Alberto Riehl: All right. So, guys, this is Alberto Riehl. I’m here with Josh, one of our clients of Predictable Premium, and Josh, thanks for taking the time, man, to spend a couple minutes with me. First question, I wanted to ask, what’s been your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Josh: I think, for me, is that when you access the program how cookie cutter and step by step, the way you put it. And the support calls really help a lot. Even though we’re not able to ask certain questions during the support call, everyone asks pretty much a lot of questions that help you in general and you don’t [inaudible]. And the fact that you guys are always there to support us is awesome.
Alberto Riehl: Cool. And what’s been your biggest thing you’ve been able to takeaway, what’s your biggest takeaway from the program so far?
Josh: The biggest takeaway, I think, is seeing the results, seeing that it’s real, right, and that people are getting results they need versus if we didn’t have you at all. I think that’s the best part. It’s inspiring.
Alberto Riehl: Cool, yeah a lot of agents have said that, is that you know they found us online, they found us on Facebook and a lot of them said it’s amazing that it’s real, get to see all the results and actually get to talk to the guys that are having the big results when you’re coming in as a new guy and everybody in our community is very helpful, everybody supports each other and helps each other no matter what company they’re in. Which is pretty incredible, you know, you have Northwestern Mutual guys helping Mass Mutual guys, and you have like State Farm guys helping Farmers guys and that just doesn’t happen out in the real world is what they tell me. So it’s pretty cool.
Josh: No.
Alberto Riehl: All right buddy, well thanks a lot for taking a few minutes just to share with us.
Josh: Thank you.
Alberto Riehl: And we’ll be on the call later today.