Shave 20 hours Off Your Work Week And Feel Great!

Hey guys. Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants here. And today is day six, and the last day of my juice cleanse. Man, I gotta tell you, huge turnaround. I think if you watch the last couple videos, that things were already turning around. But, today I have plenty of energy, I’m focused, I can finally talk again. My voice came back and I’m pretty excited about it. You know, my senses are through the roof. I can smell everything. I can taste everything. And one of things I wanted to share with you is how to be very focused with our time. I’m going to share with you the number one biggest hack, I guess we can call it. The one thing that I did that has created the most free time for me. So, I can focus back onto my business.

Now, we’ve got to realize. We all have 24 hours in the day. Right? 24 hours in the day. Why is it that some people can produce 1,000 times more, than other people. Well, they’re able to delegate, right? We don’t focus our time on doing day to day things. And running errands and all that kind of stuff. You can see right now, our pool guy, just came in, right so if you’re cleaning your pool, if you’re maintaining your pool, if you’re doing that, you shouldn’t. You need to find a way to pay somebody else to do it so you can work on your business and make ten times more.

It’s funny Grant Cardone, I was watching one of his videos recently. I was already thinking about doing this, where he talks about, “I never wash my Rolls Royce.” He said why would I was my Rolls Royce? I pay somebody $20 to do it. And then I figure out how to make $200 while he’s washing my car. And that’s the same thing that you should do.

So, the number one thing that has made the biggest difference is finding somebody to cook for me. You know, number one, very healthy meals. I’m going to show you real quick, we have, I was able to find a vegan chef. And her manager just came in. She’s designing a perfect menu, nutritious, balanced. Just for myself. To help me with focus. To help me with performance. You know, in today’s world we’re always looking for a way to get the edge. And while most people are practicing scripts and stuff like that, sure great. Nutrition is one of the most important things.

So, I want to show you real quick, what’s going on here. Let me see. They don’t know that I’m doing this. So, there’s our dining area, we’ll walk backwards into our kitchen. And look at all the fresh vegetables. You’ve got expert vegan cook right here, making some nice balanced meals for us.

Yeah, we’ve got the menu being designed right here. And so, what’s nice about that is, in the old days when I used to see people have a chef do that, I thought, “What are they? Are they too good? Are they too good to cook their own meals?” And in reality, yes. You should not be cooking your own meals. Think about it, right?

Everyday beforehand, I think about, I get hungry, and I get hungry like five times a day, literally. So, I’m hungry, go to my fridge, what do I have to eat? Is there something good there? Open the fridge, nothing there. Go to the pantry, something to, “I don’t know, maybe I’ll have some of this,” and I have to think too, “Okay, I need some protein, I need some carbs, not too much carbs, I need a little bit of fat.” I want to make sure that I’m healthy so I get the fuel and man, it takes so much brain power.

Now, the latest brain science says that we have a certain amount of brain energy every day and most of us are wasting it on driving around, and washing cars, and pulling weeds, and washing our pool, and cooking, and doing all that kind of stuff. We should not be doing that. We should not be doing that. And Steve Jobs was an extremist, right? He took it to a total extreme Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, if you remember, he would wear the same outfit every time, dark shirt, which he had custom made. Dark, it was like a black turtle neck and Levi jeans. He wore the same thing. He went to his closet he had 30 of them and people would ask him, “Well, why do you wear the same thing every day?” He said, “There’s only a certain amount of mental energy that I have per day. I don’t want to waste any of it thinking, “What am I going to wear today? What about this shirt? Does this go with these pants? What about the shoes?” He said, “I don’t want to waste mental energy on that. I want to put 100% of it focused on my business. Focused on product development. Focused on adding value to the community.

So, that’s what we should be today. Again, thinking about, “What am I going to eat?” And then thinking about it and then cooking it or putting it together and it doesn’t taste that good and it’s kind of healthy, but maybe not that healthy and finally eat it and then cleaning up, right? Cleaning up plates and all that kind of stuff. I mean how much time does that take? A good hour, per meal? I eat four, five times a day, that’s four hours a day. Let’s say four hours a day, times five, right? Your regular work week. That’s 20 hours a week that I just freed up. 20 hours a week that I can focus on my business. 20 hours a week I can focus on being more productive, making our product better, adding more value to our community, adding more value to our clients, and man, that gives us an unfair advantage and at the same time one of the great things that I’ve noticed over the last couple days is, there’s no slump after lunch, right?

I remember the old days, I used to have a big Starbucks in the morning, and then early afternoon I’d have one of those 5-hour energy things, just to be able to kind of level me off after lunch so I wouldn’t fall asleep. Has that every happened to you?

So that’s another great thing about it, is there’s no spikes and valleys when you’re eating a balanced meal the way you’re supposed to. You’re focused. Your stamina goes through the roof. You can work longer, harder, more concentration than your competition. So, guys this is the number one thing that I recommend is get yourself a chef that can give you those 20 hours back. That’s 20 hours a week back I don’t have to drive anywhere, eating gas, and waiting for food, and paying for food, and waiting for a bill, and all that kind of stuff. Done. Come to my house, ready to go, I’m working, I say, “Oh, I’m hungry,” I go to the fridge, freshly prepared meal, right? Perfectly balanced for me so I can perform at the highest level possible, and boom, I’m done.

So, think about that guys. Think about how can you get rid of stuff throughout the day? How do you delegate it? One of the trainings that I’m doing right now for our guys is, our guys are at a point where they’re giving other appointment setting to an appointment setter. We should not be on the phones either so, they’re sitting 100% of their time in front of decision maker. Imagine what that would do for your business. If you only spent time in front of decision maker. That’s it. No paper work, no appointment setting, no follow up, no underwriting, no administrative stuff, none of that. And that’s what we’re getting at. We keep pushing the envelope every time. So, right now, finish my juice cleanse, six days. I could tell you, but my watch is nice and loose. It’s amazing. I lost eight pounds by the way. Feeling good. Feeling healthy. Can’t wait to get my vegan meals. I’ll keep you updated and guys just keep looking for ways to simplify your life.

Delegate. Have somebody else do the things that you don’t need to do so you can be more productive in your business and gives you an unfair advantage. Little windy here today, little sea breeze. Alberto, Riehl’s Rants. See you on the next video.

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