Alberto Riehl: I’m here with John one of our guests with Predictable Premium. And, John I just wanted to thank you for your time here, and really we just wanted to ask you with Predictable Premium, what’s been your favorite thing about the program so far?
John: I think my favorite thing is listening to the people that are doing it, and that are having the success that I wanna have.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome. Yeah. Definitely the community is a big piece of it. And, if you had to put your finger on, let’s say, one or your biggest takeaway, what would you say that is so far?
John: If you don’t do the work, you’re not gonna get it. You know? That’s the bottom line, right? We can talk and we can do all these things, but if we don’t take what you say and what the other people are doing and actually practice it and do it, it’s not gonna work.
Alberto Riehl: Sure. A lot of times people ask if it’s a get rich quick scheme or something like that, and I say, no. It’s not. We do have a step by step system, and I’m so confident in it that I guarantee it in writing that if it doesn’t work for you I give you your money back. But like you said, you do have to do your part. It’s kind of like joining a gym, right? Joining a gym and if you don’t go work out then you’re not gonna get results. But, definitely what agents like is the fact that it’s all laid out step by step. It’s predecided, makes it easy.
John: Yes.
Alberto Riehl: So, John, well, thanks again, man for joining me and just spending a couple of minutes with me. And I’ll see you on the next call.
John: Okay.