Alberto: So guys this is Alberto Riehl here, and I’m here with one of our clients David. One of our clients with Predictable Premium. David thanks for taking a couple minutes man, just to share with us what’s been going on with you. And really, the first question, just wanted to ask, you know, what’s your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far? Whoa!
David: Wow! I guess just listening to the angle that your going at. In regards to selling on the first appointment, ’cause I’ve been trained for the last few years that you know? It’s a two call close. And I’m trying to figure out how to get that one call close, and you already have it. You have a million dollar presentation and I’ve listened to it a couple times and I’m still listening to it and I’m always learning more and more. But you’re using an LP, you’re using great language, you’re using very persuasive language and it’s really powerful. I can see it’s a whole lot of value in it, so I can tell that those aren’t closing aren’t using your script, so.
Alberto: Yeah.
Alberto: Well, good deal. Yeah, but you saw that the script is very simple. Right? It’s very simple. But there is a lot of science behind it.
David: Right.
Alberto: That makes it very persuasive. But really who was it? Adrianne was talking about how it just kind of gets rid of the objections or road blocks before they come up, and so it’s just a natural process when done right. It just goes straight into filling out an application. So ….
David: Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. It makes a whole lot of sense, man. Just, mean, I just wish I would have found out about it earlier.
Alberto: Cool! Awesome! I’m glad you’re saying that. Well, it’s better late than never. And David what is, what’s been your biggest take-away about the program so far?
David: Well, just learning different scripts, different angles, using basic simple things that have been in front of me for years, and just haven’t really thought about it, so …
Alberto: Yeah, yeah, awesome. Yeah, and again man, we go back to simplicity. Most financial advisors are very quick to want to show their prospects how much they know. And they like to show, you know, talk big words that for the average person they don’t know what is, even a writer. Like, most, the average person doesn’t know what a writer is, I mean for us it’s very basic knowledge, but even that can confuse people. And so we just keep things very simple, by them understanding what we’re talking about for the first time.
Alberto: They end up liking you, the advisor. They feel smart because they understand a concept, you know? Insurance or protection, which they never did before, and it gives them confidence. And we need a certain level of confidence to make decisions and so that’s, that’s what happens in front of us in about 45 minutes so, awesome man. Well thanks for taking a couple minutes with us. And we’ll see ya on the next phone call.
David: Okay.