Razors Edge =$200K+

Alberto Riehl: Where we leaving from? What did we just watch? Tennis? Was is the final for the trophy? Yeah? And who won?

Ryder: Isner.

Alberto Riehl: Isner. Who did you want to win?

Ryder: Sascha.

Alberto Riehl: Sascha. It was close though, huh? It was a good match. Three sets, tie breaker. Right?

Ryder: Yeah.

Alberto Riehl: Going back to the hotel after a great weekend of tennis. Right? And guys, it’s amazing how close the match was. John Isner and Sascha went to three sets, right?

Ryder: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Alberto Riehl: Three sets. There was a total of 204 points played. 204 points. What, about two and half hours they played, nonstop. The difference was six points. That’s it. Isner won six points more than Sascha did, so it reminded me of the Razor’s edge which my mentor, Bob Proctor, talks about all the time. He has a whole chapter on it in his book, You Were Born Rich. The razor’s edge, just that little bit more. That little extra can make such a huge difference. Six points was the difference between the entire match, but the payday was huge, right? Isner won 1.4 million dollars for winning the tournament. Sascha Zverev won about $600,000. So less than half. Just six points. I mean, what does that make each point worth? Quite a bit, right?

Alberto Riehl: It’s amazing how that razor’s edge can make all the difference in the world in our business as well. In our group, with the average sale, just one little extra sale a week. One little extra sale a week is just under $200,000 a year extra. Just that little razor’s edge. Just a little bit more effort. Get that one … just one sale in an entire week out of all the appointments. Just one little extra sale earns our guys almost 200 grand. We’ve all been there before. We know it’s so close, right? We know that our prospects should be investing with us. They should be doing an application, but for some reason they’re not. But we can tell, it’s so close. It’s right there.

Alberto Riehl: Remember that next time you’re in that situation and just maybe give them one extra option. Maybe drop the price a little bit. Maybe get them started with a little less coverage. Give them that as an option. That can make a big difference at the end of the year. $200,000, razor’s edge. So last match of the tournament. We’re all done, buddy. What are we gonna do now [Ryder 00:02:35]? What did you want to do? Uh-oh. Sugar. Sugar’s wearing out. You getting tired? No? He never gets tired. So guys, next time you’re that close to a sale just give it a little bit extra effort. It can make a couple hundred thousand a year difference. We’ll see you next time.

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