Alberto: Hey guys, Alberto, I’m here with Roger, another one of our clients and members, Predictable Premium. Roger, what’s been your favorite thing so far? What’s been your favorite takeaway?
Roger: Yesterday, watching Barry go through his presentation was really good. I was surprised at how short it was, I’m like, “Wow, that’s it?” And very simple, straight to the point. And also the video presentation you had on LinkedIn was very enlightening. It’s very simple to put into practice. That was my two favorite things yesterday.
Alberto: Awesome. Yeah, we want to give these guys something they could go back on Monday and put into action right away. So yesterday, we had one of our experts give them a LinkedIn strategy to bring in clients, not spending any money, so for free. An actual messaging, word for word messaging, exactly when you should do it, how long you should wait in between, really no guess work. So you can put into action right away.
Roger: How to track it.
Alberto: Yeah, how to track it. Oh yeah, how to track it, worksheets, so you can track your numbers, everything.
Alberto: Then we had Barry as well. I thought the same thing, I saw his presentation. Barry is the best at closing deals over the phone, big deals. This guy has closed two hundred thousand dollar-plus deals a year, in just the last couple of months. And everything is done in one appointment. The whole presentation takes about 30 minutes, 35 minutes. Did he talk about price at all?
Roger: No.
Alberto: On the presentation? No. They don’t talk about price, no premium, no cash value, none of the stuff that most people are quoting, money, and all this stuff. That’s way too complicated. People don’t want to know about that. They just want to know that their needs are getting met. That’s what Barry does. And in 35 minutes, he has you applying for coverage, right? It was super cool.
Roger: I was impressed with the fact that he does everything virtual. He never meets with them.
Alberto: All by phone guys, all by phone. He does it in his Hurley T-shirt, right?
Roger: He does.
Alberto: So cool. Well thanks Roger. Alberto Riehl guys, and we’ll see you on the next video.