, right? It’s already happening to you. Let’s see if we can cross the street without getting killed. You know the business is getting tougher and tougher for you if you’re a dinosaur and you are stuck in time like Cuba. Now this is the Floridita, very famous place, this is where Ernest Hemingway used to come all the time. Floridita, a pretty cool spot. But let’s get back to the insurance.


We are … things keep getting harder and harder if you keep doing things the old way, right. In the old days that’s how it was, friends and family. Now understand something guys that dealing with your friends and family you’re only making the insurance company money. Did you know that. You’re only making the insurance company money. Chances are if you’re a new agent, guess what, you’re not going to survive past the first year, 85% of agents are out in the first year. But, your friends and family keep making their premium payments. Who are you making rich, the insurance company, that’s right, did you ever think of that at all? No? So anyways, one of the things about staying stuck in time and lacking innovation is that as the world keeps changing it also leaves you behind. And again, you’ve noticed, things are getting tougher and tougher, right?


Alberto Riehl: Now, one of the things people don’t talk about in Cuba is now you go to a little side street and look how everything is deteriorated. There’s no money coming in. If you don’t innovate and do not adapt to a new world, then the new world will leave you out in the cold. And that’s what happened here. That’s the one thing that people don’t talk about. Look at this, look at these streets, look at what it looks like. The flow of the money stopped coming in because there’s no innovation, their state’s stuck in time, and the same thing is happening to your business now. If you keep running your business the way you’ve been running it since the 1950’s relying on word of mouth, whatever referrals, and circles of influence and all that and not using today’s technology. Right, this is social media.


This video will have thousands and thousands of views within two or three days. You can’t do that without video so my advice to you, my suggestion is get yourself educated with what’s going on today. Invest in yourself, invest in a course, invest in a program. You can go on line, there’s no excuse for not knowing how to do business in today’s world. Look at what’s going to happen to you, you will go extinct if you continue to do business like a dinosaur. So again, invest in yourself, buy a course. There’s a lot of free information out there as well and get with the times. Learn about social media, learn about the internet, if not guys, you will be extinct, you can already tell business keeps getting harder and harder doing it your way. Get with the technology. Let the technology do the heavy lifting for you, let the technology do the qualification of the clients. Learn how to have the technology educate your clients so you don’t have to. If you can do that, then life is good. I hope you really take that to heart, invest in yourself that is Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants. Well talk to you next time from Cuba.

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