Hello Alberto, how you doing? It’s me Shari Borlie. I joined your program Predictable Premium back in June 2020, and I want to thank you very much from the beginning because you hopped right on a phone call and you were the one who signed me up and we worked through a lot of the questions that I had and making the decision to join. I’m very happy that I joined. And not long after that, you automatically were the dearest heart. And you really helped me out a lot by working out of the program the way you did on the payment side of things, which we call the honor system. I will never forget that. And I think it’s very honorable of you to help people out. And I will definitely, and have already, referred you too. So going forward, that’s a given with me. I am very loyal and I respect people who respect others and try to help people.

Your program is wonderful. Everyone’s been super helpful to me and I’ve joined your 10X. I went through that and I’ve been joined Predictable Premium, and I am working on my avatar and trying to get that done because I am stuck on level two. Looking forward to having the accountability coach and other people that maybe can work together and help push through to get this done. Thank you again, looking forward to growing together with you and making a lot of money, and maybe I’ll see you in the Caribbeans one day, as that’s my favorite place to be. But God bless you and thanks and talk to you soon. Bye.