What Is Your Dream?

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants coming to you from Mexico, a little rainy Mexico. I’ll show you where we’re at today. We have this little, kind of cool. Look at the roof. Executive player, little huts on the water. Now we’re in the Caribbean. Usually this water, you know, the sand is … see if we can get some good light here. The sand is white and the water is like turquoise, turquoise blue. Beautiful. But it’s not really looking like that today is it? Effects have been here for a couple of days. It’s been storming to the point that we had to put like, towels at the bottom there of our suite. There’s the other bedroom.

We have a couple of bedrooms here. We had to put towels down because of the wind and the rain was like, sideways coming into our little cabana. It’s kinda cool. We’re so close to the ocean that look, we are actually closer to the water then the lifeguard.

Pretty cool. Right? So we have a little … Let me see which way I can show you that. Got People walking around here and we got a little pool, see our little pool right here. Pretty cool. But man, it’s windy, it’s rainy and we’re having breakfast and stuff here at the resort, at the restaurant. You can imagine people are not, they’re not the happiest right?

They’re on vacation and just to show up. And it was funny, we were looking at the weather for the next few days and it’s all thunderstorms. Literally, all thunderstorms. Look. There’s nobody at the beach like in the water. You got all this seaweed and it looks brown. It looks like, you know, reminds me of like Monterrey, California. Now Monterey California is kind of cool for different reasons but, but the beach kinda looks like this.

Right? And so people are pretty disappointed, but at the same time, man, I’m just, I’m like, super stoked. I’m happy to be here. And why is that? Well, my dream for a long time was to be able to work from a laptop, right? Be able to work mobile-y. I used to write down my goals on my goal card and I used to write down all the time that I’m so happy and grateful now that I can work from anywhere in the world just with wifi and my laptop and today, that’s a dream come true.

I mean it took years and years and years and years of me running around. You’re watching this, you’re an insurance guy. Probably a dinosaur, right? Like I was. I was a dinosaur for like 17 years. Literally. In traffic, in a car, getting dressed up in the morning, putting on shoes and socks and getting dry cleaning done and right? Making sure the shirts are pressed.

Man, at times I was in Texas and it’s like 100 degrees, 110 degrees in the summer and I’m having to wear long sleeve shirts and ties and that just didn’t seem natural. Right? The back of my shirt is all sweaty as I’m going to appointments and then stuck in traffic, rush hour traffic in the morning, rush hour traffic in the afternoon and maybe that kind of rings a bell.

That’s the way that most dinosaurs, most insurance agents run their business. Now today, it’s not like that at all. Now it’s something that I had to work on it very, very hard. I bought a lot of courses. I invested in a lot of programs and courses and workshops to learn how to advertise and market myself online, how to do business online, how to do business over the phone, and today I’m able to work from anywhere in the world.

I’ll show you my little desk. Have my little desk right here. I put my laptop away. I had to put a tee shirt over it because literally there’s like a little bit of rain coming in, but I was sitting right here.

You can see my view of the brown sand and it’s now Friday afternoon. I just finished for the day, so I was able to be completely productive. We got a few new clients coming in. We have a couple of consultants that had a few clients coming in as well and it’s been a productive day. It was funny, because I was kinda laughing as I was putting my stuff away and there’s rain coming in and I’m closing the door and moving the towels and I was kind of cracking up because this is what I asked for.

This is what I wanted to do for years and years and years. I got to tell you, a day on the beach in Mexico, rainy, stormy with an ocean full of algae that you can’t even walk into beats the perfect day in rush hour traffic stuck, having to get all dressed up, face to face, driving around. Any day. The worst day on the beach is definitely better than any day stuck in traffic. Right?

So if you are an insurance agent and you find yourself being a dinosaur and you’re at a point where you know that you’re ready to be a robot. You know that you’re ready to use today’s technology to do the heavy lifting for you, do the qualifying of clients, do the educating of the clients and be able to schedule appointments for you.

We wake up to qualified appointments, ready for us to call them and give us a credit card number. And so if you’re at a point in your career where you know there is a better way, check us out. Dream Source Consulting LLC, go to our Facebook page search for us. We have over 10,000 agents following us and you can check out our YouTube channel. It’s under my name, Alberto, last name R-I-E-H-L. We’ve had over a million views over the last 30 days and check out our testimonials. We now have over 60 video testimonials just from the last 90 days that we’ve posted on there. So hope you’re having a great day. Have a wonderful weekend and let’s see if we can see a little bit better and we will talk to you on the next video.

Money Is A Reward For Service Rendered

Hey guys! Alberto Riehl. I gotta tell you, man. I’m in New York City right now. I am at the birthplace of American Democracy. It’s called the Federal Hall. Federal Hall, Birthplace of American Democracy. First capital. First President. First Congress. First freedoms. It happened right here. And I gotta tell you, we just finished our Master Mind here in New York City. We had people from all over the world. Seven figure earners, multiple seven figure earners. We had eight figure earners and multiple eight figure earners. And man, if you’re here, you’re truly blessed. All of these guys, we have them from all over the world as I said.

Some guys were from Geneva, Switzerland, France. Where else do we have guys? Australia. All the way from Australia, from Canada. And everybody wanted to come here. They’re trying to figure out ways to come here. We have guys that are getting jobs in Ireland. They have to be there for a year. Once they’re there, they can transfer, do some sort of corporate, commercial, transfer over to the US, and that’s what people are doing to be here.

So, you know, it’s kinda easy to take it for granted, right? We’re born here and we kinda whine about things not being as perfect as they could be, and sure, they’re not perfect, but you know what? They’re better than they are anywhere else. So if you’re here, I mean, the opportunities that you have are just absolutely amazing.

Now here’s the New York Stock Exchange. Let’s see how much we can see here. I’ve been here, I’ve been to New York, quite a bit of times. This is my second time this year, but I’ve never been down here, down to Wall Street, The New York Stock Exchange, and this is where capitalism at it’s finest happens. Right?

Now, one of the things we teach our guys is you have to give value. All money is is a reward for service render. I’m sure some people watching this, rolling their eyes a little bit, oh, money, money, money. And if you’re doing that, most likely you don’t have any. That’s probably why. It has to do with your relationship with money and the thing is that I learned a long time ago that all money is is a reward for service rendered. That’s it.

It’s a reward for service rendered. So if you want more money, serve more people. That’s it. Just focus on helping more people, servicing more people, and then the money will come as a by product. And you know, we have two support calls every single week, live calls, where our clients, my students, can come on, ask me as many questions as they wish. I help them through challenges that they’re having, give them examples, whatever it is that they need. And today is one of those days.

We have them on Mondays and Thursdays, usually, four pm eastern time. It’s about fifteen minutes to the call, and a lot of people said, why don’t you change it? Why don’t you cancel it? You’re touring New York City, but again, I know that money is a reward for service rendered. So I’m here to help my clients, I’m here to serve my clients, and I know because of that the cause and effect happens and business just keeps getting better and better.

So we’ll be doing our Q/A Call here, live, in about fifteen minutes. Guys, if you haven’t checked out our program yet, you should check out our Facebook page, search for us, Dream Source Consulting on Facebook. You can go to our YouTube channel, Alberto Riehl, R-I-E-H-L. You’ll have over 40 video testimonials from clients sharing about the great results that they’re getting, and really that’s all we care about. At the end of the day, there’s results. So, man, it’s getting kinda noisy. Little different to what I’m used to out here, but this is Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants, from New York City, New York Stock Exchange, and the birth place of democracy. Democracy is how you pronounce it. Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday, and have a wonderful rest of the day. Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants.

Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Hey guys, good morning. Alberto Riehl here in New York City. It is Sunday morning… make sure I don’t get hit here. It’s a little different to what I’m used to. Sunday morning on my way walking to my Mastermind. I got to tell you man it’s been an amazing, amazing event. There’s just, so many things that I’ve learned in the last couple days. Today is the last day. There’s just one thing that I’m super excited about, that I’m going to put into action actually today, tonight. I’m going to put it into action in my business, we’re going to have some great results. I think that’s a great way to tackle when you go to events like this, a lot of people, 95% of people that go to a live event, go back to work on Monday, and go back to their regular lives and don’t do anything. Less than 5% actually put it into action.

This is Anthony Robbins. Anthony Robbins was considered to be one of the best out there. He says if he can have 5% of the people that attend his seminars put it into action, it’s a great success. Why is that? People get all these ideas, and they become overwhelmed. Then, they’ll say “Well, I’ll do it later, I’ll do it later.” They go back to their daily life, and then they forget about it. I think the trick is to pick just one thing, one thing to implement. That’s what’s great about these events, if you’re going to once, that one thing can transform your entire business. One of the coolest things about it is the relationships that you build also. This is a … it’s a $30,000 buy-in to get into the mastermind you have. Everybody in there is earning seven figures. Some guys, multiple seven figures. Some guys eight figures.

I actually went to dinner last night with a guy who’s an eight-figure earner. His business did $10 million last year. He was telling me his story, and I thought “Wow.” It’s all about willingness. This guy’s name is Gabriel. Came over from Uruguay when he was 22 years old. Came into Miami. He had it tough. The guy didn’t have anything, his job was picking up trash at the beach, so that’s his job, picking up trash at the beach. This is Park Avenue, I got the MetLife building in the background there. I think there might be a little bit of money in insurance, right? Then right behind me, you see the Waldorf, that’s the famous Waldorf Astoria. It’s being renovated again. If you have any doubt that there’s any money in the insurance industry, the Waldorf Astoria broke a record, just got bought by a Chinese insurance company, paid, I think was $2 billion, the most they’ve ever paid for a hotel.

There’s plenty of money in our industry. But going back to Gabriel. It’s all about willingness. Most people are not willing to do what it takes to be successful in business. This guy was picking up trash at the beach, that’s what he did. Then, he was waiting tables and bussing tables. At one point, he told me about his apartment had nothing in it, a little studio apartment, nothing in it. He’s sleeping on the floor. Then, his girlfriend is supporting him, helping him out. He’s chasing his dream the whole time. He knew he could make some money online, e-commerce. People are telling him to get realistic. You guys ever heard that? His friends, his family, his wife is saying “Honey, please, get a job, get a job.”

His father-in-law. Would you imagine your wife’s dad sits you down and says “Look, man. It’s time to start acting like a man and get a job so you can support your family.” He’s like “No, you don’t understand. There’s potential.” He’s talking about business online, and earning millions of dollars. He was like “Dude, you’re crazy. You’re delusional. You’re crazy.” He’s like “No, I know I can do it. I know I can do it.” He’s taking credit cards out, he’s in debt, he told me I think it was five credit cards all maxed out. He’s down to his last $500 on a credit card. His last $500.

Finally, boom, something hits. Puts in $500 into Facebook, ends up making $8,000 back. Finally, something hits. He just kept scaling, scaling. Guys, this is at the end of 2016. The guy was going after his dream. He’s 36 today. He was going after his dream for 14 years before anything happened. 14 years of heartache, 14 years of let-downs, 14 years of setbacks, of failures. That’s the way most people see it. He saw it as a learning curve. He talks about that. I got to tell you. 14 years, are you willing to go through that heartache and fights with the spouse, and the family, your family thinking you’re crazy for 14 years?

But I got to tell you, at the end of 2016, that’s when things popped for him. Last year, in 2017, his first full year, he did over $10 million in business. Now, the same people that were saying he was crazy, are his biggest supporters of course. He got to buy his wife the dream house that she always wanted. The mother-in-law that said he was crazy got to buy her, her dream car, a Mercedes that she always wanted. Is it worth it? Is all that stuff worth it? Absolutely, guys, absolutely.

The night before I went to dinner with a guy named Josh. You probably heard of him, he’s one of the biggest marketers online, you see him everywhere. He earned over $4 million last year. He’s telling me more in depth about his story, how again, it created all kinds of frictions with his wife, with his marriage. He’s going after this big dream, everybody around him things he’s crazy. Boom, today, amazing life, they moved to Florida, they grew up in, gosh where was it? One of the very cold places up north, maybe you’re watching up north. I think it was … Gosh, I can’t remember. Iowa or one of those states. Again, now they have their dream home, beautiful kids, gosh, bought the wife a Maserati.

Now, that’s not what it’s about, but it’s the time freedom that they have now, the financial freedom, and they’re all giving back. It’s funny, because I get people on my posts all the time saying “Oh yeah, fake story. Here’s another guy that went through a rough time. Everybody goes through a rough time. Everybody sleeps on a buddy’s couch,” which I had to do. I was sharing my story, and we’re laughing now. We’re laughing. That’s what brings character. But at the time, it’s not so funny. But yeah, I did, I slept on a buddy’s couch for months. My wife, pregnant, had to move back in with her mom. We’re 3,000 miles away from each other. I’m working seven days a week. I got stumped on two-year-old leads, final expense leads.

If any of you guys have worked final expense, you know that’s the bottom of the barrel, you don’t get into the insurance business to sell final expense. Making little $300 sales. I’m calling on people that, again, leads that were two years old. These are seniors, these are low-income seniors, very unhealthy. I’m knocking on doors, and I’m asking for John, “May I speak with John?” They’re like “Who wants to know?” “Alberto, he sent in this thing.” They’re like “That must be a long time ago, because John’s been dad for six months.” You know, that happened to me all the time. I got chased by pit bulls. I don’t know what it is about that area, I was in Hawaii, where it seemed like everybody had a pit bull, working seven days a week from early morning until the sun came down.

I was told by locals “Hey man, you shouldn’t be here anymore, sun’s going down, it’s not safe for you to be here.” That’s what I had to do, borrowing my friend’s car to get there, a little Ford Ranger with no air conditioning. This is Hawaii, guys, I was sweating, my back is full of sweat, because I’m showing up to people’s houses hoping that they answer the door seven days a week. That’s what I had to do. Old, stumped on leads with wrong numbers, and people were dead. But that’s what I had to do to get to where we are today.

Most people I talk to, we talk to hundreds of agents every month, hundreds of them, every month with our guys. There’s people in tough situations, tough situations. But what are they doing? They’re just standing back at home hoping and praying that things somehow get better. Somehow they get better. They’re not willing to do anything. We tell them, it’s like “Look, man. Right now all you have is time. You don’t have any money. You have time. Use that.” Like, no, they’re just sitting on the couch, hoping something falls onto their lap. They’re just not willing to do it. Guys, that’s the price of admission, that’s what you have to do.

The other secret about it is that if you want to stay on top, and stay in business, then that never ends. It never ends. The sacrifices are a little bit different. Like right now, we’re in New York City at Sunday morning, most people are with their family, right? Sunday morning. Flew in from Southern California. Southern California to New York City, it’s like a six-hour flight. Six-hour flight, price of admission to the mastermind pretty high. Airline tickets to get over here, hotels in New York are pretty expensive. But that’s the price that we must continue to pay to stay on top and stay in business.

Now, the good news is, very few people are willing to pay it. If you’re one of those few people, then congratulations, man. I’ll see you at the top. If you’re not, then think about why is it that I’m doing this? There has to be something bigger than you. Maybe it’s for the family, maybe it’s to get back to your community, or maybe it’s to your church. But it’s something that has to be bigger than you that makes you want to do whatever it takes. People always ask “What does it take?” Whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter. We decided that “Yes, I’m going to get this, I’m going to make my business successful.” That’s the only decision made. After that it’s whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to be successful, I’m going to do.

Sunday morning, from New York City, guys. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Alberto Riehl, talk to you soon.

Little Man, Big Perception

Ryder Riehl: What?

Alberto Riehl: What did you just say about our room? What did you say about it?

Ryder Riehl: I don’t know.

Alberto Riehl: When we walked in.

Hotel Staff: Excuse me.

Alberto Riehl: Hello.

Ryder Riehl: That’s ours.

Hotel Staff: Yeah, that’s yours. Okay.

Alberto Riehl: Thank you so much.

Hotel Staff: My pleasure.

Alberto Riehl: Thank you.

Hotel Staff: My pleasure.

Alberto Riehl: All right. Alberto Riehl, and just got to Miami. We’re here for the Miami Open. I love my son, Ryder’s, perception of things. We walk in. What did you say about the room, buddy? Did you say it was big or did you say it was small?

Ryder Riehl: Small.

Alberto Riehl: Small. Now, we’re upgraded. This is our hotel room, so we walk in, and we’re at the Conrad Miami. I’ve never stayed a Conrad before, so I thought we would try it out. We’ve got a nice little full kitchen here, refrigerator, right? We’ve got a nice living area.

Ryder Riehl: That’s a small room.

Alberto Riehl: Yeah, it’s tiny. It is. I love your perception. We’ve got a nice work area here, desk. Can’t see the ocean. It’s also the, they consider it the best view.

Ryder Riehl: I can see the ocean.

Alberto Riehl: We have-

Ryder Riehl: Daddy, I can see the ocean with the boats.

Alberto Riehl: You can see the ocean with the boats.

Ryder Riehl: Yep.

Alberto Riehl: Can kind of see, okay. There we go. There we go. You can see the bay view there. Then, we’ve got the bedroom here. It’s nothing huge, nice little walk-in closet, but definitely not your typical little hotel room. Here’s a nice tub.

Ryder Riehl: Nice tub.

Alberto Riehl: Nice big bathroom. We’ve got a shower. So it’s a decent little place. But I wasn’t planning on filming this, but it’s so great, I mean, here again is the kitchen again. It goes back around to the living area. But when he walked in, when Ryder walked in, the very first thing he said was, what a small room. And I thought, wow, that is so awesome.

Alberto Riehl: That is so awesome because for most people, they would walk into this room and be totally amazed, right? Totally amazed, and wow, what an amazing suite, and so forth. My son’s perception is, what’s a small room. So what is your perception of a room that looks like this? If it’s something that, what a wow, what a huge room, maybe it’s time to start rethinking the people that you’re hanging out with, the type of actions that you’re taking in your business, and start thinking a little bit bigger, like this little man right here, right? Got a big thinker right here. Look at this tiny little hotel room. What are we going to do tomorrow? Are we going to watch some tennis? Here from the Miami Open, guys, Alberto and Ryder Riehl. Oh, that sounds cool, Ryder Riehl’s rants. See you next time

Razors Edge =$200K+

Alberto Riehl: Where we leaving from? What did we just watch? Tennis? Was is the final for the trophy? Yeah? And who won?

Ryder: Isner.

Alberto Riehl: Isner. Who did you want to win?

Ryder: Sascha.

Alberto Riehl: Sascha. It was close though, huh? It was a good match. Three sets, tie breaker. Right?

Ryder: Yeah.

Alberto Riehl: Going back to the hotel after a great weekend of tennis. Right? And guys, it’s amazing how close the match was. John Isner and Sascha went to three sets, right?

Ryder: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Alberto Riehl: Three sets. There was a total of 204 points played. 204 points. What, about two and half hours they played, nonstop. The difference was six points. That’s it. Isner won six points more than Sascha did, so it reminded me of the Razor’s edge which my mentor, Bob Proctor, talks about all the time. He has a whole chapter on it in his book, You Were Born Rich. The razor’s edge, just that little bit more. That little extra can make such a huge difference. Six points was the difference between the entire match, but the payday was huge, right? Isner won 1.4 million dollars for winning the tournament. Sascha Zverev won about $600,000. So less than half. Just six points. I mean, what does that make each point worth? Quite a bit, right?

Alberto Riehl: It’s amazing how that razor’s edge can make all the difference in the world in our business as well. In our group, with the average sale, just one little extra sale a week. One little extra sale a week is just under $200,000 a year extra. Just that little razor’s edge. Just a little bit more effort. Get that one … just one sale in an entire week out of all the appointments. Just one little extra sale earns our guys almost 200 grand. We’ve all been there before. We know it’s so close, right? We know that our prospects should be investing with us. They should be doing an application, but for some reason they’re not. But we can tell, it’s so close. It’s right there.

Alberto Riehl: Remember that next time you’re in that situation and just maybe give them one extra option. Maybe drop the price a little bit. Maybe get them started with a little less coverage. Give them that as an option. That can make a big difference at the end of the year. $200,000, razor’s edge. So last match of the tournament. We’re all done, buddy. What are we gonna do now [Ryder 00:02:35]? What did you want to do? Uh-oh. Sugar. Sugar’s wearing out. You getting tired? No? He never gets tired. So guys, next time you’re that close to a sale just give it a little bit extra effort. It can make a couple hundred thousand a year difference. We’ll see you next time.

Shave 20 hours Off Your Work Week And Feel Great!

Hey guys. Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants here. And today is day six, and the last day of my juice cleanse. Man, I gotta tell you, huge turnaround. I think if you watch the last couple videos, that things were already turning around. But, today I have plenty of energy, I’m focused, I can finally talk again. My voice came back and I’m pretty excited about it. You know, my senses are through the roof. I can smell everything. I can taste everything. And one of things I wanted to share with you is how to be very focused with our time. I’m going to share with you the number one biggest hack, I guess we can call it. The one thing that I did that has created the most free time for me. So, I can focus back onto my business.

Now, we’ve got to realize. We all have 24 hours in the day. Right? 24 hours in the day. Why is it that some people can produce 1,000 times more, than other people. Well, they’re able to delegate, right? We don’t focus our time on doing day to day things. And running errands and all that kind of stuff. You can see right now, our pool guy, just came in, right so if you’re cleaning your pool, if you’re maintaining your pool, if you’re doing that, you shouldn’t. You need to find a way to pay somebody else to do it so you can work on your business and make ten times more.

It’s funny Grant Cardone, I was watching one of his videos recently. I was already thinking about doing this, where he talks about, “I never wash my Rolls Royce.” He said why would I was my Rolls Royce? I pay somebody $20 to do it. And then I figure out how to make $200 while he’s washing my car. And that’s the same thing that you should do.

So, the number one thing that has made the biggest difference is finding somebody to cook for me. You know, number one, very healthy meals. I’m going to show you real quick, we have, I was able to find a vegan chef. And her manager just came in. She’s designing a perfect menu, nutritious, balanced. Just for myself. To help me with focus. To help me with performance. You know, in today’s world we’re always looking for a way to get the edge. And while most people are practicing scripts and stuff like that, sure great. Nutrition is one of the most important things.

So, I want to show you real quick, what’s going on here. Let me see. They don’t know that I’m doing this. So, there’s our dining area, we’ll walk backwards into our kitchen. And look at all the fresh vegetables. You’ve got expert vegan cook right here, making some nice balanced meals for us.

Yeah, we’ve got the menu being designed right here. And so, what’s nice about that is, in the old days when I used to see people have a chef do that, I thought, “What are they? Are they too good? Are they too good to cook their own meals?” And in reality, yes. You should not be cooking your own meals. Think about it, right?

Everyday beforehand, I think about, I get hungry, and I get hungry like five times a day, literally. So, I’m hungry, go to my fridge, what do I have to eat? Is there something good there? Open the fridge, nothing there. Go to the pantry, something to, “I don’t know, maybe I’ll have some of this,” and I have to think too, “Okay, I need some protein, I need some carbs, not too much carbs, I need a little bit of fat.” I want to make sure that I’m healthy so I get the fuel and man, it takes so much brain power.

Now, the latest brain science says that we have a certain amount of brain energy every day and most of us are wasting it on driving around, and washing cars, and pulling weeds, and washing our pool, and cooking, and doing all that kind of stuff. We should not be doing that. We should not be doing that. And Steve Jobs was an extremist, right? He took it to a total extreme Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, if you remember, he would wear the same outfit every time, dark shirt, which he had custom made. Dark, it was like a black turtle neck and Levi jeans. He wore the same thing. He went to his closet he had 30 of them and people would ask him, “Well, why do you wear the same thing every day?” He said, “There’s only a certain amount of mental energy that I have per day. I don’t want to waste any of it thinking, “What am I going to wear today? What about this shirt? Does this go with these pants? What about the shoes?” He said, “I don’t want to waste mental energy on that. I want to put 100% of it focused on my business. Focused on product development. Focused on adding value to the community.

So, that’s what we should be today. Again, thinking about, “What am I going to eat?” And then thinking about it and then cooking it or putting it together and it doesn’t taste that good and it’s kind of healthy, but maybe not that healthy and finally eat it and then cleaning up, right? Cleaning up plates and all that kind of stuff. I mean how much time does that take? A good hour, per meal? I eat four, five times a day, that’s four hours a day. Let’s say four hours a day, times five, right? Your regular work week. That’s 20 hours a week that I just freed up. 20 hours a week that I can focus on my business. 20 hours a week I can focus on being more productive, making our product better, adding more value to our community, adding more value to our clients, and man, that gives us an unfair advantage and at the same time one of the great things that I’ve noticed over the last couple days is, there’s no slump after lunch, right?

I remember the old days, I used to have a big Starbucks in the morning, and then early afternoon I’d have one of those 5-hour energy things, just to be able to kind of level me off after lunch so I wouldn’t fall asleep. Has that every happened to you?

So that’s another great thing about it, is there’s no spikes and valleys when you’re eating a balanced meal the way you’re supposed to. You’re focused. Your stamina goes through the roof. You can work longer, harder, more concentration than your competition. So, guys this is the number one thing that I recommend is get yourself a chef that can give you those 20 hours back. That’s 20 hours a week back I don’t have to drive anywhere, eating gas, and waiting for food, and paying for food, and waiting for a bill, and all that kind of stuff. Done. Come to my house, ready to go, I’m working, I say, “Oh, I’m hungry,” I go to the fridge, freshly prepared meal, right? Perfectly balanced for me so I can perform at the highest level possible, and boom, I’m done.

So, think about that guys. Think about how can you get rid of stuff throughout the day? How do you delegate it? One of the trainings that I’m doing right now for our guys is, our guys are at a point where they’re giving other appointment setting to an appointment setter. We should not be on the phones either so, they’re sitting 100% of their time in front of decision maker. Imagine what that would do for your business. If you only spent time in front of decision maker. That’s it. No paper work, no appointment setting, no follow up, no underwriting, no administrative stuff, none of that. And that’s what we’re getting at. We keep pushing the envelope every time. So, right now, finish my juice cleanse, six days. I could tell you, but my watch is nice and loose. It’s amazing. I lost eight pounds by the way. Feeling good. Feeling healthy. Can’t wait to get my vegan meals. I’ll keep you updated and guys just keep looking for ways to simplify your life.

Delegate. Have somebody else do the things that you don’t need to do so you can be more productive in your business and gives you an unfair advantage. Little windy here today, little sea breeze. Alberto, Riehl’s Rants. See you on the next video.

Don’t Let Your Kids School Get In The Way Of Their Education

Hey, guys. Alberto and who else? Rider and Skyler and we’re gonna be talking about ‘do not let school get in the way of your kids’ education,’ right? You guys having fun on this trip?


Yeah, so we’re in Playa Carmen. We’re at the Hyatt, Grand Hyatt. Man, it’s still a little early, I guess. Can’t really see the ocean in the background. I think you can hear it. Let’s go to the kids’ camp, guys. Follow me.

So we’re going to be going over to the kids’ camp. They want to go hang out there. They were there yesterday. Go through our room. This is the living area, a little bit of a mess, pulled out the couch and then we have the other side, the bedroom. But I want to talk about that. Let’s go, guys.

I’ll never let school get in the way of my kids’ education. The first time I heard that was, man, well over 10 years ago, way before I was a dad and it was a very successful client that said it and when he said it to me, I didn’t know what he meant. I was very surprised. We were on Maui and he was visiting Maui with his kids. His kids were early teenagers, 12, 14 years old and he said that. I was surprised. I grew up with the old, “Get a good education,” right? Get good grades. Get a good job, all that kind of crap that you hear out there and so when he said that to me, I was a little taken. I didn’t know what to think about it.

Today, I exactly know what he thought about it. They’ve done studies where you ask your kid …

You guys remember what you got for Christmas last year?


What’d you get?

Snow globe.

Snow globe? For Christmas? Do you remember what you had for Christmas?



I had a doll.

A doll? What kind of doll? Which doll?

I don’t know.

Which kind of doll did you get? Did you really get a doll?


So this is live, raw, uncut. Kids are very unpredictable.

I got three cars, and a yo-yo

Three cars? And a yo-yo. Okay, these kids remember everything.

They’ve done studies where the kids don’t remember what you give them for Christmas. Ask them this, just a few months after Christmas, ask them what they got and most kids won’t remember. I guess my kids remember, so who knows who did that study?

But they do remember when you took them on the trip, the time that you spend with them, the places that you take them. Take them on a holiday, take them on vacation, whatever part of the world you’re seeing this. They remember exactly what they did. It’s very, very educational, right? Same thing with high school. They say what? Less than 10% we remember after high school?

Travel is one of the most mind expanding experiences we can have. You guys are learning Spanish, right? No?



Oh my goodness. So, we’re now going to Camp Hyatt. They love to go to this little place. They have all kinds of different games, air hockey and they have bunch of educational stuff too. They learned about the local culture and this is the way, they’ve done studies, they’ll actually remember everything that they learned.

One of the sad things that we noticed yesterday, is that we came here, we’ll see how it is today, but there was no other kids. I mean this is a huge resort. I asked, “Well, where are all the kids?”

They said, “Well, school’s back in session, so all the kids are back in school.”

So, let’s see. We’re gonna get them checked in to Camp Hyatt real quick. They know where they’re going. They’re ahead of me. I’m following them now. And we’ll see if there’s other kids here today.

It’s a pretty cool place. Look, they got a huge outdoor area to play. We’re going inside, and cool place here. We get them check in.

So, you can see they got a whole huge area, toys, educational games. I have to go to a whole different place. They got costumes over here.

What’s the one thing missing? What’s missing here guys? Where are all the kids? Where are all the kids at?

I have a giant unicorn.

Oh, you got a giant unicorn at home, huh?

But, it’s way bigger than this.

So, I think all the kids are back in school, in that assembly line type education that hasn’t changed in over 100 years, right? That education that was designed to produce workers for the assembly lines, people that don’t really … They don’t really teach about critical thinking, or decision making, or goal setting, which I believe is one of the most important things.

My kids are learning a different language and where in the old days IQ was very important, in today’s world, emotional IQ is the most important thing. How we can use our emotions for us, instead of against us, right?

Most people are there are using them against them and having to take some pills or something to just be able to control them a little bit, manage them. But we can use our emotions in our favor, to have that motivation, put us into action so we can get the positive results.

Studies show that learning another language, people that are bilingual or speak three languages, use parts of the brain that are not used by people that only speak one language. That helps with emotional IQ.

I’m gonna go ahead and get this signed real quick.

See you guys. Have fun. You’re about to go to Hash Tag, okay?

So, one of the big advantages that we have now guys, in today’s world, is that we can travel and do our business, right? With today’s technology, we have insurance guys, so many insurance guys that are clients of ours that are traveling all over the world and doing business all over the world, right? All we need today, to run a virtual agency, is internet connection, phone and that’s it.

And the good news is; right now, it’s the worse it’ll ever be, right? Technology only keeps getting faster, more reliable, more ubiquitous, is that a word? I shouldn’t use big words. Fucking everything, right? It’s everywhere. And it’s gonna keep getting more affordable and so that’s what great, is that today, we run our business completely virtually. We can be anywhere in the world and business keeps going.

One of the amazing things is, we had one of our team members this week, unfortunately had a family emergency I guess it was. It was a death in the family. He’s from New York and he was able to fly back to New York from California, go across the country and didn’t miss a beat. He was gone all week, being able to support the people that he care about, friends, family, when they needed it. And at the same time, he did his work in New York the entire time. Pretty cool, right?

So, if you’re still out there grinding it out in traffic, the way I used to, getting all dressed up. There’s a couple of reasons why that might be okay.

Number one, there’s some people that love it. Some people that genuinely love it. We have guys in our group that say, “I love it. I love getting dressed up. I don’t want to be working from the comfort of my home. I like getting in traffic. I like meeting new people. I like being skin to skin.”

Great. If that’s the case, then great. Keep doing it, right?

And then there’s other people, where I was, where I had the dream of working my business virtually, like I do today, from places like this.

But you know what? It took a long time of grinding it out to get there, but I had the vision. I had the goal very clear in my mind.

Maybe you’re that person and that’s totally okay. I used to work 8, probably like 7:30 in the morning till about 7:00-8:00 at night, grinding it out, driving around, seeing clients and then I’d get home, 7:30-8:00, eat something. Then, from 8:00 till midnight, I was working on my virtual business, right?

Checking out different courses, creating landing pages, doing tests. Till finally, something clicked and man, it was like the shackles got taken off. Now I can do business anywhere in the world. And guys, it’ the most amazing thing.

So, anyways, Alberto, from Playa Carmen, the Hyatt. You gotta check out this place, pretty nice place. Just left the kids at Camp Hyatt. They’re over there by themselves. They were asking for it and asking for it, like, “Please can we go back to the camp?” They really have a good time there. And so, again, we don’t let the school get in the way of our kids’ education. They are missing a little bit of school, but they’re getting a whole lot more educated and learning a whole lot more. So, anyways guys, Alberto,  and we’ll see you on the next video.

You’ve Won The Lottery And Don’t Even Know It

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl. It’s, man it’s Sunday morning. It’s early, it’s about 6:30 AM, and I am in Havana, Cuba. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time. I get this out, I’m whispering, it’s early. We’re staying at a hotel here, which was kind of a nice little discovery. They just built this thing, it’s called the Grand Manzana. If you ever come to Havana, Cuba, you have to stay at the Grand Manzana. It’s the only five star plus, they call it.

We actually checked out of our last place, which was a five star. We were told it was the very best, and I talked about it on a different video, we don’t know what we don’t know, right? And that was actually given to us by a professional. But I’m on my way to the gym, as I always do, no matter what, in the morning, take care of myself, put myself in the right mental state. Same thing for our body, very, very important.

And as I was, I’ve been here for the last couple of days, we’re gonna be leaving today. And I really thought about how blessed we are. If you’re in the U.S. right now, or any of the other countries we do business in now, we’re in what, six countries now? Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Wales … Get in this elevator here. We truly are, we’re so blessed. We won the lottery. We can pretty much do whatever we want, business wise.

We can start our own business, have the opportunity to really provide for our families, where in a place like this, where we are in Cuba, these guys are … It’s amazing, the internet that I have is horrible, it’s all done by the government. It’s all regulated by the government. We’ll go this way. I’m on the top floor now, the pool. And they just don’t have the freedoms that we’ve grown very accustomed to.

Look at this, I wish you could see, there’s a lot of history, you can see these buildings behind me. But there’s also so much poverty. The people really here, kinda have their hands tied. There’s not a lot that they can do. And it’s funny, ’cause we hear people complaining and stuff, all the time in the U.S., let’s see, you can see a lot of the buildings around here, got the sun coming up now, in my face.

But I also wanna talk about controlling our attitude, because in the U.S., man it’s amazing how I just hear so many people complaining. And they’re complaining about things like traffic. They’re complaining about things like at the checkout, people taking too long. They’re complaining about what they watch on the news. They’re just complaining. And here, people have nothing.

And I wonder if you can see, just outside my door what it looks like. There’s no maintenance. You can see, look at the buildings in the background. Everything is kinda torn to shreds, like somebody was bombed. But man, the people here are happier than the people in the U.S., as far as I can see. People are singing, people are laughing. Everywhere we went, employees of the hotel, everybody’s laughing, everybody’s having a good time.

People are dancing. Music is a big part. And I really thought, “Wow, we really do control our mindset, and our happiness.” Happiness is a choice. And so, if you were born in the U.S., or any of these other countries I mentioned, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, really realize how blessed we are. I mean, we really, we won the lottery. We can do whatever it is that we want. We won the lottery.

It’s time to stop complaining, and just get to fucking work. That’s all you gotta do. You work. Work hard, it takes very, very hard work, but we have that opportunity. And if you ever start feeling down about yourself, or start thinking, “Oh, why me,” think about the other places in the world, that have absolutely no options. And really, realize how lucky you are, and how blessed we are.

So, this is Alberto, Riehl’s Rants, and I really hope you’re waking up today feeling grateful. Look at the things that you’re grateful for, maybe make a list, a gratitude list is something that’s very important. And we’ll see you on the next video.

Check Out My Ride!

Hey, guys. Alberto Riehl here and in this video, I’m gonna be showing you my ride. You guys keep asking me, “What do you drive? What’s your ride look like? Is it a Ferrari, right? Is it a Mercedes?” I was like, “No, no. You gotta think bigger than that.” I get people asking, “It must be a Lamborghini or a Bentley or a Bucadi.” What is it called? A Bugatti, right? A Bugatti. I was like, “No, no. You gotta think bigger than that, guys.” Let me know you. Porsche 911. Used to have one of those. Not anymore. So let’s get over to my carport here and I’ll show you this little baby here. Now you gotta work your way up to one of these bad boys. Here it is. Oh yeah. So guys, this is a 2016 Go [Carito 00:00:48] is what they call it here and I gotta tell you, man. It doesn’t just roll off the assembly line like this. Let me go around this bad boy, this beauty. You can see you’ve got storage here in the back. You can put maybe a gallon of milk, maybe two in there.

So I got plenty of storage for the family. Orange. That’s Ferrari orange we got there. Look at these wheels. That’s how I roll. Those are 12s. Maybe they’re 10s. I don’t know and these are the monster tires. You can’t really tell. These can go on sand. You can take it anywhere that you want. Now this is a little spring celebration that just happened. First day of spring just happened about a week ago and so my kids put that on there. So let me keep going around again, guys. No, it doesn’t just roll off the assembly line like this. I got the custom made aftermarket, what do you call that thing in the front right here. Really nice thing in the front. Little dirty there. But it’s okay. You probably want to look under the hood. Actually, it’s under the seat. Bam. Look at that. You got 8 1/2, maybe 9 horses under there. You got a big 12 volt battery and it’s mostly a gas tank. I don’t know how many gallons, maybe two, three gallons. Cost me a couple dollars to fill it up and it literally lasts me over 30 days.

We use this thing to take the kids to school, pick them up from soccer practice, take them to tennis, everything and it lasts over a month. Now getting in it now so I can show you a couple other things we gotta have mandatory. This is your kid emergency kit. What do you have in there? You got diapers. You have wipes. You have ointments and all sorts of, I don’t know, cleaner type things. Now for the emergencies, we have a six month old baby. You gotta have the wipes. You don’t have enough time to open up the emergency kit. This is for super quick access. Just bam. You got the wipes, right? You have kids. You know about that. What else we got here? Grape seed oil, natural oil. This is a whole, it’ll be a different video. Let’s go ahead and fire this baby up. Ooh, look. I’ve got rear view mirrors. Make sure it’s legal. Safety first. Gonna fire this baby up. Put it into reverse. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So here we go, backing up, backing up. Fire this bad boy up. Ooh, you hear those? You hear a purring?

That’s eight, nine horses right there. Let’s go ahead and put it in gear. Here we go. Watch this. Watch this. It just goes zero to 12 in 12 seconds. Oh yeah. This baby just goes. So again, guys, just wanted to show you what it looks like when I ride. 2016 Go Cartito and now we will see you on the next video. Alberto Riehl.

Delegating daddy duties?

Hey guys, Alberto. I’m leaving the bank here. I’m in Cancun, Mexico. Citibank Mex. I guess there one bank is one now. You can see Citibank Mex. Maybe Citi bought them out. I am in downtown Cancun. If you’re looking for a vacation spot, this is not it. This is not where you come. Definitely would not recommend it. I am here; it is Thursday, about 10:30AM. We are getting a passport for my daughter, Riley. Need a Mexican passport. Riley was born five months ago, and this is something that’s necessary for her to do. So, anyways, it’s kind of funny the way that things get done here. I assumed I could pay them at the government place. Nope, you can’t pay them at the place. You gotta go to a bank, so I just walked down to a bank, a couple blocks. I asked a taxi. Taxi wouldn’t take me. Guess it wasn’t long enough. It was only a couple blocks, but I wanted somebody to take me.


It’s funny because I just posted about a Predictable Premium Life. That’s happening in Las Vegas, April 27th through the 29th. It’s a weekend, and I just had one of our memberships ask, “Hey, why not do it during the week? Family first.” Sorry, buddy. I completely agree, man. Family first. Always family first. I actually put God comes first. After God comes family. After that comes health, and then after that comes business. Way, way, way down there, down the pipes. I completely agree with you, but I’ll share with you a couple ideas because I completely understand. Alberto Riehl: I just spent a week in Southern California, Laguna Beach, and I call it my think week. My think week is something I need to get quiet, where there is no kids, there is no family, and I can focus on my work. But you know what’s great is I can come back and be a better dad because of that. I’ll just give you a couple ideas that I use. The two days before I left, I got the kids out of school. I’ll never let my kids’ school get in the way of their education. Actually, today’s Thursday. They’re out of school today again. My mom just came in town last night. You guys wanna hang out with grandma? Yep! Okay, no school today, so they’re hanging out with grandma, and grandma’s very happy. Alberto Riehl: We got a hotel, the JW Marriott, and that I do recommend. It’s very nice. And we spent forty-eight hours, couple night there before I left with the family, because I was only gonna be gone for six days, but, yeah, you’re absolutely right. I wanted to absolutely hang out with them before I did that. So the reason why I’m doing my three day weekend event – I think maybe I’m getting lost going back to the government office here – is, I’m just following a proven process. Like anything that I do, anything that I teach, I teach a process; a system that works. This is gonna be my first live event, and I’m not gonna wing it, right? Most people are out there winging it. I’m actually following a process that works very, very well. And so that’s what I’m doing man. I don’t have to make any decisions. I don’t have to think about it. I just do the process, and that’s what I preach. That’s what I do. I think I might be a little lost right now. Think I missed a little turn right here. Gonna turn around.


But I completely agree – family first. Right? Family first before business. That’s why we do this. Let’s see, which is the way? I really think I’m lost. Plus I’m trying to film this, and you know what I tried to do? Maybe I should call this video Delegating Daddy Duty. So we gotta go sit in this government office. It seems like it’s air conditioning, so that’s kinda good. But you should see the crowd of people. We’ll see if we can get there soon enough for you guys to see the crowd of people.


I tried to delegate daddy duty, meaning I did everything I could til I was like, wait a minute. This thing takes four hours? I gotta go wait somewhere and sit somewhere for four hours? Think I’m lost. I thought there has to be an expediting way. Can I pay more money? Can I expedite this? And they said no. The paternal dad, the real dad, has to be there. The good news is, I’m the real dad. That’s the good news. Bad news is I gotta go sit in this place for about three or four hours. I figured I’ll do something productive, and here it is, man. Alberto Riehl:


So absolutely, man, family first. That’s why we do what we do, when we do. Our event is Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Why not take off Tuesday, Wednesday. Hang out with the family. We have a couple guys that are very – of course their faith is very important, right? And they don’t do anything on Sunday, and guess what? They’re gonna be there for Friday and Saturday only. Saturday night they fly back to their family, back to be with the family and go to their church. I think that’s something that’s very important. There’s a lot of people today that try to delegate their daddy duties. Right? Ooh, I found it. This looks familiar. Alberto Riehl: They delegate their daddy duties, right? They got somebody picking up the kids at school. They have their kids in daycare all day long. Man, that just seems weird to me. All day long, have somebody else raising their kids so that they can go make that money. Right? Go make that money. Paying for this huge mortgage they can barely afford, for a house that’s empty all day long. Right? House is empty all day long. Why are you even paying that mortgage on the house? Definitely right there with you, my friend, and most of our members do this so we can be better dads. So we can delegate. Today, my biggest commitment this year, at the beginning of the year, it’s now March 6, is I’m only working 25 hours a week. Five hours a day. Focused work. Five hours, focused work. Now, studies show that people that work a forty hour work week, the actual work is less than twenty-five hours. Right? They’re going around the, what do they call it, the water cooler, and they’re doing all these things – emails, checking their phones, notifications – so they’re not really working, so I believe in doing great focused work. Alberto Riehl: Here. I am not back and I’ll kinda show you what I have to manage. There’s my beautiful Sarah, and the baby. This is why we’re here, and there’s still a lot of people here. This is what we’re doing today.


So, anyways guys, when you think about delegating daddy duties, you know, some of this stuff we should really be doing ourselves. When it comes to business, I say delegate everything. Delegate everything. Figure out your hourly wage. Figure out what you’re worth hourly, and anything that’s worth less, delegate it. When I was in Laguna Beach last week, I went to Mastro’s, one of my favorite place, and I got an Uber black. Some of my friends were like, dude, why would you do that. You have a car there. Why not drive? That was in Newport Beach, so it took about half an hour to get there. Half an hour to get there; half an hour back. Alberto Riehl: I know that when I’m working, I’m earning about $1500 an hour, right? Fifteen hundred dollars an hour that’s net profit. Uber costs me sixty, seventy bucks each way. That’s a hundred and forty bucks an hour. I work the whole time, so I exchanged $140 to Uber, which is tax deductible, and I worked the whole hour for fifteen hundred. I got a ten to one return on my investment on my Uber ride. Isn’t that awesome? That’s the way we should be thinking, but when it comes to being a daddy, there’s just some things, guys, that we just can’t delegate. So I’m gonna come sit in my seat over here, humble myself, and be the good daddy that I do my best to be every day. We’ll see you guys next time.