Marc, Joe & John


Alberto: So, guys, Alberto here. We’re here at our First Predictable Premium Live, I’m here with Mark, and Mark what’s you think so far? What’s your biggest take away?
Mark: I had expectations coming here, but I really think it came down to the guys, the people in this group. We all say it, but what a pleasure to be able to get together with everybody, and share stories and experiences and friends, people that could be in your life for a long time. So, yeah, awesome. Loved it, and can’t wait to do it again.
Alberto: Awesome, man. Thanks. What about you, Joe?
Joe: Hey.
Alberto: Got Joe over here. He had no idea that was going to happen. What about you? What’s you’re favorite thing so far? What’s your biggest take away?
Joe: Well, I love the lead thing stuff. I love getting to know guys that I can learn from, and realizing that I was going after too small of deals. I need to start going after the bigger stuff.
Alberto: Nice. Awesome. So, yeah, we’ve been learning about how to get bigger deals, been learning on how to track ideal clients on LinkedIn, and how to close big deals over the phone as well. What about you, John?
John: You know, I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but you know being able to get together with these guys and talk about how everybody is doing the same thing, but how they’re networking, and how they’re marketing, and how they’re working with their clients to close deals, just being able to sit down and talk, hangout with people with like minds is just fantastic.
Alberto: Awesome, man. Thank you. So, again guys. There you have it. Be here next time. Talk to you on the next video.