I want to give a shout out to Alberto and the Predictable Premium group. Man, this has been mind blowing and changing, it’s been crazy. Very enjoyable ride so far. The community itself, of all the other people that are involved in this, are hands down some of the most elite guys out there. They’ve made the investment to change their business, they’ve made the investment to advance their business to the next level. Nobody that you’re gonna see in this group is just barely trying to make it, or just barely getting by. This is advanced, educated group, very successful, that are looking to make the next step. Alberto is one of the best teachers I’ve had, business coaches, and I’ve had a handful over the last decade. His knowledge of client facing materials, his knowledge of closing business, his knowledge of the technical savviness of using Clickfunnels and things like that to really take off your business is second to none. So I’m not sure who’s listening to this, but if you had the opportunity to phone call, I hope you pulled the trigger. If you did, I’ll see you on the inside. DreamSource Consulting LLC