Alberto: Hey, guys, Alberto here. Riehl’s Rants, and we’re with our Predictable Premium Live. I’m here with Derek. Derek came here, actually Derek spent his birthday with us. Happy birthday, Derek!
Derek: Thanks.
Alberto: That was yesterday. And so, that’s pretty cool that he came down. You know, a lot of people would have made excuses, right? Can’t do it, got family stuff, I got birthday. But, he brought his family with him. I think that’s pretty awesome, he’s committed to the business.
Alberto: But, Derek, what do you like so far? What’s your biggest takeaway about the weekend we’ve had so far?
Derek: Yeah, just I’d say, I’m not passionate about staying in a same place, and doing the same thing. Up to being here, most people would say what I’ve done has been a success, but I really just wanna surround myself with people that can help me grow, not a little bit, but five, ten, twenty, thirty times. How do I leverage the things that other people have done, that I can surround myself with that experience?
Alberto: Absolutely.
Derek: That helps me grow my business, exponentially.
Alberto: Yeah.
Derek: That’s why I’m here.
Alberto: Awesome, man. Yeah, a lot of people have talked about collaboration, right? We’ve talked quite a bit about that, how the amateurs out there are competing. And they’re all fighting for scraps, and they’re fighting for the crumbs. The true pros, they collaborate. And that’s one of the things that we’re doing here. We’re sharing ideas, everybody;s an open book, everybody’s a hundred percent transparent. We call it radical transparency, and man, we’re just having a great time. So, thanks Derek for being over here with us.
Derek: Yeah, thanks for having me.
Alberto: Yeah, absolutely. And we’ll see everybody on our next video. Alberto, and Derek.