Don’t Let Your Kids School Get In The Way Of Their Education

Hey, guys. Alberto and who else? Rider and Skyler and we’re gonna be talking about ‘do not let school get in the way of your kids’ education,’ right? You guys having fun on this trip?


Yeah, so we’re in Playa Carmen. We’re at the Hyatt, Grand Hyatt. Man, it’s still a little early, I guess. Can’t really see the ocean in the background. I think you can hear it. Let’s go to the kids’ camp, guys. Follow me.

So we’re going to be going over to the kids’ camp. They want to go hang out there. They were there yesterday. Go through our room. This is the living area, a little bit of a mess, pulled out the couch and then we have the other side, the bedroom. But I want to talk about that. Let’s go, guys.

I’ll never let school get in the way of my kids’ education. The first time I heard that was, man, well over 10 years ago, way before I was a dad and it was a very successful client that said it and when he said it to me, I didn’t know what he meant. I was very surprised. We were on Maui and he was visiting Maui with his kids. His kids were early teenagers, 12, 14 years old and he said that. I was surprised. I grew up with the old, “Get a good education,” right? Get good grades. Get a good job, all that kind of crap that you hear out there and so when he said that to me, I was a little taken. I didn’t know what to think about it.

Today, I exactly know what he thought about it. They’ve done studies where you ask your kid …

You guys remember what you got for Christmas last year?


What’d you get?

Snow globe.

Snow globe? For Christmas? Do you remember what you had for Christmas?



I had a doll.

A doll? What kind of doll? Which doll?

I don’t know.

Which kind of doll did you get? Did you really get a doll?


So this is live, raw, uncut. Kids are very unpredictable.

I got three cars, and a yo-yo

Three cars? And a yo-yo. Okay, these kids remember everything.

They’ve done studies where the kids don’t remember what you give them for Christmas. Ask them this, just a few months after Christmas, ask them what they got and most kids won’t remember. I guess my kids remember, so who knows who did that study?

But they do remember when you took them on the trip, the time that you spend with them, the places that you take them. Take them on a holiday, take them on vacation, whatever part of the world you’re seeing this. They remember exactly what they did. It’s very, very educational, right? Same thing with high school. They say what? Less than 10% we remember after high school?

Travel is one of the most mind expanding experiences we can have. You guys are learning Spanish, right? No?



Oh my goodness. So, we’re now going to Camp Hyatt. They love to go to this little place. They have all kinds of different games, air hockey and they have bunch of educational stuff too. They learned about the local culture and this is the way, they’ve done studies, they’ll actually remember everything that they learned.

One of the sad things that we noticed yesterday, is that we came here, we’ll see how it is today, but there was no other kids. I mean this is a huge resort. I asked, “Well, where are all the kids?”

They said, “Well, school’s back in session, so all the kids are back in school.”

So, let’s see. We’re gonna get them checked in to Camp Hyatt real quick. They know where they’re going. They’re ahead of me. I’m following them now. And we’ll see if there’s other kids here today.

It’s a pretty cool place. Look, they got a huge outdoor area to play. We’re going inside, and cool place here. We get them check in.

So, you can see they got a whole huge area, toys, educational games. I have to go to a whole different place. They got costumes over here.

What’s the one thing missing? What’s missing here guys? Where are all the kids? Where are all the kids at?

I have a giant unicorn.

Oh, you got a giant unicorn at home, huh?

But, it’s way bigger than this.

So, I think all the kids are back in school, in that assembly line type education that hasn’t changed in over 100 years, right? That education that was designed to produce workers for the assembly lines, people that don’t really … They don’t really teach about critical thinking, or decision making, or goal setting, which I believe is one of the most important things.

My kids are learning a different language and where in the old days IQ was very important, in today’s world, emotional IQ is the most important thing. How we can use our emotions for us, instead of against us, right?

Most people are there are using them against them and having to take some pills or something to just be able to control them a little bit, manage them. But we can use our emotions in our favor, to have that motivation, put us into action so we can get the positive results.

Studies show that learning another language, people that are bilingual or speak three languages, use parts of the brain that are not used by people that only speak one language. That helps with emotional IQ.

I’m gonna go ahead and get this signed real quick.

See you guys. Have fun. You’re about to go to Hash Tag, okay?

So, one of the big advantages that we have now guys, in today’s world, is that we can travel and do our business, right? With today’s technology, we have insurance guys, so many insurance guys that are clients of ours that are traveling all over the world and doing business all over the world, right? All we need today, to run a virtual agency, is internet connection, phone and that’s it.

And the good news is; right now, it’s the worse it’ll ever be, right? Technology only keeps getting faster, more reliable, more ubiquitous, is that a word? I shouldn’t use big words. Fucking everything, right? It’s everywhere. And it’s gonna keep getting more affordable and so that’s what great, is that today, we run our business completely virtually. We can be anywhere in the world and business keeps going.

One of the amazing things is, we had one of our team members this week, unfortunately had a family emergency I guess it was. It was a death in the family. He’s from New York and he was able to fly back to New York from California, go across the country and didn’t miss a beat. He was gone all week, being able to support the people that he care about, friends, family, when they needed it. And at the same time, he did his work in New York the entire time. Pretty cool, right?

So, if you’re still out there grinding it out in traffic, the way I used to, getting all dressed up. There’s a couple of reasons why that might be okay.

Number one, there’s some people that love it. Some people that genuinely love it. We have guys in our group that say, “I love it. I love getting dressed up. I don’t want to be working from the comfort of my home. I like getting in traffic. I like meeting new people. I like being skin to skin.”

Great. If that’s the case, then great. Keep doing it, right?

And then there’s other people, where I was, where I had the dream of working my business virtually, like I do today, from places like this.

But you know what? It took a long time of grinding it out to get there, but I had the vision. I had the goal very clear in my mind.

Maybe you’re that person and that’s totally okay. I used to work 8, probably like 7:30 in the morning till about 7:00-8:00 at night, grinding it out, driving around, seeing clients and then I’d get home, 7:30-8:00, eat something. Then, from 8:00 till midnight, I was working on my virtual business, right?

Checking out different courses, creating landing pages, doing tests. Till finally, something clicked and man, it was like the shackles got taken off. Now I can do business anywhere in the world. And guys, it’ the most amazing thing.

So, anyways, Alberto, from Playa Carmen, the Hyatt. You gotta check out this place, pretty nice place. Just left the kids at Camp Hyatt. They’re over there by themselves. They were asking for it and asking for it, like, “Please can we go back to the camp?” They really have a good time there. And so, again, we don’t let the school get in the way of our kids’ education. They are missing a little bit of school, but they’re getting a whole lot more educated and learning a whole lot more. So, anyways guys, Alberto,  and we’ll see you on the next video.

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