Visar: Hey, guys, Visar here with Humberto. And we’re here at our live event in Vegas and Humberto, what was your biggest takeaway this week at the live event.
Humberto: The biggest takeaway, there was two, actually, for me. The first one was how to manage my time and be more productive. It definitely is going to be a game changer. How I view my time and how I allocate my energy into what’s profitable, you know, what’s more productive. And the second thing, the presentation by Marc about … and I do a lot of stuff on LinkedIn, but I realize I was … you know, you have to make mistakes, I was like a hack compared to what Mark showed us. So, I’m definitely going to put that into action. That was a game changer for me.
Visar: Excellent, excellent. Thank you Humberto.