Alberto: So I’m here guys at Predictable Premium Live in Las Vegas. This is my buddy, Anthony, he’s a client of ours. And Anthony what’s been your favorite thing, your biggest takeaway so far?
Anthony: Man, I think it’s just being with a great community of people, and everyone sharing the same insight, and the same positive sense of mind. We were talking a lot about how the body works, how we get moving, how we motivate ourselves. And we’re doing a lot of those exercises today, and everyone’s helping each other out. Collaboration is the main thing that I like here. People with like minds collaborate, and collaboration’s the most powerful thing among successful people.
Alberto: Absolutely.
Anthony: Yeah.
Alberto: Awesome, man. Thanks, Anthony. He didn’t know I was gonna do that. But anyways if you’re not here, maybe you should be at the next time. This is Alberto, we’ll see you on our next video.