My Overcommitment to Grant Cardone

Hey guys. Alberto Riehl here, and I just had the most mind-blowing mind-blasting few days in my entire life and I wanted to share with you. First thing I want to do is thank Grant Cardone for taking the time to do a one-on-one with me. I know how valuable your time is. And man, I got to tell you, I still find it hard to sleep at night. I’m still getting ideas flying in from who knows where.

And even though guys, it’s three times more than I’ve ever paid for a session of coaching, I got 10 times more value than ever before. And so I wanted to talk about a couple of things that he shared with me that I think are going to really help you in your business. He always talks about the speed at which you take an idea and put it into action will determine the success of your business. Right?

He also talks about you have to overcommit. It’s very scary. Overcommit but figuring out the details later. And so he gave me several suggestions, several action items while we got together, and I’m going to share two of them, which I’m telling you I’m outside my comfort zone. I’m scared shitless right now, but we’ve put them into action, we’ve overcommitted.

First one, I’m going to go over the easy one. I told him I wanted to take my business to $100 million. We’re gonna 20X it to $100 million dollar company. And very clearly he goes, “Alberto, why the hell are you working out of your house? There’s never been a $100 million business out of your house.” Absolutely right. I had a feeling he was going to tell me that while I was in Mexico City, which is where he spoke in front of a couple thousand people.

I took a trip down Reforma. Reforma is like Madison Avenue. You got the biggest high rises, best companies there. You got this building. I just mispronounced but it just won a bunch of awards. They say it’s the best, the newest high rise. It’s like a triple 5A, whatever. You go in, it’s absolutely gorgeous. You got marble everywhere. It’s gorgeous, but I went in, I just couldn’t get excited about it. I was like, no, I don’t want to put another office here.

One of my big goals when I was a financial advisor in Texas, getting all dressed up, tie, suit, 100 degree weather, 80 percent humidity, I’m sweating my balls off. I said, “Someday I’m going to conduct business without are all these rules, without all of these restraints, these regulations, these licenses, and most importantly, I’m going to be able to do business without socks on.” And I told him that. He looked down. He was like, “Well, you’re wearing socks right now,” which I was. I said, “I got dressed up for you.”

But my point is guys, that he said something to me that opened up my mind. It really shifted my whole paradigm, something I had never thought of myself, I could have never thought of. He goes, “Well, you want to be on the beach,” where I am now. This is my dream, this was my dream for a long time. He goes, “Why don’t you open up an office at the beach? Why don’t you open up your office at the beach?” And I was like, holy crap. Amazing. So simple, but it never occurred to me.

And so taking that idea, which by the way, it doesn’t have to be yours. It wasn’t my idea. I borrowed it from Grant Cardone, thank you again. And in about two hours, in less than two hours now, we’re going to go take a look at an ocean front building, a beach front building. It was a restaurant, pretty crappy restaurant, but great location, right on the beach, right on the sand. And I got to tell you, I’m super excited about it.

There is a plaza, like a square right across the street. Literally thousands and thousands and thousands of people walk by from all over the country, from all over the world every single day. It’s two blocks away from a ferry dock. On that ferry, thousands and thousands of people going in and out every single hour, every hour. So I’m already visualizing big sign, Become a highly paid financial advisor in six weeks, which by the way, is another thing I committed to.

Right now,, we only help established financial advisors and insurance agents, guy that are making 15, 25 grand a month, and we help them get to 100 grand a month, 10X their business. But every day, we have people, young guys that are like, man, teach me how to do it, teach me how to do it. Get me into the business. And so finally, we’ve committed. We’re going to release the program January 15th. I don’t even know what day January 15th is. Just sounds like a good date, right after the holidays, right at the beginning of the year. If you want to be on our list, you can put your email on there, but please don’t set an appointment unless you’re already an established agent. But you will be getting emails letting you know when we’re going to open that up, which is going to be January 15th. We’ll keep you posted. Now, if you want to check out our office space, we’ll be there in less than two hours. @alberto.riehl Instagram. I’m going to film it in the stories so you can check out the office space I’m talking about.

So that’s the easy one, guys. We’re going to go check out office space. That’s the very easy one. Now, the second one is the hard one. And I’m going to keep the details to myself on this one, but Grant said, “You need to get ahold of this group and do this program that they offer.” That’s all he said. I said, “Okay.” That’s all I knew, guys. Right? Figure out the details later. Commit, overcommit, figure out the details later. I said, “Okay.”

So yesterday is my first day back from the conference. Literally, yesterday was the first day since I started the program where I did not beat the sun up. I got home about 1:30 in the morning, flight was delayed, really got to start flying privately. Even for the first class people, we got here just as late as the coach people, just a little bit more comfortable, but still, it was just a waste of time.

So anyways though, got back yesterday, slept in a little bit, hung out with the family, and I get ahold of this group that he told me to get ahold of. I said, “Okay, this is what I want to sign up for.” They give me the cost. It’s a few thousand dollars, but the money really isn’t a big deal. The time is what’s a big deal. The time. They said it’s a 25-day commitment. 25 days, guys. A 25-day commitment.

I said, “Okay, how many hours a day?” Five hours a day. Five hours a day, 25 day commitment. Now here’s the kicker. It’s not offered in my city. We have to go back to Mexico City to make it happen for 25 days. Again, I’m getting nervous just talking about it. Makes my voice go away. I committed. Overcommitted, figure out the days later. I’m doing it. I start talking to my wife about it yesterday, and this is where it’s super important that you have a partner that is very supportive. She said, “Not only do I support you, I want to do it with you.” So we’re going to do it together five hours a day. Mexico City, guys. We have to go back there.

We get on the computer last night, we start looking for places. We found a place for our entire family. You got to remember, we have three kids. We got a dog, we got a dog like two weeks ago. Brand new puppy, two months old. Overcommit, figure out the details later. We got this place, it’s over $8,000, paid for it, non-refundable. We’re overcommitted. We’re figuring out the days later. So now we have 13 days. The 27th is when we go. We have 13 days, this is where the fun starts, to figure out the details.

We have a seven-year-old, we have a six-year … The phone overheated. The phone overheated and stopped filming. Anyway, we have a seven-year-old, we have a six-year-old. We got to figure out the school for them, the education. We got to get somebody, a nanny, somebody that can take care of them, and those are the easy ones, guys. We also have a one-year-old. We have a one-year-old baby and again, my wife is going to be doing it with me five hours a day for 25 days.

Overcommit, figure out the details later. We got to find somebody that can help help with the baby, help with the kids, make sure we make the schoolwork, education. We got a puppy two weeks ago, little two-month-old puppy. We’ve got to figure out the puppy situation, but again, commit now. Overcommit, figure out the details later. So guys, 13 days before we make this happen together as a family. We’re all doing it together and I will keep you posted over the next 13 days of what’s going on as things reveal, unreveal, or reveal themselves to us. And right now, I’ve got to go check out some ocean front beach front business real estate for our office. We’ll see you guys on the next video. Bye bye.

Why I’m so happy I totally missed my year end target.

Hey guys, Alberto. I want to shoot this video, actually first video since I got back from Mexico City. It’s the second of the year. January 2nd. So happy new year to you. First video in my pool. So glad to be back. It was like 50 degrees in Mexico City.

If you just started following me, then you don’t know that Grant Cardone, I had a meeting with them and he asked me to do a program that was the most intense program I’ve ever done. Ended up being 22 days in a row, about six hours a day. Anyways, we’ll shoot another video about that, but I want to talk about goals. You know, it’s the second of the year. Everybody has these resolutions and kind of a sad statistic is that the average person by February, 90% of average people, which is most people, by February 1st, they’re done with their resolution.

Like people that join a gym, “I’m going to get in shape.” By February 1st, 90% of them are no longer going. So you know, don’t go to the gym in January; it’s packed. But by February it’s empty again. Everybody quit already. So I wanted to share with you why I am, you know, I epically, epically? Epic? Is that a word?

I completely failed my year end goal. 12/31. I set a massive goal. Let’s see if I have it here. I have a goal card I carry with me. If you know you want me or you’ve taken my program and you can’t really see what it says. It says, I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m earning a million dollars a month doing what I love and then I have client results at the bottom. That’s the focus: client results. That’s all I focus on, is how can I get my clients better results? If that happens, everything else happens.

But I got to confess, I didn’t even come close to a million a month. I didn’t even do half of it. So why am I so happy? Well, I did do a little bit over 40% of it and so there’s two reasons why I’m happy. Number one is we doubled revenue last year, actually a little bit more than doubled. We more than doubled revenue last year. Isn’t that awesome? 72% of businesses in the US, the land of opportunity, lose money or break even. If you break even, you’re losing money. So, 72% of businesses are losing money. We doubled our revenue. We more than doubled our revenue, which lets us know, hey, we’re doing something right. And that is the magic of a system. So there’s that saying, right? Shoot for the moon, you’ll end up with the stars? That’s what I did. When you set your goals for 2019, make it a huge goal.

Whether you follow Grant Cardone or Bob Proctor, they all say the same thing. Michaelangelo said that the biggest tragedy of humans, of people, is not that they aim too high and miss, but that they aim too low and hit. So, make your goals huge. Even if you completely miss it like I did, hey, you’ll end up doubling your revenue, maybe even better. So, that’s number one.

Now, the second reason, which is actually more valuable, that I’m excited about it, is that when you set your goal, there’s a little bit of a trick. There’s a sweet spot. Number one, it has to be so large that it scares the crap out of you. Maybe you get nervous, your hands get clammy, maybe a little nauseated, if you’re really emotionally involved in it and you have no idea how you’re going to hit it, no idea. If you know how you’re going to do it, then it’s not a goal. Guys, it’s not a goal.

So, you gotta think bigger. But the sweet spot is, the tricky part is, it has to be small enough that you believe you can do it. Because if you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t even go after it. You know? I always talk about my kids, they’re awesome.

Like if I give Ryder, Ryder? he’s six years old and if I give him a task that he knows he can’t do, he just throws himself on the ground and throws a tantrum. “I don’t want to do it.” And so forth. Adults do the same thing. If you give yourself a task, aka a goal, that you don’t believe you can do, you won’t throw a tantrum. You’re a lot more subtle, which is a lot more dangerous too. You will rationalize. You will make excuses like, “Oh you know, I didn’t hit my goal because I had to help my sister move.”

“I didn’t make my goal because my mom is sick and I had to help her.” You make these excuses and they say, the only thing worse than an excuse is a good excuse and you’ll end up missing it and not even going after it, so you have to believe that you can do it. That’s number two.

Number one is it has to be big enough. You have no idea how you’re going to hit it. So that’s the second thing that happened is that as I looked at my goal card every day, probably 50 a hundred times a day, I’m visualizing a million dollars a month, a million dollars a month. Little by little, the plan started coming to be and so today I’m very happy to announce that I know exactly how I’m going to get to a million dollars a month. I know exactly how I’m gonna do it. I have a blueprint.

I have a plan all planned out. I know what my next steps are, which by the way we’re hiring, we need two more consultants. Two consultants as well as another community manager and so I know exactly how I’m going to get to a million dollars a month. Now it’s just a matter of getting busy, getting uncomfortable, taking massive action and going to do it. So, I’m going to get out of my pool here.

Make 2019 your bitch is what I’ve been saying. You know, really go after it. Make some big goals, guys. No matter if you’re in the insurance industry like we are, wherever you are, make some big things happen. Go after it, get uncomfortable, and we’ll see you from the beach. So happy to be back. See you on the next video.

The 3 factors that make you Ultra Successful (Not Talent or Natural ability)

Hello, can you guys hear me okay? You can put in the questions box, yes you can hear me. Yes. I see yeses. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Got green lights guys. Welcome to a Predictable Premium support call that we have a couple times a week. Right now we’re in a holiday schedule. Our Monday call landed on Christmas Eve and then we have our next one also landing on New Year’s Eve. So we’ve got a little bit of a different schedule. I’ve been traveling a lot, as you guys know. Actually not a lot, just yesterday. I was out of town for 30 days. I guess I should say that. I was in Mexico City for 30 days, as you know. Met with Grant Cardone a little bit over a month ago and he suggested that I do this program. First thing that I do is I do this program. And as you know, I overcommitment. I just said yes instantly. Instantly, instantly, instantly. Didn’t have to think about it. he said you should do this, I said okay.

And later found out, I thought it was like a week program, right? Five days, seven days, like those intense personal development programs like Tony Robbins’ most intense program is seven days, seven days for like 60 hours. Well, found out it was an average of 25 days. It’s super intensive. Everybody goes, you kind of get what you need out of it. You’re overseen by a doctor, by a case manager they call it, every single day. I ended up finishing up in 22 days, 22 days. I wanted to share, I’m going to be sharing some of the stuff that came out of it over the next few weeks. Very, very, very interesting stuff. I am so glad though. Just as soon as they cleared me, the 22nd of December I was done. And then the 23rd went back to make sure and I got tested again by the doctor and so forth. They said, okay, yes you are done.

And then I had to come back, but then it was the 24th, 25th. So I came back on the 26th, which was Wednesday, to take all the tests that I did at the beginning. If you remember, I took aptitude tests or like an Oxford aptitude test, a personality test and IQ test and E2 testing before and then I took it after. And it’s pretty interesting. I have a chart right here of my results and all the improvements.

Now, one of the things that I want to talk about today that I thought was absolutely awesome and they, I’ll go more in details, are gonna be making some videos to share with you guys. But here listen closely please, because this is super, super important. This will get rid of any excuse that you might think about or that you might think that you have for not succeeding, not going through the program, succeeding in life in business, in marriage and relationships. This will get rid of every excuse. Are you ready?

So one of the tests that we did is an aptitude test. I think that one’s called like an Oxford aptitude test. I’m not sure if anybody has taken them before. If you have, then you can see that everything I’m saying is 100% accurate. So the aptitude test, and let’s define aptitude. Basically the way they defined it is how natural you are at something, how talented you are at something, how quickly you learn things. And here, let me look it up. I’m going to look it up on my dictionary here real quick so I can give you an exact definition, aptitude definition, all right?

A natural ability to do something is what it says. That’s the first thing. Then an example, he had a remarkable aptitude for learning words. Natural ability to do something. Aptitude, natural ability to do something. Now, here’s what’s amazing about this, is that an average score, and again, if you’ve taken this, you can verify this. An average score for aptitude is a 70. That’s average. 90 and above is gifted. You are especially gifted. You’re above average with aptitude, okay? Again, it means natural ability to do something.

Now my score with aptitude, listen to this average with 70. Gifted is 90. What do you think I got? Get ready for this. You’re going to laugh. A 25.8. I got a 25.8. basically I have no talent. When it comes to natural ability I got none. 25 guys. Average is 70. I’m not even at a 60 or 65 like oh, he’s a little bit below average. Poor guy, we can help him. 25.8. 25.8. It was so low, so low they wanted me to take the test over again. They come over afterwards and you can tell they’re kind of embarrassed, right? Like they were embarrassed. They didn’t want to tell me what’s going on. They’re like, we’d like for you to take it again. I’m like, well, why? Well, we feel that you did it in a hurry. You just, we feel you rushed through it and you did it in a hurry. And I said, well, let’s get something clear very quickly. I do things always as fast as I can, but I never hurry. You should’ve seen their face. There’s a little confusion, right? Confusion. I do things as fast as I can. Bob Proctor taught me this. Do things as fast as you can but never hurry.

See, hurry is living in fear. Fear of not having enough time. Now, I’m never in fear not having enough time. I just do it as fast as I can because I know that the greats of the world that I compare myself to, we should not compare ourselves to anybody else. We should compare and compete against ourselves. But if we compete or compare ourselves to somebody, don’t do it with your neighbor. Don’t do it with the guy in the cubicle next to you or the office next to you. Don’t do that. Compare yourself to the greats, which Jeff Bezos is who I compare myself to. Elon Musk, right? That’s one thing that we have as a benchmark. A lot of people, the normal, the average people think we do things quickly. I think we do things so slow. Elon Musk makes billion dollar decisions in 60 seconds, billion dollar decisions in 60 seconds. It takes us an entire 45 minutes to have a tiny little $6,000, $10,000 sale. I mean, you know how slow that is? It’s horrible.

So anyways, we will continue to get better, but here’s my point. Aptitude, the natural ability. Let me read it again. The natural ability to do something. Guys, I got no natural ability to do anything. Basically, it takes me more time, more energy, more effort to learn something new. I am way below average. It was so bad. My score was so bad, so low they wanted me to take it again and again. I said, no, yes, I did do it fast, but that’s how I do things and you’re asking me to do things again and maybe slow down. Guess what? That’s not me. That’s not going to be an authentic score.

And I was so happy. I was like, this is awesome. This is like, give me your score. They didn’t want to give you the score. They’re embarrassed. You can tell they’re kind of embarrassed. Their posture was kind of their shoulders forward but down, you know what I mean? Like when a kid is embarrassed. And they’re like here you go. And I’m like oh my gosh, this is awesome news. I said this is awesome news. And they’re like, what? Like we thought you’re going to be disappointed, sad, depressed, pissed off.

I was like, no, this is amazing news. Do you know how amazing this is? This will make my company millions and millions in 2019 because if I can have the level of success where I’m in the top .03% of the population earning wise, right, multiple seven figures, then anybody can do it. Anybody, you have no excuse. Alberto has a 25.8 out of 70. Not out of 70, out of 100. Guys, remember going to school? That’s horrible.

And so then we sat down with the performance experts and the doctors and everything and then we reviewed the chart and they said, here is why you are successful. I want you guys to take a look at this. I’m going to share my screen with you real quick. 100% transparency here. You guys can see my screen. You should be able to see my screen. Look at this chart here. I’m just going to show you. I’m going to go through the next several weeks through several things here, but the one thing I want you to look at, the blue is my new results. The yellow was my original before I did the program. You can see the blue everywhere except two spots here and here it went down, but I’ll share with that with you guys in the next call.

What I want to focus on is this right here, F. This is the reason why I do well. F is aggressiveness. Look at the score. Out of 100 I got 100, perfect score. Off the charts, doesn’t get any higher. I said define aggressiveness. They said you just go, you just do it. You go. You don’t think about it. You don’t analyze. You don’t think should I, should I, you just go. That’s why you’re successful.

Again guys, this is perfectly in line with the Jeff Bezos of the world. Elon Musks of the world. Look, 100. Number two, activity. See this, active, E. See right here, what is that? It’s not a perfect 100 but it’s like a 96, 97. So I’m aggressive at the most you can be, active, action oriented, I just go at a 96. And then the other one, right here, certainty. Certainty is confidence. How certain are you in yourself? How certain are you in your abilities? Do you second guess yourself? Do you have doubt? I have no doubt. I’m confident. You will never out earn your self confidence. That’s why we have exercises that will help you raise your self confidence.

Look at the certainty. I’m at a 90. Right here, 90 for certainty, confidence. Activity, action 96 let’s call it. And aggressiveness 100. I just go baby. I learn slow. I have no natural ability. I have no natural talent. I just go.

And that’s why we had another record year this year. This year we’re about 60% higher than last year. We’re going to do the numbers here in the next couple of days. I’ve been keeping an eye on them, but we are over 60% higher than last year. And guess what? Last year was a record year. And guess what? The year before that was a record year. And guess what? 2019 is going to be a record year. Guaranteed. We’re looking at ocean front property right now for our office. We’re going to be hiring and expanding our sales team. I’m not thinking about it. I’m just going. I just go.

So again guys, if you’ve ever made an excuse on well, Alberto has special talent. That’s why he does this well. Oh, he learns things quickly. He’s fast. Oh Alberto, he’s smart. Or whatever excuse. Maybe you’ve never said that. You probably never said that, right? But if there’s ever any excuse why you’re not able to grasp anything in life or succeed in life, I just got rid of it guys. Because again, last time I’m going to read this, aptitude, a natural ability to do something. I have absolutely no natural ability to do anything. I am so below average they were embarrassed to give me the results, but you know what? Aggressiveness is a 100% out of 100. Perfect score. Can’t get any better. I just go.

So next time, think about that. I don’t understand it. Who cares? Just go. I think it’s going to be harder. Who cares? Just go. I think it’s going to be more expensive than I thought. Who cares? Just fucking go. That’s all it takes. Go. Take action with certainty. Take action with confidence and you will be successful. It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no natural ability like Alberto Riehl. I am so happy that that test came out so low. Again, they were just dumbfounded, like, why are you so happy? I was like, you don’t understand what this means. This is gonna help so many clients. I’m going to do a whole video in the next program just on this. It’s going to help so many clients because one of the reasons, the top reason why people don’t do a course, don’t do a program, why people quit, they think, yeah, but it won’t work for me. I’m different. I’m not as smart as you. I don’t have as much natural ability as you, as talent, and guess what? This just completely got rid of all that. Absolutely no excuses guys.

So anyway, I could not wait to share that with you. Again, they were a little dumbfounded like why is he so happy to have such a low score? Oh I’m so happy. I can’t wait to share this with the world. We’re going to put this in our ads, our advertising, our message, right? So simple even a caveman can do it kind of thing.

Oh man. So anyway, went a little long. Super excited.

The MOST important kind of sleep nobody talks about

Hey guys Alberto from Mexico City going over to our program that we’re doing five hours a day. You see the traffic is pretty crazy. One of the things that we have been learning about is how important rest is. You know it’s one of the things I really talk about all the time. You have to get yourself at least eight hours of sleep. That’s one of the easiest ways to work more efficiently, more effective, be more focused. But one of the things that we’ve been learning about is obviously there’s different types of sleep.

Everybody knows about REM sleep, or REM sleep, but there is actually a type of sleep which is the most important, it’s the most restorative. That’s where your organs, gosh stop it, your organs recover from your heart, lungs, I mean all your vital organs. This is necessary every night. They call it deep sleep. You should have about, at least, a minimum an hour a night of deep sleep, anywhere between an hour, but it’s more ideal to have closer to an hour and a half of deep sleep. If you’re not getting enough of this deep sleep, and again it’s only about an hour, hour and a half per night, that’s when you’re waking up not feeling 100%. You’re feeling tired, you’re feeling maybe not motivated to go to work, or go work out.

Here’s a couple of things that we’ve learned and we’ve experimented with ourselves. There’s a few things that hinder deep sleep. They’re horrible for us. Let me make sure I don’t get hit here. Okay. Make sure we’re going down the right way. Let’s go ahead and cross right here. This is a crosswalk. Almost got hit right there. Sometimes they don’t obey the crosswalks. But there’s a few things. There’s three nights. I’m wearing this ring that monitors everything, and there’s only been three nights that my sleep score is below 90. The reason why, the main reason why, even though I got over eight hours of sleep, one night I got nine and half hours sleep. The reason why is because of the deep sleep. I didn’t get to recover. It was amazing how tired I woke up even though I slept nine hours.

Very simple, two of the things you want to make sure you don’t do. Number one is don’t eat any heavy meals several hours before. One time I ate, well we had tacos. We were craving tacos and we had them about 8:00, 8:30, and then the other night I had a big rib eye with my mom at a really nice steakhouse. That makes your heart rate, your resting heart rate, actually go up. It makes your deep sleep go down. I only had about 30 minutes of deep sleep both of those nights, and again I felt super tired. Think about that. Have you had times where you have a big meal maybe later than you should, whether it’s Italian, steak, whatever it is, and you just don’t sleep as well. The next day you’re not so motivated. You can’t really get out of bed. You really don’t feel like working out. Well that’s exactly what is going on. It’s very measurable.

The other time was a few days ago I decided to have a double espresso at 5:00 in the afternoon. That’s another thing is that if you have coffee, which you know I love coffee, have it in the morning, but stop drinking it by lunchtime. That’s another thing, that’s the one night where my sleep score was well below 90. I had a double espresso about 5:00 p.m. again, I slept fine. I had no problem going to sleep, falling asleep. It doesn’t keep me up. I’ve always said that. People always ask does it keep you up, no it doesn’t keep me up. I can go to sleep, but one of the things that I wasn’t measuring before was my deep sleep, and it really affected my deep sleep.

So make sure that you don’t do those two things. Don’t eat very heavy meals later in the day, and cut off the caffeine late in the day as well. I think that as long as you do that you’re going to be able to get the deep sleep that you need, you’re going to be able to recover at night, feel refreshed in the morning, and be ready to go. Alberto and Sarah, but not really Sarah, mostly Alberto. We’ll talk to you on the next video guys from Mexico City. Have a great day.

Last night before my crazy adventure

Hey, guys, Alberto Riehl here, and this is the first time I video taped at night. I’m in my pool. I think you can hear the waves in the background. Looks kind of scary though. Doesn’t it? It looks kind of scary. Anyway, it’s Monday, November 26, Monday after Thanksgiving, and I just put my whole family to bed. It’s not too late. It’s about 8:45 p.m. Everybody’s asleep.

And I wanted to document this because two weeks ago, yesterday, on 11/11, if you’ve been following me, you know that I met with Grant Cardone, had a one on one with him. It was awesome. And with there, he suggested several things that I could do in my business. The goal is to get to $100 million a year. He’s done that, and that’s one of the shortcuts to success, right, to find somebody that’s doing what you want to be doing and just copy them, ask him for advice, find them, pay him for their time, which is what I did.

And so his number one suggestion was for me to do this personal development program, and I figured it was about a week long like most intensive ones. Said, “Okay. I’ll do it.” Got back home. We met in Mexico City by the way. He did a big event there a couple of weeks ago on 11/12 and found out it’s a 25 day commitment, not available in my city. And as you can imagine, a lot of excuses or pretty damn good reasons on why I should put it on the back burner, kind of think about a lot of times we do. It was inconvenient, Thanksgiving coming up, Christmas, holidays, and like I said, not available in my city. So had to travel somewhere, and it’s 25 days.

So nearest place is in Mexico City, and tomorrow, the 27th, I take my entire family on a plane. We have a car picking us up at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Our plane leaves at about 11:30 in the morning. We’re all flying out there, Sarah, my seven-year-old Skylar, my six-year-old Rider. We have a one-year-old, Riley, and a dog, Chihuahua, named him Chi, which we bought about a month ago.

I talked about over commit and figure out the details later, which is one of the things he talks about. And that’s what I did. We committed. I did a video a couple days after I met with him. And I said, “The 27th, we’re leaving.” And here it is. Tomorrow, the 27th, we’re leaving, the entire family. Had to figure out schooling for the kids. Had to figure out who’s going to take care of them, nanny. For a time we had booked a condo just under $10,000 for the month on Airbnb. Wasn’t getting responses from the host. Finally, got responses. Looks like everything’s working out. Had to get a health certificate for the dog. I mean just today we had to drive over an hour to a government office to get this last corporate number that we needed for the company that we’re starting.

So there’s been a lot of things that have come up, challenges, and we’ve just figured it out as we go long, but we committed. Over commit and then figure out the details later. So I’m going to be documenting this nice little adventure. We leave tomorrow, as I said, taking the entire family. We have five huge pieces of luggage. Five, one for each member of the family. So it’s going to be a little bit of an adventure, but we’re all looking forward to it.

Any time that I’ve done something, we’ll call it crazy like this, the results have been crazy results. And I think that if you have a mentor, if you find somebody that has what you want or has done what you want to do, when they give you that piece of advice, you have to follow it to a T.

Grant Cardone’s hour was $15,000. And a lot of people might think that’s a lot of money, but in reality, it’s only a lot of money if I don’t do exactly as he suggests. So with the way that our business is going today, we’re very blessed, doing very, very well. I’ve had three record months in a row, and with what we’re doing now … And another thing he suggested was to get an office, which we’re doing. I said, “Well, I want to stay running my business from the beach like I am now from my home.” He said, “Well, why don’t you just get an office at the beach?” And I hired a commercial realtor when I got back. There’s several places we’re looking at, beach-front places, and so that’s happening as well.

So guys, I’ll keep you posted through this trip. We’ll see if we can get on our little Instagram page, Alberto.Riehl, R-I-E-H-L, kind of document the trip. It’s going to be a little crazy, should be a lot of fun. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly. And again, guys, remember, over commit and figure out the details later. Everything ends up turning out okay. But most people don’t have the courage to do that. We talk to agents every single day. They just don’t have the courage in themselves. They don’t believe in themselves to do it. Talked to an agent today helping one of our consultants and just scared, fearful, wanted every piece to be worked out before we did it. And the key is you over commit, and you figure out the details later.

so going for my last little swim in the ocean. Warm day today. I think it was like 85 degrees, going to Mexico City where it’s in the 40’s and 50’s. Figure I take a nice last little swim in my pool, listen to the ocean. You can see some of the stars. Can’t really see them on the phone, but enjoying my last day at the beach for about 30 days we’ll be gone. We’ll see you guys on the next video.

Happy Thanksgiving! Who else feels like crap?

Hey. Good morning, everyone. Alberto Riehl here. Just leaving the gym for the first time … Gotta catch my breath here. Today’s Monday, November 26th, Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, and I want to shoot this little video to share a couple things that I found out over the last few days.

As you know, one of the things that I do and I help my clients do is really optimize their health, which is going to, in turn, help focus, stamina, help them with work. We have a vegan chef that comes over and cooks these amazing meals. Sometimes, when you reach a certain level, that becomes your new norm and you don’t realize how different things can be. Right?

So being Thanksgiving weekend, I gotta tell you, I told the chef, “Hey, stay home. Have a few days off.” We started a weekend … I started a weekend of just … gosh, just eating like I used to, in the good old days. I started Thursday, went to one of our favorite restaurants, had lunch, had homemade … It was an Argentinian steakhouse. Had homemade chorizo, which is pork, and we had Alaskan King crab legs. Then dessert, this flaming crepe thing where I just saw the guy pour just sugar, tons of sugar, on it.

The next day … Well, actually, that evening we did Thanksgiving dinner, traditional, turkey, all that good stuff. Of course for dessert, I think we had like three different desserts: pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin cake or pumpkin pie. Oh, carrot cake was the other one, like four different ones. Sugar again, tons of sugar. I wanna talk about this because it was amazing how differently I felt. I woke up the next day and actually did it again. We went on a cruise, Sarah and I. They had lobster on there. Again, desserts and more sugar. I woke up in the morning. Usually I wake up … I take this back. Usually I wake up and you see I shoot videos with the sun coming up or before the sun comes up. Usually I shoot those videos after I’ve meditated, after I’ve written down my goals, a whole page. It takes about 10, 15 minutes. I’m just ready to go. Get up ready to go in the morning, ready to hit the challenges of the day, the challenges of running a multi million dollar business. I’m just motivated man and just ready, can’t wait to get started.

I gotta tell you, if you keep up with me at all, you’ve seen that there has not been an early morning sunrise video since Wednesday or Thursday. One of the things that I noticed is I was sleeping in until about 7:00 AM. Not only that, I didn’t feel like getting up. The food that I was eating takes about 10 times more energy. Guys, this is pretty logical stuff. I’ve studied the hell out of this stuff. Basically it takes about 10 times more energy for your digestive system to break down that kinda food compared to vegan food. That energy that I usually have and I apply towards work, towards working out, towards training my clients, it was all used up just digesting, processing the food. In the morning it was hard to get up.

There’s millions and millions of people, most people in the world, live this way. Every morning it’s hard for them to get up. They hate getting up in the morning. They use an alarm clock, absolutely hate it. I’m sure you can relate. A lot of people can relate to that. I gotta tell you, it doesn’t have to be that hard every morning. Another thing I noticed is that sugar is super, super addictive. Studies put it up there with heroin, yes, heroin. By the morning, after having all these desserts, all this sugar, man, I was having sugar withdrawals. I would wake up and again, usually I feel confident, ready to conquer the world, ready to go, and I gotta tell you, I couldn’t get up. Not only was I lazy, not motivated in any way, I had anxiety, a little anxiety. I felt anxious. Felt a little nervous. That’s all sugar withdrawals. That’s what it is. It’s sugar withdrawals.

I think everybody needs to know that because most people, when they feel anxious or anxiety, they don’t look at their diet. They don’t look at the fact that they ate a bunch of sugar the night before, they’re drinking Coca-Cola. That’s another thing that I did. I starting craving sugar throughout the day. All of a sudden I’m drinking Coca-Colas throughout the day. Guys, I never do that. We never drink Coca-Cola. We don’t even have them at home. They’re not allowed at home. Instead of popping some pills to make that anxiety go away, investigate it. Look into it. Why is that you’re feeling like that? For me, it was very obvious. It’s ’cause I’m putting shit in my body. I’m putting Coca-Cola, I’m putting sugar, desserts, I’m putting crappy food. If I put shit in my body, I’m gonna feel like shit. It’s that simple. If you put shit in your body, you will feel like shit. That’s how it works.

Now today’s Monday. Had my healthy shake this morning, smoothie. It’s all vegan, organic, almond milk, organic almonds, plants … plant-based protein. I’m already feeling … I’m feeling a whole lot better. I just finished working out for the first time in a few days. I gotta tell you, man, I’m already feeling … I’m so happy that I’m off that spiral. Now, unfortunately, a lot of people, most people, live their life that way their entire life. They’re putting crappy food, they’re putting a bunch of sugar in their body. Next day they wake up feeling shitty. They pop some pills, drink some coffee, goes away temporarily, but then they have to keep eating that shitty food and they call it comfort food.

Guys, hopefully if any of you are in that death spiral you can identify it and just change your lifestyle. That’s all it is. Change your eating habits. That’s something that can be done very easily. Start putting some good food. It’s very basic stuff. You know vegetables are good. Salads are good. Get rid of the cheese. Get rid of the dairy. Guys, I’m telling you it makes a world of difference. Guys, I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. We’re getting ready for our Mexico trip. We leave tomorrow. We’ll be doing another update here in a second and I hope everybody has a wonderful week. We’ll see you on the next video.

Grant Cardone tells me “You are not even asking the right questions”

Hey guys, good morning. Alberto Riehl here. Riehl’s Rants. I gotta tell you, I’m in Mexico City right now, it’s been an amazing trip. Today’s my last day; I fly out tonight. I’m actually walking down the street from the hotel to the convention center where Grant Cardone is about to do a training for about four hours. I met with him yesterday, had a one-on-one with him yesterday, and I gotta tell you, it was awesome. Absolutely awesome. Let me see I gotta figure out where I’m gonna go here.

The … You know, there’s so many things that he answered for me that are just gonna add tremendous value to our business and to our clients even more importantly. The more we do for our clients, the better we do, right? But one of the things that really just slapped me in the face and I kept thinking about all night and it made me super excited was just one sentence that he said.

And what he told me was, he said, “Alberto, you’re not even asking the right questions.” He told me that. Straight up. He said, “Alberto, you’re not even asking the right questions.” Now let me explain how that came about.

I wanna get to 100 million. That’s my goal. I want to get our business to $100 million dollar business a year. He’s done that already. He’s blown way past that, right? He does a lot more than 100 million a year. So I thought, “Okay, this is the guy that can help me do it.” And that’s a shortcut to success is we find somebody that has done or is doing what we wanna do and then we just copy them. That’s why I had the one-on-one with him.

But that’s something that i tell my clients and I tell agents almost every day. I say, “Guys, you’re not even asking the right questions.” And the reason I say that is I’m talking to agents that are making maybe 15,000, 20,000, sometimes 25,000 a month. That’s about average, you know, 250, 300,000 a year. But they wanna get to that seven-figure mark. They wanna get to a hundred thousand a month and for me I can look back, and this reminds me of Steve Jobs’ favorite speech at Stanford, he talks about everybody tries to connect the dots going forward but you can’t do it going forward. Only looking back can you connect the dots and it all becomes very very simple.

And so when agents that are earning 25,000 a month are asking me questions on how to get to 100,000 a month I tell ’em the same thing, I’m like, “Dude, you’re asking the wrong questions.” ‘Cause I’m looking back, having done that, and it’s very simple. Now, it’s not easy, it takes a lot of hard work, but it is very very simple. It’s so clear to me. I have such clarity of what they need to do in order to get to that 100,000 a month, but for them, they don’t know what they don’t know.

And so I got super excited because Grant Cardone has that same exact clarity on how to get to 100 million, right? We had an amazing month last month, we did almost $400,000 last month. $400,000, that’s awesome, more than I ever thought we were ever gonna do, but at the same time that’s nothing compared to 100 million. And so Grant Cardone told me the same exact thing I tell my agents almost every day. He’s like, “Alberto, you’re asking the wrong questions. You wanna get to 100 million?”

So the reason I got so excited is that that tells me that he has an exact clarity to help me, how to get there. That tells me that he’s the man. He is the right guy that I need to be hanging out with so he can help me get to that 100 million ’cause he can see it very very clearly. He’s looking back, connecting the dots, saying, “Okay, I remember when I was at your stage.” He even told me, “I use to live on the beach in La Jolla, did my work out of the beach, my office was right out of my oceanfront home in La Jolla.” He goes, “I know exactly where you’re at. And to get to 100 million I know exactly what you need to do.”

So that’s pretty exciting to me. So we have a follow-up call with him and his Vice President and guys we got some big things coming. Not sure exactly what it’s gonna be yet but we’re gonna be doing something together. We’re gonna be impacting the life insurance industry like nobody else has. We’re gonna be turning it upside down. We’re gonna be disrupting it. I just can’t wait, man. I’m so excited and now I’m gonna go learn some more for about four hours and guys, we’ll see you on the next video.

3 Environment Hacks to Increase Productivity Today

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl here. I’m on my way to Santa Fe, which is a part of Mexico City. I’ve been in Mexico City for the last couple of days, it’s an amazing city, beautiful, gorgeous. Didn’t know this, but it’s number two in the world, behind Paris only, as having the most museums. I mean there’s art on every corner, there’s museums everywhere, great, lot of culture, the food is amazing. I really recommend that you come check out Mexico City. Very international too, as you’re walking around you hear people speaking German, and French, and English of course, Spanish, but there’s people from all over the world doing business here, it’s a pretty cool place.

Now I’m on the way from Polanco, which they call it kind of like the Beverly Hills of Mexico City, over to Santa Fe, which is where Grant Cardone is going to be speaking tomorrow, at the Santa Fe Expo it’s called, in front of a few thousand people. And I’m going to be meeting with him, I have a one on one with him at his hotel, super excited, just in a little bit, in a few hours, a little bit later today.

But I figured I’d shoot this video, and really talk about the environment. We know that our environment is very, very important. We are a product of our environment, right? But over the last few days one of the things that I’ve noticed, right away, is … You know, I’m used to living on the beach, which today is a dream come true, something I worked very hard for, for a very long time. But one of the things that I’ve noticed, just from being here a few days, in the middle of the city, my throat has a little tickle. I’m not sick, but my throat has a little tickle, I’ve been kind of getting a runny nose, where I have to blow it all the time. And I’ve been talking to some of the locals here, and they’re talking about, if I’m not used to it, it’s the pollution. I can tell that my energy levels have been affected a little bit as well.

And so I want to talk about the environment. I’m just going to share with you three things that you can do, three hacks we can call them, that you can do right away, or at least two out of the three you can do right away, to be more productive in your business, to love what you do more, to look forward to going to the office.

And the first thing, since we’re talking about air, air is very important. One of the things that I noticed in my room is I’m meditating every morning in the air conditioned room, and it’s at a nice hotel, the levels of oxygen are a lot lower. I could feel myself, as I’m meditating and taking these long breaths, that I usually do counts as I’m holding my breath, and I’m having the energy go through my body, and I cannot hold my breath as long as I usually can. And so, make sure, number one is having fresh air. Make sure that you’re in a clean environment. Ideally if you can have fresh air outdoors.

You know, we live right on the beach today, which is great, we have all the doors open. All the doors are sliding, they disappear into the walls, and we just have fresh air coming from the ocean. And that’s the very best you can have. I’s literally, depending on where you’re at, it’s been filtered through thousands and thousands of miles of ocean water, and you get this pure, clean, fresh air that’s full of energy. And man, it’s one of the things that I can tell I sleep better at night with that ocean air. During the day, I mean you can just feel the energy from that live, organic air.

So if you haven’t already, get yourself maybe outside a big city and then go out in the country a little bit, where the oxygen levels are a lot higher. Also, studies show that oxygen levels helps us to relax, right? There’s oxygen therapy now, where they give you oxygen, you’re able to relax, it relaxes your body more. You’re able to focus more, stamina. So number one guys, fresh air.

Now the second thing that I want to talk about is lighting. Make sure that you have a lot of natural light. That’s another thing that again, maybe this is an ad to move to the beach, but being at the beach we have that natural sunlight. We have our sunrise going up over the ocean in the morning, one thing that I don’t get sick of looking at, I film it every single day. And having that natural sunlight is amazing. Again, it releases the good stuff, the good drugs that our body makes, right? From dopamine, and all that kind of stuff, which makes you feel good. It’s the make you feel good drug. Of course you’ve got vitamin D and all that kind of stuff.

Now if you’re not able to be at the beach it’s okay. Just make sure that you don’t have fluorescent lighting. A lot of these big offices, even some gyms that I’ve traveled to, have fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting will zap your energy away. And some houses have them, some apartments have them, some offices have them, because they save energy, they save on the electric bill, but it’s not worth it, trust me on that. It wreaks havoc with your nervous system, and it’s horrible for you. So if you can’t be out on the beach, again, just make sure you don’t have any fluorescent lighting, get rid of it, that’s going to help you a lot. But hopefully you can have a nice big room with some nice big windows, get some natural light in. And that’s going to help you enjoy your workday a lot more.

So now the third thing is to have a nice view. Now this might be the one that might take a little while longer, I know it took me a while to have that nice view. Studies have shown that when people, when humans, are looking out into a nice view, kind of looking out ideally into nature, far away, it puts our life in perspective. Our perception changes about our problems, maybe the challenges that we’re having throughout the day, it completely changes. It makes us realize that we’re kind of a small thing in this huge world, this huge universe of ours.

So do your best to get yourself a nice view. Again, that might be a little bit tougher, depending on where you’re living now, maybe you can just position your desk in an open area. Maybe if you have to stare at a wall maybe you can put a nice painting, or a nice picture of a beach, before you get to actually get there. I did that before actually, years ago, I had a nice picture of the beach. I would have one on my screen saver, as well as on the wall, that I would just stare at. And I knew some day I’m going to have that nice view.

And so I think overall just make it a place that you look forward to. My office, you see people who’s office is in their home, and they’ve put it in a corner somewhere, in a dark corner, you can tell that they basically don’t like what they do very much, you know? You want to put it somewhere where it’s the center of attention, it lets people know that it’s something that’s very important to you.

My office, right now, is at the best place at my home. It’s right in front, it’s on the second floor, our home is two stories. It’s in front of this huge glass window just looking straight out into the ocean. So I have that amazing view just looking out, clean air, fresh air, natural lighting all day long, and I just cannot wait to go sit at my desk. That’s my favorite part of the house, it really is. My second place, with my kids, maybe downstairs on the coach playing with them. But I gotta tell you, nothing beats where I put my office, just looking straight out, miles and miles and miles of ocean. Fresh air coming in, I have a sliding door right next to me that I keep wide open so I have fresh air coming in. Beautiful sunlight, and I gotta tell you man, I just look forward to getting to work, and I stay there longer because it’s such an amazing place.

So hopefully you can do one, or two, or all three of these things, and it’s something that you can do right away. Change your environment, it’s gonna change your productivity, help you with stamina. Guys, this is Alberto, can’t wait to tell you what happens with my meeting here with Grant Cardone. We’re about to disrupt the insurance industry. And we’ll see you on the next video.

Successful Decision Making vs Unsuccessful

Hey guys, Alberto here. I wanted to shoot this quick video to go over something that we learned over the last week, and actually it wasn’t anything we learned, we were just reminded of. We reconfirmed. In our Predictable Premium program we’re at a point now, where we get to be pretty picky with the agents and advisors that we work with. Even the ones that we’ll even talk to. About 30% of you, if you’re watching this, 30% of you, after going through our entire process and filling out an application, will get an email saying that we’re not a good fit. We reject about 30% of applicants today.

Now last week, we put a hold on those rejections, meaning I thought let’s talk to some of these people that we feel are … maybe don’t have the habits yet, maybe don’t have the disciplines yet to be successful, and so we actually ended up booking strategy sessions and then counsel ’em, and it was amazing what we were reminded of.

Let’s talk about Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill talks about one of the traits that separates the successful, he studied five hundred of the most successful people, and guys, success doesn’t just mean money. It means just getting whatever it is that you desire, maybe it’s charity, maybe it’s giving back to your church, maybe it’s donating a library, maybe it’s just spending time with your family.

So he studied, gosh, from Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, who was the wealthiest man in the world at the time, and the Wrigleys, and the Wright brothers and the list goes on and on. Now one thing he also did, that maybe isn’t as publicized, is that he studied during that 20 year period, 25,000 failures. So he compares the different traits between the failures … I don’t know if you can see me, the sun just came out behind me.

He studies the traits, the habits, the difference. He said one of the biggest differences he noticed, was that the successful people, the people that were making it happen, they jump into things. They make decisions very, very quickly, very confidently, and then they never second-guess themselves. They go forward, they never look back, they never second-guess themselves.

The unsuccessful people, that 25,000 people that he studied for 20 years, they do the opposite. They would take forever to decide on something, “Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t,” and even when they made the decision, “Yes, I’m gonna do it,” they would keep doubting themselves. They would keep revisiting the decision. “Well maybe I should have done it, maybe I’ll back out.” Do you know anybody like that?

It’s amazing, I’ve read that book a bunch of times, if you haven’t read it, get it. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, you can get it for free online now. During the presentations, and we record, every presentation is recorded as you know. We study everything, we analyze, we have call log, and the people that normally we would have disqualified, these are agents, these are advisors, that for whatever reason, said … They had answers that really weren’t very good answers, it was pretty obvious that they were not in a very good financial position.

We had people that said they were desperate, that they were gonna go out of business, and we got ’em on the phone and guess what the number one … I don’t want to call it objection, I guess the number one answer they would give us when presented with an opportunity that has been proven, time and time again, by now, years and years into this. I mean we’ve been featured on Forbes twice in the last year and a half, Microsoft just wrote an article about us, even Yale, Columbia, I mean USA TODAY Entrepreneur magazine saying, “Man, Predictable Premium works.”

So 100% certainty it works, but guess what these agents said, well “I don’t like to make quick decisions. I don’t think it’s wise to jump into anything. I’m gonna go ahead and put it on the back burner. I’m gonna go ahead and think about it.” “It’s not a good idea to go into something headfirst,” is what somebody said. And so basically all those sayings are the opposite of what successful people do. Anybody that is anybody does the opposite, they jump into things, they’re intense, they’re passionate. The move fast, they move quickly, all the leaders of the world, all the successful people of the world.

Again we’re reminded when the people, the failures … We’ll call them the failures of the world, that’s what they are, the 30% of agents that we usually don’t even talk to, we said, “Let’s give ’em a chance. It’s almost the holidays, let’s give ’em a chance. Let’s talk to ’em.” Man, we were reminded, it was reconfirmed, why it is that they’re so unsuccessful. If you find yourself in that place, on the fence … The fence is a horrible place to be. Don’t ever be on the fence. Say yes or no, but do it quickly. We respect anybody that say, “Hey, this is not a good fit. It’s not for me.” Great! But a maybe, we have no respect for.

A, “I’m gonna dwell on it, I’m gonna think about it,” there’s no respect in that. If you know somebody, or yourself does, catch yourself and don’t let yourself off the hook so easily, and just start acting like the successful people out there. We have a couple guys in our program that came to us recently, already earning over a million dollars a year. Already earning over a million dollars a year. One thing that they had in common, guess what? About 20 minutes into the phone call, they were like, “Yup, this is it. How much is it? I’m in. I’m in.”

Again, successful people make quick decisions, they know what we want, so all we have to do guys, is copy those successful people, copy ’em, do what they do, and then we have a chance to get the results that they get. So do it afraid, it makes us uncomfortable, I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, it is hard. Many times we have to reach down and get that courage, but do it afraid anyway.

So, next time you have that opportunity that looks good and maybe makes you scared, there’s fear involved, know that, that fear is a sign that you’re headed in the right direction, it’s not a warning to go back, it’s letting you know, it’s confirmation you’re doing the right thing. And do it afraid guys, okay? Do it afraid. Hope everybody had a safe Halloween, and we’ll talk to you guys on the next video.

Will You Get Out Of Your Own Way?

Hey guys, Alberto here. A little Riehls Rants. I’m relaxing here. I’m about to get ready for work. I did my little meditation. Let’s see if we can give you guys the good view here. There we go. Maybe get a little shaded. I just did my meditation as I do every day. I worked out. I just went in the steam room. I’m sitting here looking out into the ocean, looking out into nature, and I’m thinking about what is needed to be successful in today’s economy.

We talk to people, advisors and insurance agents every single day that are stuck. They call it, “Oh, I hit a plateau.” Advisors try to speak all eloquently, “Oh, we hit a plateau in our business.” Dude, you’re stuck. Let’s call it what it is. We talked to two guys yesterday. One was a financial advisor for 10 years, and he’s been an accountant for 30 years. He admitted that he has been stuck for about six years. 10 years ago when he got licensed he was actually making more money than he is today. That seems to be a trend.

We talked to another guy, a financial advisor, who also sells real estate. Now guys, that’s a sign of desperation. You have to specialize and be the best at what you do. Could you imagine you go to your cardiologist. You’re about to have open-heart surgery. Your cardiologist is explaining what he’s going to do, “Albert, before we get started, I want to let you know that I also sell real estate on the side to supplement my income. Here, let me give you a card before we put you under. If you ever are looking for a house, let me know.” Would that add credibility to his expertise, or would that scare the shit out of you? You’d be like, “Dude, I’m out of here. Get me off this table. I’m done with this. There’s no way I’m going to do this.” Guys, think about that.

One of the things that they kept admitting both of them is how hard things are getting. They’re working harder, making less money, but they were not willing to get out of their own way. They actually wanted me to do business their way. I mean, this is how crazy they are. They wanted me to follow-up with them in a couple days. They wanted me to complicate my sales process, and slow down my sales process and make it less efficient, so I could accommodate them and do business their way.

Now, this is crazy. Their business is going down every month. Our business, we’re breaking sales records every month. We had 51 clients last month. We did $300,000. This month we’re already at 52 for the month, and we’re not even done. We’re already past our best month. We keep going up, and up and up. Microsoft just interviewed me a week ago about five ways to expand business. Maybe you’ve seen that on our website. Sam Ovens interviewed me as well on how we got to 300,000 so quickly. But, more important than that, our clients, our students are having amazing results.

We just had Erick. If you follow me on Instagram, alberto.riehl. I just posted today. Erick talked about getting $170,000 annuity. He also got a $12,000 life premium all in one sitting. One appointment. People are busier today than ever before, and they’ve done service. If you can get the same result in one meeting versus four meetings, guess what they choose? They choose one meeting every single time. We had these two advisors yesterday getting uncomfortable, but they kept retreating back to fine, retreating back to where they are now. Again, they wanted me to do business their way, which is pretty crazy, right?

Here we are doing in a month what they dream of doing in a year. These guys are doing about … Actually, one guy was doing 30,000 a month. The other guy was doing about 20,000 a month, so we’re doing 10 times more business than they are and growing. This month we’ll probably do 12 or 13 times, but they wanted me to do business their way. The slower way, the way that got them stuck, the way that got them laying people off instead of doing business our way. Guys, the only way to thrive in today’s economy is to take risks. Comfort is your biggest enemy. If you’re comfortable, that is the biggest destroyer today.

Do you realize that 88% of people live within a couple miles of where they grew up? Think about that. 88% of people live a couple miles from where they grew up. Maybe it’s time to leave mama. Maybe it’s time to actually get out there and go explore some new territory, meet some new people, see some new opportunities and get out of your own way.

Guys, today we have a full schedule as always. Seven slots every hour on the hour. My consultants do seven appointments every hour on the hour. We actually have an extra appointment per hour, which is pretty cool. A spare appointment in case somebody doesn’t show up. As I’m thinking here, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Get out of your own way. Get uncomfortable. If you start feeling a pit in your stomach, you start getting nauseated, maybe you get a headache, your hands get clammy, that’s a sign that you’re going in the right direction.

Don’t take it as warning signals where you need to get back to your safety zone and keep getting comfortable. That’s letting you know that you’re headed in the right direction.

Alberto. I hope everything is going well for you today. Time to scale your business, take some risks and we’ll see you on the other side.