The Mansion, Vegas’s Best kept secret!

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl in Las Vegas headed to Mansion dining room, one of the very well kept secrets here. I have Misty escorting me, my own personal butler here. This is one of the big secrets in Las Vegas. I wanted to share a little bit. They’re going to make me take off the video camera right now as we’re heading in there, but I’ll see if we can sneak in a little video when we get in there without so many people around me. It’s funny, I just got escorted by a butler here at the Mansion, one of the biggest secrets in Vegas. Most people don’t even know it exists. Outside in the casino, everybody’s jumping all over each other and stepping on each other’s toes. Here, look at how quiet and how amazing it is.

Most people don’t even know this exists. I’m the only one here. This is how things should be, right? Look at this dishware. I’ve going to shut this off before the butler comes back and he throws me out. I’ll see if I can get a couple more snippets before I go, Alberto.

All right, this place is amazing. I mean, I just got brought my cappuccino. Look at the foam on this thing. I went to put the sugar on and it just stayed on top. Does that ever happen to you guys? I mean, look at this cappuccino. It’s amazing, got the sugar right behind. This is the way we should be living every single day. Look at that. That’s funny. I had no idea that was going to happen. My sugar’s on and they’re just staying on top. So anyway, before the butler comes we’ll have to shut it off real quick. I’m not the kind of guy that usually takes pictures of food and stuff like that. I guess I’ve never been impressed until now. I guess most people are impressed pretty easily, right? Because they’re taking pictures of their food every day. Look, this fruit. I just got the fruit. I’m having breakfast here. See if we can see it. Can you see it?

There we go. Look at this thing, absolutely beautiful. There’s an orchid on top and the croissants are just like air. They’re like heavenly air. It’s amazing. I’ve never had anything like it. I’m going to have to order another cappuccino. We’ve got the jams and the butter, which is at a perfect temperature. You know how you get the butter usually at the restaurant it’s too hard and then you tear your bread apart? Man, it’s like perfect. Anyway, got to sneak back.

Hey guys, so my main course just got here. Let’s do this really quick. French toast, it looks pretty beautiful. Look at what the syrup container looks like. Pretty fancy, it makes me feel almost a little uncomfortable. Anyway, I’ve got to shut it off before they come back. I was warned already.

Real quick, I already got in trouble, but the private dining room here. I want to show you the wine, and pretend I’m not filming. There’s somebody there. I need to shut this off. Guys. I’m done with my meal. I’m walking out. Let’s see if I could get some of this stuff. It’s just an amazing place, an amazing place. Look at this stuff. Just reminds us how prosperous the world really is, right? Abundance, I’ll tell you one thing that I found a little strange is that a couple of other clients that I saw back here are Japanese. Where are all the high rolling Americans? Then we’re at this very last spot and then here’s the gate. The gate that takes us to where the rest of the world is.

I’m going to leave this little secret place. Look at that, amazing. I’ve got to tell you, this trip has been a bunch of firsts in my life. That’s something that we should be doing all the time, right? Doing things for the very first time. It was the first thing I ever traveled in the back of a Bentley. It was the first time I had ever had a butler escort me around a resort, taking me to the restaurants. The first time I came down here, we were about to catch our flights, the end of our Predictable Premium Live weekend, they really helped you use your time, which is our most valuable asset, and make it as valuable as it should be. The butler packed up all my stuff. That probably saved me 20 minutes, something like that. The first time that a butler packs up all my stuff. Also, the first time that I had a full steam room in the suite.

The first time I stayed in a suite that was over 3000 square feet, at the top and the resort. 3000 square feet private elevator. First time that I had to take a private elevator. I get my own steam room there. Did that a couple times. The first time that happens. Infinity tub, I didn’t even know Infinity tubs existed. That was pretty cool. So many different firsts, at the same time, we had our very best revenue day as well. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Something that we should be trying every day, right? Doing things we’ve never done before makes us uncomfortable, definitely. That’s the only way to grow. That’s how we find out if we like things are not. Hopefully you’re doing a bunch of things for the very first time. This is Alberto guys from Las Vegas. I can’t wait to get back home, but man, it’s been a life changing perception, altering trip.

That’s one thing I promised all the attendees is after you come here, your life will never be the same because you will have a shift in perception. You’ll see everything differently. Possibilities, things that are available to you. You’ll realize that you’ve been playing way too small. We’ve been getting a bunch of posts in our secret group already, saying this was a mind blowing event, life changing event. People thanking us. Here we are with elevators. You have a bunch of people waiting for the regular elevators and again, we’re going to go up to our private suite one last time behind the closed doors and we have our own elevator. I’ll see you upstairs.

I hit the button as I was getting in the elevator so it stopped recording, but it’s one of the things that man, I just love having my own privacy. We have this private elevator, don’t have to share with anybody, going all the way to the top, Skylofts one last time. Yeah, we should definitely be trying some firsts all the time, right? It makes it pretty exciting. Makes life worth living. So guys, Alberto Riehl from the top of Skylofts, and we’ll see you on the next video.

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