Alberto: Hey, guys. Alberto. Predictable Premium Live, taking a little break here. We’ve got one of our guys that is doing a whole bunch of business, David. Hey, David, tell me. What have you liked so far about this weekend? What’s your favorite thing or your biggest take away so far?
David: I don’t have any big take away. I think everything that we’ve done is combined and the whole entourage of what you’ve embedded into us is what we really need to do, and that’s what Predictable Premium is all about, is really making it happen, and taking each component and working on it one by one, and getting to the next level, and go up the stairs, like baby steps, and eventually get to the top.
Alberto: Absolutely. Yeah. We keep things very simple, right? Most people are going after a bunch of stuff, and we just make it micro steps, little tiny steps at a time, so we can digest it, understand it, and take massive action, because that’s where the results come from, right?
David: That’s where it goes.
Alberto: Awesome man. Awesome. Thanks. We’ll see you guys in the next video.
David: Thank you, Alberto.
Alberto: Thank you.