Rainmaker Life or Average? Your choice.

What’s up guys, it’s Alberto and … what’s your name? Ryder? Mr. Ryder Riehl. And where are we at? What are we going to be watching today? Huh? A little tennis? Are we watching, is it, are they playing for a trophy or something? Yeah? They’re playing for a trophy today, right?

So we’re at the finals, Miami Open, and this is the first time that we’re experiencing a nice little luxury suite here. So we got our seats ready to go and we’re gonna go. We’re a little bit early, wanted to find it, we’re kinda excited. Are we excited? Yeah.

And so we’re gonna be walking around. Let’s go check it out buddy. Let’s go see what it looks like here. Alright. So here’s the inside of the suite. Not too shabby, full bar, we have a server that’s taking care of us. We got the seats outside, never been up here huh? The last couple days we’ve actually been on the first row which has been really, really cool. We found a service that does that for us. We got VIP entrance so we don’t have to be dropped off where everybody else is dropped off. There’s a mess of people over there. We’re able to get dropped off right in front of the stadium. I gotta tell you man, this is how you have to do life from the first row or from a luxury suite.

And if you’re in the insurance business, you have the possibility to do that. That’s okay. So let me go ahead and exit. We’re gonna go walk around. Let’s go buddy.

Servicer: I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to jump in front of you.

Oh no, no, you’re okay. Okay. Shall we walk around this way. Let’s see what’s this way. We’re at the suite level. What’s great about insurance is that it’s either the hardest, highest paying job or the easiest, lowest paying job. Right buddy? Where’s buddy? We got some empty suites over here. I know they’re all filled up, everybody’s getting ready, they’re getting stocked. Man, it’s so great we didn’t have to wait for anything. Where’s buddy, here’s buddy, what do you see, you see anything you like? Ew, here’s the Bacardi one. Bacardi has their own little suite right here. There’s a lot of Bacardi in there, a lot of Bacardi in there. Give me a little bit. J.P. Morgan, J.P. Morgan has a nice little suite.

Giving you a little behind the scenes look. We’ll see how long we can do this before we get kicked out of here. Alright. ING, I’m not sure what that is, ah a lot of computers here I wonder what goes on here. Look, there’s a VIP entrance down there. You can see how empty it is. There’s plenty of room at the top guys. The other entrance, the main entrance, is a fucking mess. I mean there’s people lined up, cars, traffic jams. There’s police officers directing traffic everywhere. It’s an absolute mess to get in. And look at the VIP entrance, nobody.

And so you have a choice, right? Keep hanging out and producing with the masses, being average, we talked about that in the last video. The average agent out there that’s barely squeaking by, they’re winging it on their own, doing the best they can. Or you can join a group of people, a group of agents that work together and support each other and have a predictable system. We’re working a lot smarter. We’re working a lot less. We’re producing a whole lot more. And then we get to hang out in places like this and take our kids. Where’s Ryder? Ryder let’s go buddy, give me a tour. And it’s awesome that we don’t have … yeah, let’s see what else they got over here. Ah, the media center, that makes sense, right?

Servicer: This is the Media Centre, need help?

No, no, we’re good thank you. So we got the media center there. So we did get to go where the media goes. I think this is the patron lounge for the sponsors. Actually no, it’s the media, they have their own little dining area.

Good morning. Everybody’s really nice too. Everybody’s really nice. Is this the end? Is this the end or what?

Servicer: You have to go back down now sir.

Yeah is that, there’s no more suites that way?

Servicer: No sir.

Okay. Cool.

Servicer: Thank you sir.

Uh oh. Got security. Alright so let’s go walk around the … Ryder, take me to the exit buddy.

Servicer: What suite are you?

207 I think it is.

Servicer: Okay, you cannot walk on this side so thank you.

Alright, thank you. Alright got kicked out already. They’re waving. Suite 207. We got the media there, the VIP entrance once again, nice, Porsches and Bentleys, there’s a Jaguar convertible Jaguar there. Let’s see where else. So we’re behind the scenes guys, Miami Open. Restricted access, this is the suite level, J.P. Morgan suite, we’re passing by some of the ones that we did a second ago.

Hey how you doing? Everybody’s real nice. See, ready to serve you. Same thing with the airlines. When you go in the back … Oh here’s the American Express, American Express has a suite here, right 204. The airlines, when you sit in the back they treat you like shit don’t they. It’s like you’re bothering them every time you needed anything and you’re all crumpled up, squeezed together like sardines. In the front, they’re a whole lot nicer to you, a whole lot nicer. There’s 207, there’s our suite, just passed it. Now we’re gonna be exiting. EFG, don’t know what that is. Oh, Emirates, right, there’s the Emirates suite, Emirates Airline. I haven’t flown them yet, definitely want to. Safra National Bank, MasterCard, MasterCard has a nice little suite here, LATAM Airlines, I think they’re a Peruvian airline, when we went to Peru a couple years ago.

And here’s the entrance to the suites. So now we’re gonna be exiting. We’re following Ryder around. Here’s the BMW suite. They got a nice little restaurant here, cool. Shall we go ahead and go buddy? Hi, how you doing?

Servicer: Good, how are you?

Good, thank you. Itau, that’s the main sponsor that’s sponsoring the event, so this is the Itau suite, probably the biggest one, it makes sense, biggest sponsor. Alright bud, let’s exit shall we? And there’s a few more over that way. Come on buddy, let’s go this way, let’s exit. Let’s go find you something. Alright guys, so just wanted to give you a little inside look. We’ll shoot another video here in a little bit when the match starts. There’s Mr. Ryder Riehl. Ready to go, we’ll see you on the next video.

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