Hey guys, Alberto here and I’m just hanging with Shelby. Shelby was actually the very first guy to get results early this morning.
We spent the last two days taking a bunch of leaders and advisors with absolutely no internet presence. To confirm, zero. To setting up everything on virtual.
Went to bed at just past 3:00 on the morning last night, we just kept going kept running into challenges but it was a great time for our staff there helping everybody out.
We went to bed after 3:oo am and what time did you wake up, man?
7. So, four hours later and what did you wake up to?
I woke up to a booked appointment. Already on my Gmail account.
Did you call anybody?
I called nobody.
Did you have to talk to anybody?
I was asleep as a matter a fact.
Did you have to case anybody?
I didn’t even have to dream about anybody.
Did you have to bug friends and family over it?
I did not.
So, all you did as go to sleep, you woke up and you had leads and a fully booked automated appointment on your calendar?
That’s right.
Pretty amazing, man. Pretty mazing.Thats pretty cool. So, you’re the first guy to get an appointment early this morning with absolutely nothing. 100% automated.
So, anything else did you learn in the last couple of days?
This much.
This much, yeah. We do go over a lot of stuff, yes.
I learned a lot.
Awesome. Well, congrats, man, on getting the very first appointment. And we’ll see you on the calls.
I appreciate it.
All right