Charlie and Angie


Mario: Hey guys, Mario Gamboa here with Charlie and Angie. We’re here in Las Vegas at our first Predictable Premium live event. Charlie, Angie, go ahead and tell us a little bit about what you’ve gotten from this weekend and the program.
Charlie: Well, it’s just been an incredible opportunity to meet all the players that are making it happen within the organization. For me, that was probably 90% of the major value I got out of it is networking with these other folks that are making it happen. And of course, Alberto spent a lot of time putting this weekend together, so I was excited to see all of the things that he is now recommending, and the books, and some of the things that he’s … You know, it’s a mind game. 99% of any kind of incurred sales or business is preparing the mind. He’s done an excellent job at helping us to do that. I was actually sharing that with him upstairs. The best I ever made in one month was $27000 in corporate America in sales with Xerox in my very first 60 days.
Charlie: My initial 90 day goal coming in the program early December, and Mario, you helped us get on board, so I shared with you our goals and where we were at. I’ve exceeded our objective. We wanted to make 30000. Have a return investment of six times ROI, and we did better than that. We made a little shy of $30000 by the end of our 90 days, and just following the program 100%. And doing level one, focused on the mailings. And now going into our 90th day and onwards. We’re averaging about $24000, $26000 a month with the 2000 leads we’re mailing out a week. We’re very, very pleased. Now we’re zapping it up to level two. That’s our objective, is to see ourselves work more remotely and more mobile, and being able to do some of the things that are just revolutionary and cutting edge right now coming down the pike. Utilizing some of the technologies with mobile bots and chat boxes and different things to create the content necessary to create the interest online to do it.
Charlie: And the biggest thing is that we get to spend all our time vacationing together. Our second main objective was to buy an RV-
Angie: Travel trailer.
Charlie: And travel trailer and to travel. We had no idea we would do something so quickly, but we’re traveling for this summer for 10 weeks to Alaska from Virginia, and traveling all over the country. So, just a tremendous blessing to be able to do that. Having to put off our kitchen, now that was a thing. That’s not as important as the …
Mario: Right. Well I want to tell you it’s been a pleasure having you a part of the group. We really value everything you bring to the group. It’s been great having you guys here this weekend. We look forward to continuing on this journey together.
Charlie: Absolutely.
Mario: So, thank you guys.
Angie: Thank you.
Charlie: You’re welcome, Mario.
Mario: All right.
Charlie: Thank you for bringing us onboard.
Mario: Absolutely.