Delegating daddy duties?

Hey guys, Alberto. I’m leaving the bank here. I’m in Cancun, Mexico. Citibank Mex. I guess there one bank is one now. You can see Citibank Mex. Maybe Citi bought them out. I am in downtown Cancun. If you’re looking for a vacation spot, this is not it. This is not where you come. Definitely would not recommend it. I am here; it is Thursday, about 10:30AM. We are getting a passport for my daughter, Riley. Need a Mexican passport. Riley was born five months ago, and this is something that’s necessary for her to do. So, anyways, it’s kind of funny the way that things get done here. I assumed I could pay them at the government place. Nope, you can’t pay them at the place. You gotta go to a bank, so I just walked down to a bank, a couple blocks. I asked a taxi. Taxi wouldn’t take me. Guess it wasn’t long enough. It was only a couple blocks, but I wanted somebody to take me.


It’s funny because I just posted about a Predictable Premium Life. That’s happening in Las Vegas, April 27th through the 29th. It’s a weekend, and I just had one of our memberships ask, “Hey, why not do it during the week? Family first.” Sorry, buddy. I completely agree, man. Family first. Always family first. I actually put God comes first. After God comes family. After that comes health, and then after that comes business. Way, way, way down there, down the pipes. I completely agree with you, but I’ll share with you a couple ideas because I completely understand. Alberto Riehl: I just spent a week in Southern California, Laguna Beach, and I call it my think week. My think week is something I need to get quiet, where there is no kids, there is no family, and I can focus on my work. But you know what’s great is I can come back and be a better dad because of that. I’ll just give you a couple ideas that I use. The two days before I left, I got the kids out of school. I’ll never let my kids’ school get in the way of their education. Actually, today’s Thursday. They’re out of school today again. My mom just came in town last night. You guys wanna hang out with grandma? Yep! Okay, no school today, so they’re hanging out with grandma, and grandma’s very happy. Alberto Riehl: We got a hotel, the JW Marriott, and that I do recommend. It’s very nice. And we spent forty-eight hours, couple night there before I left with the family, because I was only gonna be gone for six days, but, yeah, you’re absolutely right. I wanted to absolutely hang out with them before I did that. So the reason why I’m doing my three day weekend event – I think maybe I’m getting lost going back to the government office here – is, I’m just following a proven process. Like anything that I do, anything that I teach, I teach a process; a system that works. This is gonna be my first live event, and I’m not gonna wing it, right? Most people are out there winging it. I’m actually following a process that works very, very well. And so that’s what I’m doing man. I don’t have to make any decisions. I don’t have to think about it. I just do the process, and that’s what I preach. That’s what I do. I think I might be a little lost right now. Think I missed a little turn right here. Gonna turn around.


But I completely agree – family first. Right? Family first before business. That’s why we do this. Let’s see, which is the way? I really think I’m lost. Plus I’m trying to film this, and you know what I tried to do? Maybe I should call this video Delegating Daddy Duty. So we gotta go sit in this government office. It seems like it’s air conditioning, so that’s kinda good. But you should see the crowd of people. We’ll see if we can get there soon enough for you guys to see the crowd of people.


I tried to delegate daddy duty, meaning I did everything I could til I was like, wait a minute. This thing takes four hours? I gotta go wait somewhere and sit somewhere for four hours? Think I’m lost. I thought there has to be an expediting way. Can I pay more money? Can I expedite this? And they said no. The paternal dad, the real dad, has to be there. The good news is, I’m the real dad. That’s the good news. Bad news is I gotta go sit in this place for about three or four hours. I figured I’ll do something productive, and here it is, man. Alberto Riehl:


So absolutely, man, family first. That’s why we do what we do, when we do. Our event is Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Why not take off Tuesday, Wednesday. Hang out with the family. We have a couple guys that are very – of course their faith is very important, right? And they don’t do anything on Sunday, and guess what? They’re gonna be there for Friday and Saturday only. Saturday night they fly back to their family, back to be with the family and go to their church. I think that’s something that’s very important. There’s a lot of people today that try to delegate their daddy duties. Right? Ooh, I found it. This looks familiar. Alberto Riehl: They delegate their daddy duties, right? They got somebody picking up the kids at school. They have their kids in daycare all day long. Man, that just seems weird to me. All day long, have somebody else raising their kids so that they can go make that money. Right? Go make that money. Paying for this huge mortgage they can barely afford, for a house that’s empty all day long. Right? House is empty all day long. Why are you even paying that mortgage on the house? Definitely right there with you, my friend, and most of our members do this so we can be better dads. So we can delegate. Today, my biggest commitment this year, at the beginning of the year, it’s now March 6, is I’m only working 25 hours a week. Five hours a day. Focused work. Five hours, focused work. Now, studies show that people that work a forty hour work week, the actual work is less than twenty-five hours. Right? They’re going around the, what do they call it, the water cooler, and they’re doing all these things – emails, checking their phones, notifications – so they’re not really working, so I believe in doing great focused work. Alberto Riehl: Here. I am not back and I’ll kinda show you what I have to manage. There’s my beautiful Sarah, and the baby. This is why we’re here, and there’s still a lot of people here. This is what we’re doing today.


So, anyways guys, when you think about delegating daddy duties, you know, some of this stuff we should really be doing ourselves. When it comes to business, I say delegate everything. Delegate everything. Figure out your hourly wage. Figure out what you’re worth hourly, and anything that’s worth less, delegate it. When I was in Laguna Beach last week, I went to Mastro’s, one of my favorite place, and I got an Uber black. Some of my friends were like, dude, why would you do that. You have a car there. Why not drive? That was in Newport Beach, so it took about half an hour to get there. Half an hour to get there; half an hour back. Alberto Riehl: I know that when I’m working, I’m earning about $1500 an hour, right? Fifteen hundred dollars an hour that’s net profit. Uber costs me sixty, seventy bucks each way. That’s a hundred and forty bucks an hour. I work the whole time, so I exchanged $140 to Uber, which is tax deductible, and I worked the whole hour for fifteen hundred. I got a ten to one return on my investment on my Uber ride. Isn’t that awesome? That’s the way we should be thinking, but when it comes to being a daddy, there’s just some things, guys, that we just can’t delegate. So I’m gonna come sit in my seat over here, humble myself, and be the good daddy that I do my best to be every day. We’ll see you guys next time.

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