Don’t Let Your Kids School Get In The Way Of Their Education

Hey guys. Alberto here. I want to talk about our kids school. This video I’m gonna call “Don’t let your kids school get in the way of their education. Part Deux.”

I did something about that a few months back, but I want to show you are school. We couldn’t find a school that really was up to our standards, right. And instead of just leaving them there and dropping them off, like a lot of parents to, and I gotta admit, it’s kind of the lazy thing to do, right. You hope for the best. They’re there with 30 or 40 other kids, but a lot of parents are just happy that they can drop them off for eight hours and don’t have to deal with them, unfortunately.

For us, it’s too important. This is home here. This is our bong, is that what it’s called, which is cool. This is the way we get school started. So let’s ahead and go inside and I’ll show you a couple things that we’ve done differently.

Now, they don’t know that I’m shooting this so we’ll see what we’ll find here.

Now, we’re always supporting our kids talents, as well as our partners. You can see, we got Miss Sarah there doing her yoga first thing in the morning. And we have grandma visiting in town right now, so it’s cool. Right now we have grandma and Skyler in art class. This wall looked a little plain so now they’re doing a nice little … they’re doing whale sharks. We went swimming with whale sharks a couple weeks ago, which was really cool. Grandma’s visiting. It’s a nice little bonding time.

And that’s one of the things that we noticed, it was very obviously. Our kids are very different. And so it really was … I mean, it was painful to watch them get taught in the same exact way. This is Skylar right here. Skylar is seven years old. Hi Sky.

Skyler: Hi.

She’s super artsy fartsy. Loves art.

Skyler: I’m not a fartsy.

Yeah. She’s not fartsy. Just artsy. Right?

Loves to be social. Loves to be hanging out with friends. Very courageous. She’s fearless. I mean, she was the first one to jump in with the whale sharks when we did that. We had a group of adults and everybody was excited about it and when it came down to it, when we see these 30 foot whale sharks going under the boat and they’re bigger than we are, everybody chickened out, and Skylar was the first one to jump in.

I was with her so I was the first one as well.

And so now I want to show you the classroom that we created for these guys, which is pretty cool. I mean, we’re here at our home. Ocean front. We were swimming a little bit ago. Now, we’re doing art class. No shooting is gonna be happening here. We know exactly where are kids are. Nice and safe. Studying what we feel is important. Not some underpaid undervalued, unfortunately, teacher that’s about to pull her hair out and then do who knows what.

So we designed a classroom in here. Let’s see. We got Ryder in class right now. Let’s see what we can see in here. Do a little … we’re gonna sneak in for just a little bit, and before I introduce you to Miss Marta, here’s what we did.

We found the best teacher at the school. The very best teacher, and we borrowed her. And we’ll be borrowing her for probably about the next 13 years. We paid her more. We paid what she deserved. Now, she’s dealing with two kids instead of 30. She has no homework to take home. They go 9:00-12:00, and she’s done. She loves her job. Loves what she does. And that transfers to the kids.

Most teachers are underpaid. They’re undervalued. I used to date one. I used to help her carry her books up the stairs. I mean, all this homework she took home and at the end of the day, her monthly, this was in Texas and apparently I think teachers are paid pretty well in Texas. She’d get $1,700 after taxes, after social security. $1,700. That’s ridiculous. I don’t want somebody making $1,700 putting those poverty mentality thoughts into my kids, so heres what we did.

We borrowed the best teacher. Now, she comes over and she just deals with our kids and she teaches them very differently.

Now, I’m gonna interrupt. I usually don’t do this. Hey guys. Sorry to interrupt. Just wanted to say hi. They weren’t planning on this happening. We got Ms. Marta right here. We got Ryder. And this is the incredible school. There’s Skylar’s desk. She’s having art. And Ryder here is a very … he’s analytical. He’s great with numbers, great with puzzles, great imagination.

Thank you for letting me interrupt. So, here we go.

So Ryder is, as I said, analytical, great with building stuff, legos. He’ll, I don’t know, maybe be an engineer. Maybe he’ll create video games. But he learns very differently than Skylar does. And it just completely, I mean, it was torturous to see them being taught exactly the same. It doesn’t make sense, right.

I mean, you go to a buffet and people are choosing the food that they eat and I mean, it was something as basic and as simple as eating. You choose and make your own plate and choose what’s important to you and what you love, but for some reason education. If you think your kids education is important, they shouldn’t be taught all exactly the same. They all learn very, very differently.

And so we’ve created this school. The kids named it The Incredible School. We focus on their strengths, on what they want. People love to work on their strengths, and now we have kids that love going to school.

My five year old already didn’t like going to school. Before, they’re focusing on all this bullshit stuff, memorizing stuff, that you’re never gonna use. Now, we have the latest technology. Each child has their own curriculum. So we assed them and what they loved to do, what they’re talented in, we are focusing on that, and they love school.

So guys, hopefully you’re not being lazy when it comes to your kids education. Design it, get involved, be part of it, and man. It’s an unfair advantage.

Their friends, some of their friends are in a school with 30-40 kids in their class. We got two kids in our class. That’s it. Undivided attention all day long. It’s an unfair advantage.

So guys, don’t let your kids school get in the way of their education. And this is Alberto Riehl. We’ll see you on the next video.

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