Predictable Premium Live 2.0

So we had our first ever Predictable Premium Live, what three, four months ago in May, end of May. We had it at the MGM Grant Sky Loft. You want to check them out, just go to MGM Grant’s house in Las Vegas. This is a view of the dining room and the sky lofts are at the very top, a lot of people don’t even know they exist. This place, this suite was two stories, it was over 3000 square feet. See if we can get some good pictures here. It had an infinity tub, which I’d never seen before. That’s a steam room which made me wanna get one. This is one of three living rooms. Do you guys remember? Three living rooms, it was over 3000 square feet. Pretty nice place, man. Pool table, yeah we had a pool table, we all played pool together. There’s another one of the living rooms, and I’m sharing this with you guys because we’re doing something, we’re planning something behind the scenes now. That is gonna blow this away.

Our second annual Predictable Premium Live, one of the coolest things about this, is this suite came with a white glove butler. We had a butler serving all our members and you couldn’t buy a ticket; you had to be a member in good standing, it sold out. I shouldn’t say sold out because it was free, as a member, it was free to go. We took care of everything, right. The suites, the meals, we got a private suite at Top Golf, the chairman’s suite which is where all the movie stars go to get privacy, we had that to ourselves as well. Had butlers as I shared, serving us, which was pretty cool. And we ran out of spots in what? 36 hours. We ran out of all the spots and people were begging open more, so we did. And then we got rid of those spots in 24 hours. People begged, open some more. We did. And so I’m sharing this with you cos I’m putting something behind the scenes now. We’re gonna take it to another level. This is gonna be where our next Predictable Premium Live is gonna be.

Now it only holds 40 spots and there’s like, what do they call them? Marine laws, maritime laws? So 40 spots, that’s all we can do. Let me see. It’s gonna be absolutely awesome, all the food will be included, all the drink, all the premium drinks will be included. And you cannot buy a ticket for it, only our members. There’s the yacht, I’ll be hanging out right here, turquoise water in the Caribbean. And as a member, this is what you’ll look like afterwards. You’ll be I think very happy. So I’m sharing this with you guys to get ready. Get your passports ready. Get your floaties ready, get your flip flops ready guys. 40 spots. Watch out for some new announcements. Again, you can’t buy the tickets, I give it as a gift to my deserving Predictable Premium members. Man, we’re planning it, it’s gonna be absolutely awesome. And I can’t wait to see all you guys here.

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