Hey, my name is Jeana. I’m out here in Arizona. I started the Predictable Premium program about two and a half months ago. I’m absolutely loving it. It’s made me a lot more accountable and made me keep my commitments, and because of my keeping my commitments, I wrote an additional $750,000 worth of annuity rollovers, which equaled up to be roughly about $70,000 in commission for myself. I also started the LinkedIn automation, which I did get my first sale of $1,000 premium per month, which is $12,000 per year. It just got approved yesterday and I should be getting my commission check tomorrow on that, which is also close to about $7,000.

I’m absolutely loving this program. I’m looking forward to having my income rapidly go higher. I am pretty much reaching all my goals, so I’m extremely excited and I’m extremely thankful to Alberto and his team of Mario who introduced me to this program, and I had a lot of help from Ian as well. I’m absolutely loving this program and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to increase their income more than double. Thank you.