Hey, my name is Jeana. I’m out here in Arizona. I started the Predictable Premium program about two and a half months ago. I’m absolutely loving it. It’s made me a lot more accountable and made me keep my commitments, and because of my keeping my commitments, I wrote an additional $750,000 worth of annuity rollovers, which equaled up to be roughly about $70,000 in commission for myself. I also started the LinkedIn automation, which I did get my first sale of $1,000 premium per month, which is $12,000 per year. It just got approved yesterday and I should be getting my commission check tomorrow on that, which is also close to about $7,000.

I’m absolutely loving this program. I’m looking forward to having my income rapidly go higher. I am pretty much reaching all my goals, so I’m extremely excited and I’m extremely thankful to Alberto and his team of Mario who introduced me to this program, and I had a lot of help from Ian as well. I’m absolutely loving this program and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to increase their income more than double. Thank you.


Donna M


Hi, Alberto. It’s Donna McCormack. I’ve been off track with the training so far, but I jumped on this morning and I saw you needed a video to add the LinkedIn automatic and the new training that you’re supplying. So I’m excited to start in with it. Thanks. Hope you’re having a great day.



Hi Alberto. It’s Donna from Southern California, the home of the massive wildfires. I’ve been with you for two months now. I have to admit, I procrastinated an awful lot in the first month and a half. I finally got onto LinkedIn, and I got onto Facebook automation. I sold my first case today. It was a small one. It was just a final expense, so a little over $700 a year. But I’m on my way. Thank you. I appreciate you accepting me into your program. I look forward to someone pushing me hard. Okay. Hopefully, I will continue doing what I need to do to be a successful millionaire. Thanks, and have a great day.



Hi, I’m Shoba, an agent from California, part of the Predictable Premium Program for a few months now. Having a lot of success. Getting a lot of leads. Have started getting sales. I’m really impressed by the camaraderie in this group. Anytime I have questions, I can ask the Facebook page, someone answers, and Alberto is always there to give great feedback for my work. I’ve been using the LinkedIn program to get leads, but I’m also still setting up my Facebook program.

So I’m an agent in California. I’ve been visiting the beautiful mountains of Wyoming right now. I’m on vacation, but I’m able to work from anywhere and get leads from anywhere using this program. So it’s really been working out great, and I’m looking to stay in this program, and getting continued and increased results. Thank you.



Hi, it’s Paige, I’m an insurance agent located in the DFW area of Texas. I joined this program specifically to get a guaranteed predictable way to get more clients.

Some of the things that I’ve just love about it and I’ve had a great experience with is, first, the onboarding process was really seamless with Mario. He got us in, he articulated the expectations of the program very clearly, and got us going very quickly. Then one of the other things that I really like is the fact that they give you ways to generate clients and generate income almost immediately. So there’s a way that you can generate income without any money coming out of your pocket and lastly, but certainly not least is that they’re providing you a predictable way to do business consistently, and it’s all based on data.

So if there’s an issue, you can go back to your data and your numbers and look at it and make the changes that you need to make. So I’m excited about this, I look forward to my success in the program and thank you guys for everything that you’ve done.

Kevin B


Hey, Alberto, this is Kevin from Denver, Colorado. It’s a little sunny now, but it’s been snowing the last couple of days. Hey, I’m new to predictable premium. This is only my second week. Emmy was the person who got me going and appreciated everything she did. I bought the book Deep Work based on your recommendation last week and this has been my second question and answer calls. So I’m loving what I’m learning and excited about what’s coming up and the potential to be really successful. So thank you for everything.



Hey, Alberto, this is Haley. I officially started yesterday and I already have two appointments booked next week.

David K


Hey everyone. Dave Kilpatrick here from British Columbia, Canada. Just enjoying the outside here, working from home like a lot of us are. Just wanted to give a bit of a shout-out to Predictable Premium. It’s a course that I joined about a year ago with Alberto Rielle. Just wanted to give it some props, it’s been a great addition to my business. They basically generate leads for you and show you how to do that using Facebook and LinkedIn. They got a great tech guy there whose name is Israel whose able to get me up and running within a 24 hour period. So now I have a process where I can turn my leads on and off, and it creates a funnel for me of leads that I can contact for whether it be critical illness or, or life insurance. And yeah, it’s been a great addition to my business so far and I encourage you all to take a look at it.



Hi, I’m Kirk, I’m new to Predictable Premium, I’m looking forward to getting going. I haven’t been doing life insurance very long, so I don’t really have any kind of success or failure to report yet. I am very impressed with the level of support that you get in this program so far. I sent an email in expressing some confusion and concern and was immediately responded to. Alberto and the company seem really, really stand-up and awesome, high character. And so, I’m looking forward to being a part of this team and being able to report back great success with this company. Looking forward to learning, getting through the programs, and getting going. So I want to say thank you for this new support upgrade that you’re offering to us all, that’s awesome. Again, just shows your character. Thank you.



What’s going on everybody? Cody From Tampa, Florida. I’m an agent here, been a couple of months now, I actually got promoted and now I’m an agency owner. Aside from that, started with Dreamforce about three months ago and just can’t say enough great things about the program. Got community, got personal development, got unlimited resources, unlimited help, unlimited support. Flashback to three months ago, really didn’t have too many people to speak to, didn’t like the old way of business, didn’t like the old way that I was doing things. Found Alberto and his team, and really been crunching down on things ever since then. Today, I have more than enough people to reach out to. I actually got my calendar filled up every single week and I can’t thank the crew enough for the things they’re doing.