Little Man, Big Perception

Ryder Riehl: What?

Alberto Riehl: What did you just say about our room? What did you say about it?

Ryder Riehl: I don’t know.

Alberto Riehl: When we walked in.

Hotel Staff: Excuse me.

Alberto Riehl: Hello.

Ryder Riehl: That’s ours.

Hotel Staff: Yeah, that’s yours. Okay.

Alberto Riehl: Thank you so much.

Hotel Staff: My pleasure.

Alberto Riehl: Thank you.

Hotel Staff: My pleasure.

Alberto Riehl: All right. Alberto Riehl, and just got to Miami. We’re here for the Miami Open. I love my son, Ryder’s, perception of things. We walk in. What did you say about the room, buddy? Did you say it was big or did you say it was small?

Ryder Riehl: Small.

Alberto Riehl: Small. Now, we’re upgraded. This is our hotel room, so we walk in, and we’re at the Conrad Miami. I’ve never stayed a Conrad before, so I thought we would try it out. We’ve got a nice little full kitchen here, refrigerator, right? We’ve got a nice living area.

Ryder Riehl: That’s a small room.

Alberto Riehl: Yeah, it’s tiny. It is. I love your perception. We’ve got a nice work area here, desk. Can’t see the ocean. It’s also the, they consider it the best view.

Ryder Riehl: I can see the ocean.

Alberto Riehl: We have-

Ryder Riehl: Daddy, I can see the ocean with the boats.

Alberto Riehl: You can see the ocean with the boats.

Ryder Riehl: Yep.

Alberto Riehl: Can kind of see, okay. There we go. There we go. You can see the bay view there. Then, we’ve got the bedroom here. It’s nothing huge, nice little walk-in closet, but definitely not your typical little hotel room. Here’s a nice tub.

Ryder Riehl: Nice tub.

Alberto Riehl: Nice big bathroom. We’ve got a shower. So it’s a decent little place. But I wasn’t planning on filming this, but it’s so great, I mean, here again is the kitchen again. It goes back around to the living area. But when he walked in, when Ryder walked in, the very first thing he said was, what a small room. And I thought, wow, that is so awesome.

Alberto Riehl: That is so awesome because for most people, they would walk into this room and be totally amazed, right? Totally amazed, and wow, what an amazing suite, and so forth. My son’s perception is, what’s a small room. So what is your perception of a room that looks like this? If it’s something that, what a wow, what a huge room, maybe it’s time to start rethinking the people that you’re hanging out with, the type of actions that you’re taking in your business, and start thinking a little bit bigger, like this little man right here, right? Got a big thinker right here. Look at this tiny little hotel room. What are we going to do tomorrow? Are we going to watch some tennis? Here from the Miami Open, guys, Alberto and Ryder Riehl. Oh, that sounds cool, Ryder Riehl’s rants. See you next time

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