Hey, Alberto, Willow here from Toronto. I’ve been with DreamSource Consulting or Predictable Premium for just about one year. And it took me a while to get my funnel complete and I’ve been working night and day the last few months. And I’ve got it ready, a few tech tweaks before I can launch, but that’s a huge win just following the system. And I love the community, I’ve made some really great friends through the community. And I love the leverage inside of the program, knowing what programs fit together to make it work like Constant Contact, Quiya, Unbounce, ScheduleOnce. I love ScheduleOnce. And just knowing how all those pieces fit together really makes a huge difference. It leverages, it’s just so much easier, so much less work when you put the right pieces together.

And I’ll tell you what I love the most about Predictable Premium and that’s the strategy session. The strategy session, it just makes such a huge difference. I’ve implemented it in my business already. And my clients are so grateful because they get to a place where they know exactly what they need to do. They know exactly what they want, what’s missing, what they need to do. They’ve got absolute clarity and a hundred percent confidence to just take that next step as uncomfortable as it may be, and they’re just so grateful to be in a place where they’re finally ready to jump in and dive in and take the right actions. It’s going to make a difference. Yeah. Thanks.