Alberto: I’m still trying to work this out. Guys this is Alberto Reihl, I’m here with Jeff, one of our clients with Predictable Premium, and Jeff thank you for taking the time to spend a few minutes with me. I just want to ask you first of all, what’s been your favorite thing so far about Predictable Premium?
Jeff: It’s a way to get in front of people, where every week I’m gonna be able to get in front of people. Where as before in the business, you would have a good week and a bad week, with this program, every week I know I’m gonna be able to get in front of people.
Alberto: Awesome, a little bit more consistent, more predictable. Nice.
Jeff: Absolutely, yep.
Alberto: What’s been your biggest takeaway so far from the program?
Jeff: People are willing to spend a little bit more than what I had been proposing, before doing this program and seeing the value of it. They actually enjoy the education that they get out of it.
Alberto: Awesome, yeah that’s one thing that people are pretty surprised, because most agents when they come to us, they’re always focused on price, and trying to save people money, and they don’t realize that you can actually serve your customer a whole lot better by giving them more protection, which ultimately, of course, is a higher premium, which ultimately is a higher commission, and at the same time they stay on the books a lot longer than the little price competitive, price wars as I call them, because as soon as somebody has a rate drop and your client can save five bucks a month, a lot of times people do that. Most agents unfortunately train their top clients to be loyal to a good deal, instead of being loyal to them, and so as soon as someone offers them a better deal, they’re gone. So, we well more based on value instead of price.
Now we were talking right before, you showed you had a little bit of a success story. Did you want to share what you were talking about, your first few appointments out?
Jeff: Yeah, right off the bat, I was closing a lot of deals. I had actually made back my investment within the first week, and so obviously I didn’t have the presentation to look at yet, but just taking some of the concepts in the first couple weeks, the Rich Dad Poor Dad, and some of the other concepts that are taught, I was able to get a couple of large annuities right off the bat, and that, like I said, paid for the investment, and I was very excited about that.
Alberto: Awesome, I didn’t know that. That’s good. That’s very cool, so thanks.
Well again bud, thanks for taking a few minutes to share your experience with us so far, and we’ll see you on our live calls.