Hi, it’s Paige, I’m an insurance agent located in the DFW area of Texas. I joined this program specifically to get a guaranteed predictable way to get more clients.

Some of the things that I’ve just love about it and I’ve had a great experience with is, first, the onboarding process was really seamless with Mario. He got us in, he articulated the expectations of the program very clearly, and got us going very quickly. Then one of the other things that I really like is the fact that they give you ways to generate clients and generate income almost immediately. So there’s a way that you can generate income without any money coming out of your pocket and lastly, but certainly not least is that they’re providing you a predictable way to do business consistently, and it’s all based on data.

So if there’s an issue, you can go back to your data and your numbers and look at it and make the changes that you need to make. So I’m excited about this, I look forward to my success in the program and thank you guys for everything that you’ve done.