Mario: Mario Gamboa here and I’m with Ron at our first Predictable Premium Live event. Ron what was your favorite part of the weekend? What’s the biggest thing you’re taking away?
Ron: It’s getting into anything you want, to never be the best, biggest, brightest, richest person in the room because when you’re that, you stop growing. So I’m glad to be in an environment to where everybody is pushing each other and providing value and I want to strive to be like them or even be better so that I can contribute and give value back to everybody but that’s the biggest takeaway is. I’m in a room full of not just really good people and really smart people, real hungry people, people pushing each other but sup supportive and that gives me more hope and more love and more energy to do this even harder because … beside your wise you still need some fuel. So that’s what I love about it.
Mario: Absolutely Ron it’s been a pleasure having you this weekend and we look forward to continue working with you.
Ron: Appreciate it.
Mario Gamboa: Alright.