Mr. Incredible: All right. So, welcome everyone. This is Mr. Incredible. I’m here with one of our clients at Predictable Premium, Brian. Brian, thanks a lot, man, for spending a couple of minutes with us to share your experience so far.
I just wanted to ask you, what’s been your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Brian: Well, I think this industry can get you in the weeds really fast. You can try to do too many things at once and I think whenever you start to spread yourself thin like that, you end up not doing a whole lot at all, so it’s been really nice having a very specific way to do things. The literal title of this program is what really got me engaged.
So, when you’ve got a system that you can follow step by step and the only person you really have to keep accountable is yourself, that’s pretty powerful. That’s the biggest piece is that you gotta help on this journey.
Mr. Incredible: Yeah. Awesome, man. Awesome. Yeah.
Most guys try to do what I used to do and kind of muscle it all on their own, right, with hard work and not a real good precess and one of the things that we provide is a systematic approach and let the process do the heavy lifting for us so we no longer have to do that ourselves, like Mr. Incredible here.
Well, cool, man. And what’s been your biggest takeaway so far?
Brian: I think that own I think all too often. I’ve been in the industry about four years or so, but all too often, we can put a lot of illustrations and complicated numbers in front of our prospects or clients and they don’t relate to that. They are not going to understand that, or at least not the typical one unless you’re dealing with an engineer or an accountant. So, you have to put very simple concepts in front of people that they can actually relate to. Then, I think your convergence is going to grow a lot more, that you can be a more trustworthy person as a result, and I think that goes a long way.
I mean, I used to put pages and pages in front of customers. They just don’t respond to that. You’ve got to put simple concepts that actually work in front of people.
Mr. Incredible: Yeah. Absolutely. That’s one of the things we do is we keep things very simple. Somebody called it, “Insurance for humans,” the other day. We just speak their language, make them feel good, they understand it, they feel smart, we make them feel smart, they like us, they get a certain level of confidence. We all need a certain level of confidence to make a decision. They make a decision and of course the decision is, “Okay. Yeah, Brian. Let’s go ahead and do some business,” and we typically do that in one appointment. So, that’s awesome, man.
Well, I appreciate your time, especially on Halloween and we’ll see you on the call, buddy.
Brian: Sounds good.