Alberto: Guys Alberto Riehl here.
Trent: Trent.
Alberto: These guys are our Canadian guys. We have a couple of guys from Canada. We’re in six countries now. Predictable Premium and we had our first ever Predictable Premium Live and Trent, what’s your biggest take away so far, or what’s your favorite thing so far?
Trent: I guess that it’s not all about product, it’s about how your mindset is and how your body is and if you can master that then you’re going to master the business.
Alberto: Awesome man. Thank you. Nice, concise, brief and to the point, which is the way we do things around here. Nice and simple. We had Barry show his presentation yesterday. The way he closed his 100,000 plus cases in one phone call and how long was the presentation?
Trent: The beat of it probably 15 minutes, 20 minutes so it was good.
Alberto: Yeah, in about a full half hour he takes somebody from A to Z and is a doing an application. Pretty amazing. No quotes. Keeping it super simple. No numbers, no pricing. None of that stuff that most insurance guys are doing. They’re making their life way too complicated. Right?
Trent: Yeah.
Alberto: Awesome. Thanks Trent. Great to have you here all the way from Canada. Eight guys.
Trent: Thanks Alberto, awesome time.
Alberto: Awesome. We’ll see you on the next video guys.