Hey, guys. Alberto Riehl here. I’m here with Luke. Luke is one of our members in Predictable Premium. We just had a Predictable Premium live event. We do it once a year. It’s something that we end up loving to do. But it is a lot of work. I say that because we’ve gotten pretty spoiled working our business virtually automated. Just came back from the beach. This is usually how I work my business. But we just had a great live event and we were able to get people’s results.
We took people and in two days, people, agents, that were not having … weren’t doing any business online, and in two days, I mean, we created everything for them together. We had guys … Gosh, a 74-year-old, Lloyd, who we had to create an email for, I mean, from scratch, everything. Within hours, they started booking leads, life insurance leads. Four hours into it, Shelby got the first appointment. He’ll always be known as the first appointment.
Then, we did a great yacht ride. I rented a 80-foot yacht. We hung out on Sunday. We worked Friday, Saturday to get it going, right? So 3:00 in the morning, stayed up till … made it happen.
Then, the next day, we went on a 80-foot yacht ride to show people you can be hanging out at the beach, on a yacht, and you don’t have to be smiling and dialing, the old ways of doing things. Luke here was with us with his wife. Wife wasn’t feeling so good. Did the right thing, definitely, and took care of her. So we missed you on the yacht ride. It was a lot of fun. Luke was just sharing with me some awesome results that I didn’t even know about. My coolest post that I’ve gotten is this one you did on Memorial Day-
… that has something to the effect of … Oh, I have it right here. Another appointment booked, fully automated, on Memorial Day while I sit in my pajamas, eating pancakes with my kids.
Unreal. Thanks a million.
What was your feeling when that happened?
Oh, amazing. I mean, that’s what we all aspire to, is to not have to go anywhere, have appointments automated, booked. You can set your schedule how you want and do business from wherever you want in the world, in whatever clothes you want to be wearing. It’s just the best feeling in the world, business-wise.
Yeah. I mean, this is brand new. Luke just went live on a Saturday. That’s about a week ago.
Today, you’re saying you booked how many appointments today, automated?
10 so far, and got-
10 so far. Yeah.
… my first appointment today over the phone, all virtual. It was an automated appointment, booked. The guy scheduled his exam for Tuesday at 9:00 AM. It’s looking like to be about a 5 to $6,000 annual premium.
Five to six grand.
Take it.
How many phone calls?
One phone call, 28 minutes.
Does the appointment, 28 minutes on the phone.
Now, did you have to chase this guy at all?
Nope. Nope.
Were you cold calling? Were you networking? Were you bugging friends and family for this business?
No, sir. No, sir.
100% automated, man. Awesome. That’s your first sale from the program, five, six grand. Man, that pays for the entire program there. So awesome job, man. Hey, anything else you want to share with us as far as your experience with what you’re doing now, with a virtual business that you did in a couple of days?
Well, I guess my business was headed that way, anyway. We’ve been doing business virtually for the last 10 to 12 years. But, for me, the program has given me my own lead system so I don’t have to buy leads with not knowing what I’m going to get with those other companies. I know exactly what I’m getting. I know that the system is chasing the people for me, rather than me chasing them, which is the hugest part of it. So I just can’t thank you enough and I’m so stoked.
It’s just amazing that we’ve been live for 11 days and I’ve gotten 10 appointments. That’s almost an appointment in a day, in a day for … Since we’re live. We’re still, obviously, tweaking every hour, just a littleJust started, I mean, 10 days ago. It’s baby stage, you know?
Oh, yeah.
Baby stage. So that’s awesome, man. Well, congratulations on your success. That’s awesome that you got your first sale today.
Thank you.
Pretty cool to get to talk to you. First thing you told me, “I got my first sale with the system.
Sweet.” Awesome, man. Well, congratulations. We’ll talk to you on the call.
Sounds good. Thank you, sir