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Hey, guys. Alberto Riehl here and in this video, I’m gonna be showing you my ride. You guys keep asking me, “What do you drive? What’s your ride look like? Is it a Ferrari, right? Is it a Mercedes?” I was like, “No, no. You gotta think bigger than that.” I get people asking, “It must be a Lamborghini or a Bentley or a Bucadi.” What is it called? A Bugatti, right? A Bugatti. I was like, “No, no. You gotta think bigger than that, guys.” Let me know you. Porsche 911. Used to have one of those. Not anymore. So let’s get over to my carport here and I’ll show you this little baby here. Now you gotta work your way up to one of these bad boys. Here it is. Oh yeah. So guys, this is a 2016 Go [Carito 00:00:48] is what they call it here and I gotta tell you, man. It doesn’t just roll off the assembly line like this. Let me go around this bad boy, this beauty. You can see you’ve got storage here in the back. You can put maybe a gallon of milk, maybe two in there.

So I got plenty of storage for the family. Orange. That’s Ferrari orange we got there. Look at these wheels. That’s how I roll. Those are 12s. Maybe they’re 10s. I don’t know and these are the monster tires. You can’t really tell. These can go on sand. You can take it anywhere that you want. Now this is a little spring celebration that just happened. First day of spring just happened about a week ago and so my kids put that on there. So let me keep going around again, guys. No, it doesn’t just roll off the assembly line like this. I got the custom made aftermarket, what do you call that thing in the front right here. Really nice thing in the front. Little dirty there. But it’s okay. You probably want to look under the hood. Actually, it’s under the seat. Bam. Look at that. You got 8 1/2, maybe 9 horses under there. You got a big 12 volt battery and it’s mostly a gas tank. I don’t know how many gallons, maybe two, three gallons. Cost me a couple dollars to fill it up and it literally lasts me over 30 days.

We use this thing to take the kids to school, pick them up from soccer practice, take them to tennis, everything and it lasts over a month. Now getting in it now so I can show you a couple other things we gotta have mandatory. This is your kid emergency kit. What do you have in there? You got diapers. You have wipes. You have ointments and all sorts of, I don’t know, cleaner type things. Now for the emergencies, we have a six month old baby. You gotta have the wipes. You don’t have enough time to open up the emergency kit. This is for super quick access. Just bam. You got the wipes, right? You have kids. You know about that. What else we got here? Grape seed oil, natural oil. This is a whole, it’ll be a different video. Let’s go ahead and fire this baby up. Ooh, look. I’ve got rear view mirrors. Make sure it’s legal. Safety first. Gonna fire this baby up. Put it into reverse. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So here we go, backing up, backing up. Fire this bad boy up. Ooh, you hear those? You hear a purring?

That’s eight, nine horses right there. Let’s go ahead and put it in gear. Here we go. Watch this. Watch this. It just goes zero to 12 in 12 seconds. Oh yeah. This baby just goes. So again, guys, just wanted to show you what it looks like when I ride. 2016 Go Cartito and now we will see you on the next video. Alberto Riehl.

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