Alberto Riehl: Now, we also have Phil. Do we want to show Phil real quick?
Phil: Hello.
Alberto Riehl: Hey, Phil. I’m here with Phil now. This is Alberto again. This is Phil, and Phil thank you for taking a couple of minutes to just share with us. What’s been your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Phil: I think I’d be like Darren in that it’s the structure, that it’s your … I’ve been in the insurance business for 20 plus years, and it’s usually, here’s a product, go get em.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah.
Phil: The insurance business is famous for that. Hey, we got this great new product. Here’s all the bells and whistles. Go get em, tiger. Go sell that. And there’s no structural process to that, and you’re purely just peddling a product where this is a process and a structure, and like Darren said, we’re following along with it and I know it works because I literally had a couple of conversations with rich man, rich dad, poor dad, and just in the conversation in it of using it to make sales. I wasn’t even doing the whole script Alberto.
Alberto Riehl: Right.
Phil: I was just using ideas from the book.
Alberto Riehl: That’s right. Actually when I was thinking about that. You used some of the concepts that we teach and you ended up getting a pretty decent sized annuity didn’t you?
Phil: Yeah. It was a conversation about the book with a client, ended up he stroked a check for 500,000.
Alberto Riehl: Nice.
Phil Aldrich: Then came back about three days, no, about a week later and stroked another check for about 200,000.
Alberto Riehl: Nice. Seven hundred grand.
Phil: And then I ended up actually using it on a couple of life situations. Again didn’t even get through the whole script. It was more of a conversation about the book. So I’m excited about what lays ahead in the program.
Alberto Riehl: Nice. Nice. Yeah, I look forward to witnessing more and more results from you guys so again guys, Phil here. Alberto Riehl. Thanks for taking the time. Appreciate it.
Phil: You’re welcome.
Alberto Riehl: All right guys.